Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ten things I have done over the past week.

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I should, so here are ten things I have done over the past week
  1. Fought with my sister
  2. Watched Night At The Museum 2
  3. Drove round the local uni's car park and didn't hit any curbs (this is a big thing for me, considering how many I have hit the first and 2nd times I drove btw this was my third time driving)!
  4. Made breakfast for mum for Mothers Day (today!). We had crepes with berrys in syrup, wipped cream and caramel sauce really yummy :)
  5. Watched Glee
  6. Gone on facebook
  7. Done are really hard in class asignment for english ( I will be happy if I get 50%!)
  8. Baked my dad a birthday cake (his birthday was on thursday)
  9. Bought a thing to stop my head phones from getting tangled up (honestly why does that always happen! $4 later and I am very happy :D)
  10. Helped out at sunday school :)

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