Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ok these past few days have been really hard on me and I wish I had paid more atention to the fact that gods in charge. It started with the fact that someone ( I have my suspects) decieded it would be very funny to put sushi in my bag that they made in cooking. Now I was upset about this but even more so when my ( so called) friend Stevie said 'oh it couldn't be hard to find the culprit seeing as half the school hates you' I really wanted to slap her in face but my consionce told me other wise I managed to hold in my anger and my hurt until after school ( It was the 2nd last period of the day when all this happened) then I broke down I told Mum and Dad and they were really annoyed at both of these problems more so at the latter.

They suggested that I find a better friend to hang out with and I agreed Stevie just wasn't my type and it was time to let it go.

So this morning I tried to let it all go but I just burst into tears in the middle of form. I managed to get through the morning with the help of a variety of nice girls ( THANK YOU!) I was then introduced to a new girl called Lizzie she and me hit it off imeadiatly and I know we will be best friends! I then realised that GOD is really in charge he knew what was going to happen and I wish I had realised sooner! So when your feeling stressed . . . . .

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