Friday, January 24, 2014

What difference a holiday can make

Today I returned from my first 'real' holiday in 2 years, I am tanned, tired and happy. It was only 3 sleeps and 4 days but it was enough, I missed Alfie like crazy (and he missed me too if his sooky mood is to be believed) but I have returned rested and ready to take on the world.
I swam at the beach and soaked up the sun and I have the tan lines to prove it! I encountered many creatures (possums, frogs, stingrays, lizards just to name a few) and spent time being a tourist. I tasted chocolate, toasted flavoured nuts, dukka, handmade fudges, nougat, pancake syrups and sauces all made on various local premises. I walked the main street of a country town and explored little shops and unknown places. I ate 2 scoops of the best ice cream I have ever tasted and didn't regret it. I played board games into the night with friends and let my rarely seen competitive streak show through. I watched people fish and have way more success than I ever could get fishing. I sat on the beach and looked at the stars as the waves rolled in on the shore. I managed to read 2 pages of a book on my e-reader but didn't get any further even though I wanted to. I helped prepare dinner, cooking sausages and chopping up salad. I lay on the soft lawn watching boys try to get a football out of a tree using various objects all of them managing to get stuck up there until they finally managed to get everything out of the tree. I answered my phone telling me I was unsuccessful in getting the job I went for last week but it was very close and it was a hard decision and my interview went really well and I allowed myself to be sad for 1 hour then I let it go, as I was on holiday and my job search could wait. I needed this holiday more than I allowed myself to let on, I am refreshed and ready to face the world and once again start job searching and praying that God will provide me with the right job at the right time (can it be soon though? I am over my employment agency!). It wasn't a big holiday but it has made a big difference to me.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

At Peace

a piece of artwork I did of 2 doves which symbolise peace
Monday I had an interview for a job, I once again did my hair and makeup, put on my favourite purple dress and black heels, spritzed myself with my favourite perfume and mentally prepared myself. I have no idea how the interview went but I prayed before I went in, took deep breaths and went in ready for anything, I will hear back by Monday.
After the interview I couldn't describe how I felt about it but a day later I had the perfect way to describe how I was feeling: at peace.
At peace about the interview
At peace about money issues
At peace about finding the right guy at the right time
At peace about my driving
At peace about my job searching
At peace about my future
At peace about my past
At peace about everything
I have finally been able to have a restful stress less sleep which I haven't had for what seems like forever.
Its funny how my name means peace (look it up) and it has taken me 19 years to finally feel at peace about my life.
So how does feeling at peace feel? Amazing.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Guy talk with my grandma

I have never really dated anyone (though my 2nd youngest sister claims that I am dating one of guy friends who I have know for years! She told my best friend once when she came over and I was running late so wasn't home yet and that was interesting to say the least!) and I have always said I want the first person I date to be my last, meaning I want to marry them which may sound somewhat ambitious but its been in head since I was a little girl (I also want to get married young but that's another matter). I also want to be friends first before I date the guy, I feel that the guy should know what he's in for and I want that history with them. I also want them to not be scared of my father (oldest daughter out of 3 girls so he can be some what protective, oh and he rides motorbikes) and just realise that I am close to my family and sisters especially as one of them has down syndrome.

I was visiting my Grandma a while ago with my mum and mum wanted to know how she and my late grandfather met. So we were told the story (which I have since forgotten) and then my grandma's attention turns to me and asks if I am interested in someone and is that why I wanted to know how she and granddad met, I told her I wasn't but I was curious as she and my granddad had had a great relationship they complimented each other in the nicest possible way. She told me the following: When you meet someone who you are interested in, pray to God asking for his wisdom and for him to do something about it, if it doesn't go any further then understand that God has someone better for you out there.
Once again my Grandma hits the nail on the head (actually she was more a baker so the icing on the cupcake?)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Goals

Well its officially 2014, once again I am hoping that the new year will be a lot easier than the prior year (or years in this case) as the past 2 years have been challenging to say the least.
I saw in the new year surrounded by church family and playing board and card games, it was low key but just how I like it :)
I have no idea what 2014 will hold but I am praying that it will be easier and a lot less challenging! Every year people set resolutions though I prefer to set goals as it doesn't sound so set in stone, I also adapt my goals throughout the year depending on my circumstances. So my new new years goals are the following:
  • Pass my drivers test and by the end of the year have my license
  • Get a job and stay employed!
  • Buy a car
In that order and my usual new year goals are the following:
  • Not let my anxiety get in the way of things.
  • Stop biting my nails which I have done, so in this case it will be to not start biting my nails again.
  • Not break a bone, I am accident prone and have yet to break a bone so hopefully it stays that way! I am prone to bruising my bones (yep its possible, I have done it 3 times now!) and the chances of me doing that this year are high.
So here's hoping I manage to keep all of them, God willing!