Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dress ups

Lately I have been thinking that we each have different clothes that we like to wear. But sometimes these clothes can reflect our feelings. For example when I wear my blue and white dress I feel ready for anything and confident or when I wear my trackpants and big white jumper I feel tired and sometimes (mostly) unwell. I also find that when I wear my jeans, black shoes, and blue jumper I just feel 'me'. What ever I wear reflects my mood or helps me get into a mood. I remeber at our year 7 dinner dance / end of year dinner I wore a pink slik halter neck, black skirt and bronze thongs and I felt dressed up but whan I go there I realised that some of my close friends were way more dressed up than me and also there was only me and few other girls who wore flat shoes ( most wore high heels which I hope to buy some for my year 10 formal this year) but it didn't matter and as I discovered there were others girls in the same situation and as I look back on photos I see that I was happy and confident then and that what I wore reflected my mood. I got asked to dance by a boy! That to me was an achivement on its self! I still own the top and skirt and shoes and I know that they will be passed onto my sisters and as I will watch my sister Megan graduate this year in her white dress and shoes I know she will be a princess in my eyes and hers!

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