Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress ups

Lately I have been thinking that we each have different clothes that we like to wear. But sometimes these clothes can reflect our feelings. For example when I wear my blue and white dress I feel ready for anything and confident or when I wear my trackpants and big white jumper I feel tired and sometimes (mostly) unwell. I also find that when I wear my jeans, black shoes, and blue jumper I just feel 'me'. What ever I wear reflects my mood or helps me get into a mood. I remeber at our year 7 dinner dance / end of year dinner I wore a pink slik halter neck, black skirt and bronze thongs and I felt dressed up but whan I go there I realised that some of my close friends were way more dressed up than me and also there was only me and few other girls who wore flat shoes ( most wore high heels which I hope to buy some for my year 10 formal this year) but it didn't matter and as I discovered there were others girls in the same situation and as I look back on photos I see that I was happy and confident then and that what I wore reflected my mood. I got asked to dance by a boy! That to me was an achivement on its self! I still own the top and skirt and shoes and I know that they will be passed onto my sisters and as I will watch my sister Megan graduate this year in her white dress and shoes I know she will be a princess in my eyes and hers!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ok these past few days have been really hard on me and I wish I had paid more atention to the fact that gods in charge. It started with the fact that someone ( I have my suspects) decieded it would be very funny to put sushi in my bag that they made in cooking. Now I was upset about this but even more so when my ( so called) friend Stevie said 'oh it couldn't be hard to find the culprit seeing as half the school hates you' I really wanted to slap her in face but my consionce told me other wise I managed to hold in my anger and my hurt until after school ( It was the 2nd last period of the day when all this happened) then I broke down I told Mum and Dad and they were really annoyed at both of these problems more so at the latter.

They suggested that I find a better friend to hang out with and I agreed Stevie just wasn't my type and it was time to let it go.

So this morning I tried to let it all go but I just burst into tears in the middle of form. I managed to get through the morning with the help of a variety of nice girls ( THANK YOU!) I was then introduced to a new girl called Lizzie she and me hit it off imeadiatly and I know we will be best friends! I then realised that GOD is really in charge he knew what was going to happen and I wish I had realised sooner! So when your feeling stressed . . . . .

Monday, May 4, 2009

just a thought

Ok today I was sitting in sience trying to pay attention to the teacher ( c'mon it was pysics) but a thought popped into my mind that in Jesus's time if abortions were around could Mary have chosen to have an abortion? or more like be forced into having an aborton this is such a strange thought and it puzzles me to ponder if Jesus was born in in the 21st centuary would that happen?

I don't how this though popped into my mind but it did maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am reading the Aronement child by Francine rivers about a girl who was raped and chose to keep the child against her Dad's wishes ( her Mum and Grandma were really confused by it all) but what ever the reason it makes sense to me now that one of the reasons Jesus was born ages ago was to stop Joeseph and Mary getting temped to have an abortion.

As many of you know that I am agaist abortion 1000% ! and I hope that never changes!