Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Every year since I was around 6/7 we have gone camping as a family, for the first few years it was between Christmas (ok boxing day to be exact) and New Years ( don't go camping then if you can, it was always nightmare!), then we decided to do it later in January as though the caravan parks were still busy it was alot quieter so we all got a better break. Up until a few years we did it in a tent and then my parents decided to buy a fold out camper trailer which would only fit four of us in, so I got a tent (a three person dome tent). Then up until 3 years ago we did it with friends but they have stopped coming with us due to their busy lifestyle etc. We have also been to many places but this will be our forth year at the park we are going to and it has to be one of the most best kept secrets in the world! Most people wouldn't think of me as a camping girl, but I love it and look forward to it, so here are my favourite parts of it:
  • No technology (well apart from my iPod but I can't get internet or phone reception there). I read so much when we go camping, which is nice.
  • Having the beach so close, yes I'm not a beach girl but its so nice to walk down there and have the option to swim :)
  • Walking everywhere, you walk to the toilets, you walk to the showers, you walk to the shops, you walk to the playgroud you get the picture?! Afterwards I always feel so fit!
  • Catching up with my friends, yes we don't go camping with friends but that doesn't mean we don't have friends in the park. We always go when there is a beach mission on so we make friends with the people on the team and thanks to Facebook we keep in touch and catch up throughout the year.
  • Living with the basics, though I do take down quite a few things when we go (my journal, books, iPod, etc) we don't have everything we have when we are at home. So its nice to live with the basics.
I am currently counting down the days till Saturday when we leave (and I have to be stuck in the car with my two sisters!), and cannot wait until we get down there :)

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