Monday, May 30, 2011

Chicken Nacho Soup :D

It's been soup weather lately so tonight I volunteered to cook (knowing Mum she was probably going to ask me anyway as she was going out at 5.15pm), so for some reason I felt like soup, chicken taco soup (which I had never had in my life but I was feeling like it :D ), so after half an hour of looking up recipes I realised that none of the soup recipes worked for me (ie they were in a slow cooker or had waaay to many ingreadients some of which I have never heard of in my life!), so I went on pioneer woman one of my favourite cooking blogs and found this recipe which I adjusted to what I had in the pantry, in the end it was a lot different from the recipe so I have decided to call it (drum roll please!)...
Chicken Nacho Soup! Below is the recipe for it, I beg you try it out, everyone in my family loved it and it has already been requested to be made again, plus its gluten free so who can argue with that?!
Chicken Nacho Soup:
You will need:
500grms chicken thigh fillets defrosted
4 heaped teaspoons of cumin (start with 2 and add more to taste)
1 1/2 teaspoons of ground chilli powder (again you can add more of less to your taste)
2 teaspoons garlic granuals (or powder if you have it)
3 small or 1 1/2 large onions diced (it may seem alot but its not!)
2 cans (400 grms each total of 800grms) of kidney beans drained.
2 cups of frozen corn (I used one can of corn undrained then added a cup of frozen corn)
half a capsicum chopped finely
1 800grm can of chopped tomatos
6 tablespoons tomato paste
4 cups of water
2 1/2 cups of either chicken or vegetable stock (I used 1 teaspoon stock powder in 2 cups of water which worked well)
olive oil

To serve (all optional):
1 packet of corn chips (gluten free, ie plain)
1 tub of  sour cream
2 cups of cheese grated

What to do
Combine: Garlic granuals, chili powder and cumin set aside
preheat oven to 200 degrees, lay chicken on a pan and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with around 1/4 teaspoon of the cumin mix per thigh, place in oven and cook for around 25 minutes or until cooked. Chop cooked chicken up into small pieces set aside.
Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in pan and add onion and remaining spice mix, cook for 5 minutes then add chicken and capsicum.
Place remaining ingreadients (except the 'to serve' ones) and bring to boil.
Add more spices until you get the right taste (you can add crushed garlic and whole chilies if you want), you can also add more water and/or stock until you are happy with the consistency. Let simmer for 45 minutes tasting every now and then. Just before serving take off head and let it sit for 10 minutes (if you have time or you can serve it straight away)

To serve.
Place 2 ladles full of soup in each bowl, topping with sour cream and grated cheese. Sprinkle corn chips on the soup just before serving. Serve with a handle of corn chips if you want.
This serves 8 people or 5 with seconds and some left over for the next days lunch!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mirror Songs

It's scary how songs can mirror your life at times? I mean honestly it seems like Glee does it to me all the time it started with, Get It Right and now they have done it again with Pretending. I mean its scary how they sing songs that mirror how I am feeling and they always release them around the time when I am feeling them!

Things are beginning to get better slowly, I am beginning to feel myself but even thats taking time. I am wondering if I will ever be 100%. I have realised that being honest with myself has consquences, but whats the point of not being honest with myself if I feel like I am living a lie?! I am also learning to speak out about how I am feeling, I am sick of people ignoring my feelings, honestly it seems at times that no one wants to know how I am feeling, one day I went around doing my business and barely talking to anyone and 'wore' what I was feeling just to see if anyone noticed which no one did! This upsets me, I mean if more people noticed how people were feeling, our depression rate would be much lower, all it takes is someone to ask how your doing and generally mean it, to make you feel a bit better (I know this from experience!).

I find that right now all I can do is listen to myself and take things a step at the time (which I am doing). I also need to find confidence in myself seeing as I have little. So I am hoping slowly I will feel more like myself but until then I am just taking small and steady steps until I am 100%.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A quick post!

I am soooo sorry that this blog post is so late! I have just started work experience and I get home quite late (I get up quite early too) and very tired. I am enjoying work experience though which is a good thing, so I'm not complaining (yet!).
Things have picked up for me, which is good, nothing has completely changed but small things are happening which make me smile. I know this blog post is very short but I don't have much to say, I will try to do a longer post on saturday though!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Tonight I have been very quiet, I mean for me a person who rarely stops talking that is really odd! Mum has kept asking me if I am ok and I keep telling her I am but at the same time I'm not. I mean I'm not feeling myself at all (I picked at my dinner and couldn't face ice cream, I have no appetite)! I feel like I could burst into tears at any given moment and am consistently tired (which is strange as I get 9 hours of sleep every night). I almost burst into tears yesterday when the teacher told me to do something which I didn't want to do. This is really werid for me. I am going to see my doctor in 3 weeks (it was the earliest we could get in as he is on leave) so please pray that goes well and he knows what to do or whats wrong with me (we have theroies but thats it). As Mum and Dad and I don't what is going on with me. We are just thankful that we picked it up early and we didn't leave it too late or when it was really bad. For the time being I am just listening to my body and not pushing myself much.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not a 'normal' teenage girl

This past week has been easier, though at the same time harder why is it that I can't win?!
I have realised that I need to be honest with myself which I haven't been doing. I also have realised that I am not a 'normal' teenage girl ok I guess I have always know this but it seems to have just come into light recently. So seeing as I feel like writing a list here are some reasons that I am not a 'normal' teenage girl:
  1. I don't read teenagey magzines, I would rather read a cooking magazine that a girly one. You know the ones that are filled with gossip and quizzes like 'which movie matches your life most' and 'what type of guy is perfect for you' which are a load of junk and fyi the quizzes don't work nor are they accurate. I chucked out the few (10 and they're all 2009 issues too) I had today, though I did rip out a few pages and made a nice collage canvas out of them.
  2. I find very few celebrity guys cute or hot (my Dad is probably very happy and proud), the guys from Glee and the Jonas Brothers they are cute (some of the Glee guys are boarder line though). But any other celebrity guy? ICK!!!
  3. I still watch kids show, I mean most of the time they're funny also I can watch without feeling awkward about it when my parents walk in (they always seem to walk in during the only bad part of a tv show or movie why is that?!)
  4. I don't wear alot of makeup. Unless I'm going out somewhere nice or we have people coming over and we are making a big deal of them coming over ie we haven't seen for ages, I won't wear it. I do wear lipgloss though and lip balm on a regular basis but thats it.
  5. I don't go out to parties on a regular basis. Its just something I'm not into.
So there are some of the reasons why I'm not a 'normal' teenage girl and you know what? I like being me and have no desire to change.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ten things I have done over the past week.

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I should, so here are ten things I have done over the past week
  1. Fought with my sister
  2. Watched Night At The Museum 2
  3. Drove round the local uni's car park and didn't hit any curbs (this is a big thing for me, considering how many I have hit the first and 2nd times I drove btw this was my third time driving)!
  4. Made breakfast for mum for Mothers Day (today!). We had crepes with berrys in syrup, wipped cream and caramel sauce really yummy :)
  5. Watched Glee
  6. Gone on facebook
  7. Done are really hard in class asignment for english ( I will be happy if I get 50%!)
  8. Baked my dad a birthday cake (his birthday was on thursday)
  9. Bought a thing to stop my head phones from getting tangled up (honestly why does that always happen! $4 later and I am very happy :D)
  10. Helped out at sunday school :)