Saturday, September 5, 2009

Paper rounds!

Like many other teens I find it hard to exercise but since doing a paper round i have found that it is easier and i am generally quite fit now and have even lost a few kilos! Many people turn their noses up me because of my job but compared to them I look and even feel great! I would hate to work at kfc of macca because of all the oil and greese but this way I am out side for about and hour twice a week and plus folding it takes me ,my sister and my mum (My sister gets paid) abou 2 hours each round so a total of 4 hours a week for up to $70 (depends on the size/amount of brochures) which is better than most jobs!

I love having my own money and so does my sister so far I have bought and Ipod Shuffle,cds, and lots of smiggle stationry! and my sister had bought a DS and games for it. Currently we are both saving up for the perth royal show which we can't wait for!

I think the type of job we have shouldn't be judged or added to our appearances just a bit of a 'shadow'.