Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Goals round 2

I have finally gotten around to thinking of some goals for me! Some I admit are just things that I forget to do and others are things that I will really need to focus on in the coming weeks :)
  • Wear my glasses more (I always forget to wear them when I read and blog!)
  • Put 110% into TAFE and try and make some friends in my classes :)
  • Try and work out how to juggle two churches and eventually find a balance between them (I love them both, but right now I am feel overwhelmed by them (and I want to try and get involved in both) )
  • Read my Bible more, at camping we focused on some of the Psalms so I really want to read some more of them.
  • Take time out and relax more rather than never slowing down!
So here are my goals, you may notice that I have only chosen 5 and they are all very manageable for me.I will keep you updated on my progress :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Controlling my anxiety

My orientation for TAFE starts this Thursday and I would be lying if I said that my anxiety hasn't decided to show itself (though it hasn't been too bad). This year has been a year of changes for me and my family, not only have we had to find a new church (they found one, and I found two!), my Mum has had to find work (and my Dad is looking for work), my little sister has to start high school and to top it all off I start TAFE this year. Its been strange as through out this all my anxiety has stayed out of it until now, but heres the thing after living with anxiety (and the many levels of it) I have learnt how to control most of it ( I still struggle at times!), so here is how I control it:
  • Distractions- when ever I feel it coming on I think about something else, or blog, or read, or listen to music or what TV anything to distract me!
  • Prayer- sometimes when I feel it coming on strong I pray I say to God help me get through this and alot of the time this helps me think straight :)
  • And if the above don't work I close my eyes, take a deep breath and drink a glass of water and just keep going.
I have learnt to control my anxiety where as before it controlled me and sometimes in extreme (rare) cases none of the above work I just ride it out and hope and pray for the best.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God Provides

Its funny how God always provides at the right time even when we think it is the wrong time. Lately God has provided for me and family so I thought that I would list some of the ways he has:
  • He gave my Mum the perfect job for her.
  • He not only got me into TAFE but he provided the money to allow me to pay for it.
  • He found me a good church to go to at night.
  • He gave me awesome friends who are prepared to get dragged into random shops when they are with me (I dragged a guy friend into a clothing store to help me pick out a bag and he willingly went!).
  • He gave me an awesome supervisor who cares about me and always goes the extra mile to help me.
These are just a few of the ways he has provided for me in the past few weeks and honestly each time he amazings me more and more!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lamington Slice (revised recipe)

With Australia day just around the corner I thought I would repost my lamington slice recipe, this recipe is super easy and can be done in around 30 minutes! It also freezes very well and is perfect for lunch boxes.
Ingredients for the cake:

  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 3/4 cup caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2 eggs 1 1/4 cups plain flour
  • 1 1/4 tea spoons baking powder
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup shredded/desicated coconut (for the topping)

Ingredients for Icing

  •  3/4 cups icing sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup boiling water
  • 20 g melted unsalted butter


  1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees.
  2. To make icing place all icing ingreadients in a bowl and whisk to combine set aside ( I do this when the slice is in the oven).
  3. Place butter,sugar and vanilla in a bowl and beat until light and fluffy (use the beaters for this) gradully add the eggs and beat well.
  4. Sift the flour and baking powder togeather over butter mixture and mix until well combined. Stir in the milk.
  5. pour into a 20cm X 30cm tin lined with grease proof paper and bake for 20 minutes or until cooked (the time it will take depends on the deepness of the pan you use).
  6. After you have taken it out of the oven wait 5 minutes then while still warm cut into in squares and poor over the icing (you MUST do this!) sprinkle with the coconut.
  7. Let it sit for a few more minutes if you can (its almost impossible to do trust me I've tried!). Then enjoy with friends and family :)
  • You can make cupcakes using this recipe, just before you pour the icing on poke holes in the top of the cupcake to allow some of the icing to sink into the cake before putting the coconut on.
  • The icing needs to be runny enough to pour or spoon over, if it is thick it won't work!
  • You may need more than a cup of coconut you want the slice to be mostly covered with it, but so you can still some of the icing through it. 
  • If you don't use grease proof paper the slice will stick to the pan after you have poured the icing on and will very hard to get out.
  • The recipe can be easily doubled, just make sure you double the icing too :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Recap :)

So I have a lot of random things happening so I thought I would just list 10 of them:
  1. I paid for TAFE on Wednesday and it's finally feeling real! I have my orientation in 2 weeks (which means 2 weeks to learn what buses to catch and what not).
  2. I have been spending a bit of money lately on various things just for the sake of it. I tell a lie I actually needed to buy some things. I bought my sister a Birthday present, bandaids for my foot, some stationary supplies, a bag for TAFE (my current handbag is to small to carry text books and things that I will need so I picked up a bag which is perfect and was on sale for only $10 at Jeanswest) and a few others things (which I didn't need) :)
  3. I picked up this dress (its the floral design) for only $20 (it was an in store deal) on Tuesday and love it, its so light and girly, I also got a belt to go with it. I think that I may just be addicted to Jeanswest.
  4. Some people have a door mat well we have a door cat (and a door mat!).  One of my family's cats (Maddy) has decided that she loves sitting out side the front door and loves to greet us.
  5. I was woken up to a storm the other morning and though it wreaked havoc, around  lunch time you could barely tell that their had been a storm due to how hot and sunny it was.
  6. My watch died for no reason, thankfully it is still under warranty  so I can get it fixed :) but until I get it back (it will take 6 weeks) I will be borrowing one of my sisters watches (she has around 8!) that she doesn't wear. 
  7. My foot is finally healed :) it didn't take as long as I thought it would (just over a week) :D
  8. Chickpea (my kitten) is growing up, she is around 8 months old now and is the same size of Maddy (one of my other cats who is fully grown and smaller than an average cat), I'm not too sure if she will grow anymore but for now she is still acting like a kitten (and looks like one, well an adolesent cat).
  9. My little sister starts high school in one and a half weeks and she already has a reputation for being the 'the girl who is crazy about cats younger sister' in November she had her orientation and all the teachers (I told them who she was and gave them a brief description of her) kept asking her how the cats were!
  10. I went to a new church today and actually enjoyed it (it's a night service at a local uni) and intend to go every Sunday night :D

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Camping: Recap

I am back in the land of the blogging! After an awesome week away it feels umm sad/strange/nice to be back! I thought I would do a recap of my holiday, but being the accident prone girl I am something bad had to happen this wasn't as bad as what it could've been which I am thankful for but the fact was it happened. This was the only low point of my holiday.

For the past 3 years we have always gone when there has been a beach mission on (its a family festival and they run loads of activities during the week while also spreading the word of God) and there is a teen day trip on the thursday.

This year the trip was once again to the national park located about 30 minutes drive of the park (on google earth it doesn't look that far but to get to it you have to drive on a gravel track which weaves through the bush etc) which is a mouth of a river. We had an 'Amazing Race' in the morning then after lunch we decided to swim and jump of a few rocks, I decided to just sit on a rock which was mostly submerged under the water apart from the tip and when I was getting down off it (carefully sliding off it) my left heel smashed into a pointed bit of the rock, at the time I didn't think much of it and continued to swim to shore but once I got to shore I realised that the skin was broken and I had a hole in my foot (it wasn't very deep but where it was the skin was very tough so the rock was quite sharp). Of course I just put on a bandaid and went on the bush walk to get to a swimming hole (I didn't go swimming due to my foot) in which I managed to twist my right ankle (which is pretty much fine now) and get my right shoe drenched! After the trip I went back to my (camp) site and had a shower and afterwards I had a look at it and it was much worse than what I thought it was, in fact the part of the my heel I did it is where I put alot of my weight on but of course when I did I was in pain. Thankfully we had a a few large bandaids which covered the hole completly, but that now means that until its healed (no pun intended) I can't walk on that part of the foot so am walking on my tippy toes on my left foot, but the rest of my holiday was awesome here are the highlights!
  • Catching up with my friends from previous years.
  • Relaxing and reading.
  • Swimming (before my foot go hurt) and collecting shells.
  • The nightly bible study with the teens.
  • Watching a guy deciding to drink a litre of this cordial straight  which is double concentrated, he could only manage a few sips and then when ever you mentioned it he groaned.
  • Playing the card game presidents and scumbags and 21.
  • Seeing the wildlife we saw lizards, kangeroos, blue wrens, crabs, star fish and an octopi.
  • Playing Ninjah Destruction.
  • Seeing the awesome drama the beach mission team put on.
  • The quiz night in which we came 5th (it was an improvement on previous years when we came last).
  • The day outing (regardless of the fact I hurt my foot!).
  • Coming home to seeing my cats (I couldn't resist!).
Honestly these are just the things that I can think of from the top of my head, overall it was an awesome week regardless of my injury!
*The photos shown here are taken by one of my friends Elise (aren't they amazing?!) so a special thanks to her for letting me use the pics :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Every year since I was around 6/7 we have gone camping as a family, for the first few years it was between Christmas (ok boxing day to be exact) and New Years ( don't go camping then if you can, it was always nightmare!), then we decided to do it later in January as though the caravan parks were still busy it was alot quieter so we all got a better break. Up until a few years we did it in a tent and then my parents decided to buy a fold out camper trailer which would only fit four of us in, so I got a tent (a three person dome tent). Then up until 3 years ago we did it with friends but they have stopped coming with us due to their busy lifestyle etc. We have also been to many places but this will be our forth year at the park we are going to and it has to be one of the most best kept secrets in the world! Most people wouldn't think of me as a camping girl, but I love it and look forward to it, so here are my favourite parts of it:
  • No technology (well apart from my iPod but I can't get internet or phone reception there). I read so much when we go camping, which is nice.
  • Having the beach so close, yes I'm not a beach girl but its so nice to walk down there and have the option to swim :)
  • Walking everywhere, you walk to the toilets, you walk to the showers, you walk to the shops, you walk to the playgroud you get the picture?! Afterwards I always feel so fit!
  • Catching up with my friends, yes we don't go camping with friends but that doesn't mean we don't have friends in the park. We always go when there is a beach mission on so we make friends with the people on the team and thanks to Facebook we keep in touch and catch up throughout the year.
  • Living with the basics, though I do take down quite a few things when we go (my journal, books, iPod, etc) we don't have everything we have when we are at home. So its nice to live with the basics.
I am currently counting down the days till Saturday when we leave (and I have to be stuck in the car with my two sisters!), and cannot wait until we get down there :)