Friday, April 27, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

This was meant to be posted last week but I got a bad cold which of course means the cough goes to my chest and my asthma flairs up which meant I had no energy so nothing got done like I had planned. I have spent this past week doing assignments, doing some baking and mostly just relaxing at home.

This week has been a bit emotional though if I am being honest, I'm not a huge fan of change and there's a lot of changes happening around me so I've been struggling with that and just letting the tears fall. I guess it doesn't help that I am feeling isolated from some friends due to the changes happening either and just feel like I am at a different life stage to the people I hang out with on a weekly basis.  I'm reminding myself that while I don't have like change I do have to accept it and that along with praying is helping.

I also bit the bullet and got a moon boot for my ankle last Monday, I was so hoping I wouldn't need
one but my ankle just wasn't healing at all. It's been a fun experience getting used to it to the say the least and I'm looking at using it for a minimum of 3 weeks if not more depending on how it goes. I do take it off when I am driving and at night but the rest of the time it is on. It's definitely fun manoeuvring through shops and other obstacles without trying to take anyone out haha!

A5 Mini Light Box - I love light boxes and I have quite a collection of them, I use them a lot for ReachOut stalls and events but also as d├ęcor around my room. They are great ways to make a personal statement at events too. I of course needed this one to add to my collection and love how small it is so you can take it anywhere. I also ended up buying the Tiny Light Box (there was a sale and I had a voucher to use) because I knew I could find a use for it.

Klutz Tiny Stitches - I am a huge fan of Klutz and was thrilled when I saw this on special at Aldi the other week. It's such a fun cute book and I have been wanting to get into embroidery (I know the basics) but never gotten the chance. It teaches you all the basic stitches then gives you templates and ideas to sew some cute pendants. I can imagine this being a great gift for a tween girl or someone who just likes to craft.

Pitch Perfect 3 DVD - my sister and I saw this at the movies before Christmas and it was a must to buy it when it came out on DVD. I've already watched this twice and I am planning on watching all 3 movies back to back in the near future. It's such a funny film and Rebel Wilson's one liners are hilarious as always. If you haven't seen it (or any of the Pitch Perfect films) its a must watch and perfect for a girls night.

A5 Bonded Leather Journal - this was an impulse buy but it's such a nice journal and one I know I will use. It just feels and looks so nice and I am trying to document my life more this year so I have no doubt it will help me write down memories as they happen.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake Makes the Criminals Sing - this video is currently doing the rounds on Facebook and it's hilarious. I love Brooklyn Nine Nine and this video sums up Jake's personality perfectly plus its such a well performed song.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

The word to describe these past 2 weeks is Assignments, I have had so many and while I am feeling overwhelmed at times I am slowly getting through them and I will be relieved when break starts at the end of next week! Of course the break will be filled with a few assignments but it will be nice not going to class :)
I'm also seriously considering continuing to study once this course ends in June, I'm really loving it and I just don't think I have the energy to go back to the unknowns of unemployment at the moment. At the start of the course my plan was to look for work for 6 months after I got my Cert. 4 and if I hadn't gotten a job then do my Diploma in Community Services the following year but the more I think about the more it makes sense to just continue studying. It's a year course compared to 6 months and a few of my classmates are wanting to continue to study it too so I will already know people, along with the campus and all in all it will be much less anxiety inducing if I just go straight from doing my Cert. 4 to doing the Diploma.
I don't need to enrol for a few months so for now I am praying about it and focusing on finishing my Cert. 4.

I've finally booked in to the see the physio next Monday about my ankle, so hopefully I will get some exercises to do and I will see some improvement.
For those wondering I have tiny (pin prick) avulsion fracture, the treatment is the same for a sprain; keeping it strapped, staying off it as much as possible (so my morning walks are out for the time being) and doing some exercises from a physio. So while it is technically broken its so small, so its the best case scenario for a fracture. I do notice a huge difference in how it feels on the days I keep off it, last Friday I was baking all afternoon and that night it really hurt, compared to Monday when I kept off it and the pain was minimal.

I've also been watching bits and pieces of the Commonwealth games, mainly focusing on the Gymnastics! I am always in awe of what gymnasts are capable of and just how effortless they look when you know it must be super hard.
Moving onto Friday Favourites:

Rylee Luxe Stripe Batwing long sleeved top - I can't believe I am already thinking about my Winter wardrobe. I always like Autumn and Spring as its not too hot or cold and I get away with jeans, tops and flats but come Winter I break out the long sleeves! I always have trouble finding nice long sleeved tops but when I saw this top at Jeanswest it was love at first sight. It's such a flattering print and fit plus the fabric feels amazing.

The Detail - this show is so good! Its from the people who did Saving Hope and it's so nice to see a crime/police show based around 3 strong women. The first 2 episodes have been amazing and I know it will only get better and better.

Over My Head by Echosmith - music always makes doing assignments less boring and Echosmith is often on repeat. I loving all their new music of course I manage to have their new song Over My Head stuck in my head throughout the day but I'm not complaining.

Raise Dough 2018 - this is ReachOut's newest fundraising campaign and it combines 2 of my favourite things baking and ReachOut :) so of course I signed up for it and I wanted to encourage everyone else to sign up for it too! You can either do it in person or online and there is no limit to what types of baked goods you can sell :)

Kikki K Everyday Gen Pen Cat - this is my current pen of choice for assignments and study, I love the gel ink and it rolls so smoothly. I actually now have 4 of these pens because I love them so much. The cat print is super cute too and it's a great way to show your love of cats when you're studying.