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Five Friday Favourites

 And just like it's Friday so that means Friday Favourites and a recap of the happenings in my life. I am in the waiting period of my life at the moment I have decided! I am waiting for phone calls about job interviews (and then the follow up rejections that always happen), I wait for phone calls about specialist appointments and I wait to see how this dizziness increases yet again. This past fortnight has been quieter than usual but it has had it's busy moments. I had to take Rikki to the vet on Wednesday as he developed an abscess under his chin so he got an antibiotic shot and we have a follow up in 2 weeks time. So that was stressful for me and him (he does not like the car and insists on howling for the whole 5-10 minute journey) and also expensive but thankfully my parents are paying half. Then today I took my sister to the cat cafe to play with their foster kittens and resident cats which was fun before coming home to catch up with a friend.  I feel like every post I wri

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