Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lamington slice

Lamingtons are great aussie treat which you can buy anytime of year though they are most popular around Australia day (which was yesterday). The one time I attemped to make Lamingtons they turned out a disaster (I didn't use an electric mixer) but since then I have found a recipe for lamington slice (it was in sunday times a few years ago by Donna Hay) and I tried and it was a sucess! The only difference between lamington slice and plain lamingtons is that the slice isn't coated in icing in fact u pour on the icing once you have cut the sponge so around each slice it is almost fudge like. Each year I make this (its a tradition for me) and it freezes really well perfect to put in lunchboxes (if theres any left). I submitted this recipe to an American blog website called cake spy and it got published! So here is the recipe: so give it go!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddy and Tom

Tomorrow is my 2 cats b'days - well its been a year since we got them the only reason I am writing this today is because I will proboly forget tomorrow!

Maddy and Tom are 2 (out of 3) of my familys cats whom we love too bits. We don't know much about their backgrounds as we got them from the cat haven (in shenton park) all we know is Maddy was found wondering around with her collar under her left armpit and had a massive wound (it is still healing but it hopefully will be fully healed soon) and the person who found her works at the cat haven and brought her straight in the local paper ran a report on her too. She is a small mischeif maker and loves her bikkies! Tom was found wondering around and a lady brought him in from the looks of him he was once very fat (he has a huge flap of skin under his tummy) and was obviously brought up on a gourmet diet (he has been known to turn his nose up at alot of food) he loves playing around and he has a few favourite toy mice.

Maddy and Tom get along ok but they still have fights but overall they get along well. Though they each have their favourite people Tom loves anyone but he's a sook for Dad and he loves to sleep on my bed on cold nights. Maddy loves Mum and longs for attention she hates being kissed but tolerates hugs!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday was one of oldest friends birthday! HAPPY SWEET 16TH GEMMA! So this meant finding a dress to wear to her birthday party (which is on the 30th) now for an average girl this would be easy but I am not an average girl! The theme was bright colours so that meant no blacks or whites so off to target I went!
I tried on 3 dresses there that I liked first one was a maxi type dress but it didn't suit me, 2nd one was a multi coloured dress and I couldn't work out the straps at all! and the 3rd dress was one that I kinda liked only it was a bit to reavealing so off to garden city!

We decieded to avoid k mart and wander down the 'up market strip' where they have kookai, petter alexander and all the up market posh shops! we went into a shop (I have forgotten the name) and we looked at the sale rack (every thing else was about $300!) so I tried on one that made me look like waaaaaay older than I wanted to be! The next dress was one where I couldn't work out the straps this was really complicated as it was a halter neck but we couldn't work out how the 'halter part' worked! So we headed to sports girl and espirit and we couldn't find a thing we eventuly went into a new store called forever new which I found the perfect dress its black at the top but the bottom is fluro pink and purple! Its really nice and just right (it cost $80)!

I think life is like dress shopping u try on many different types (and styles) in different colours and when you find the one you like it feels just right! We shouldn't stress about the small thing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

werid sandwich fillings!

Today My parents were both out which left me and my sister jocelyn (my other sister megan was out!) to make our selves lunch and we both decieded to try some werid sandwich fillings these were:
  • sugar - we had no sprinkles and jocie thought this was the next best thing!
  • mini m&ms grilled tasted like nutella only yummyier.
  • cambert (it had garlic infused in it) with french onion dip really nice *note this was grilled!

these are some that I came across on the internet but haven't yet tried!

  • vegemite with lettice.
  • vegemite with salad.
  • snickers and mars bar grilled on bread.
  • avacado on peanut butter toast.
  • bananna and peanut butter.
  • bananna and honey.
  • sardines and cream chesse toasted.
  • cheese and apple.
  • cheese and strawberry jam.
  • peanut butter and tabasco.
  • mayo and bananna.

have fun trying all these!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Camping (why I love but hate it!)

Each year me and family go camping sometimes with another family (i'll get to that later). For me its always really hard I mean I love going away and stuff but I always get lonely now matter how hard I try to make friends most people just ignore me!

Last year we (the other family couldn't come) went to cheynes beach(pronouced chains beach) and they had a beach mission so I though yay finally I will have some friends to do stuff with! Well it didn't turn out the first day went ok but the 2nd day turned out horribly, the other kids were ignoring me! So I somehow managed to convince my self to go on the wednesday which was the worst day they just all ignored me and by the end of it I just went to the camp site and cried. The thing which was the worst was on that tuesday night I was hanging around with them and you could tell that they were trying to be nice to me and wanting me to go away! On the thursday I refused to go and stayed back up at the campsite by then I had told my parents and they were disapointed in the other kids so they didn't force me to go on the day trip which the leaders of the group had planned. I read 2 books that day and just did quiet relaxing things like go down to the shop ect. That night while I was brushing my teeth a girl in the group came up and asked why I hadn't been there so I lied saying that I had stuff to do. I proboly should've told her the truth then and things could've worked out but I didn't. On the friday I packed up my tent seeing as on saturday we would be in rush - we had to leave the campsite by 10.00am and read the final book I had.

My parents told me that I could bring a friend to this camping trip so I would have some one to hang and I wouldn't be so lonely I agreed and tried to think of who I could bring my first thought was my friend Meg so I called her and her response was basicly ' I don't want to be away from parents for that long and we might be going to bali' so I said ok I will ask her later to see if she is going to bali when I did she gave me a straight no ( I have forgotten the reasons now) this hurt alot but I continued to try and find someone. All my friends were either not allowed to go or were away then. I may have only asked 4 people but I had (have) considered a heap more!
Thiswasn't the end though when I had asked she said that in term 1 holidays she might be going to india for 2 weeks (so much for her 'excuses') alone with a friend whose family lived there. Yesterday I found out that she is going in a few days (I think) for 2 or more weeks alone! This hurt alot seeing as she made up excuses about not being able to go when in reality she could!
Now to our family friends they try to controll me like they are my parents! They also won't take no for an answer it doesn't care what you are doing! They ask me to help my mum (which I do) when Kylie (the mm/wife) doesn't do anything she sits around and reads or listens to music my mum is forced to do all the work! It drives her crazy this just doesn't happen when we go camping when they come over to our house (the tend to pop up at meal times!) we have to feed them and set up their beds if they choose to stay over! When we came down during the year (this was a planned vist!) we were told to sleep out their pop up caravan and provide our own linen (sleeping bags in our case!). Kylie also did not have dinner ready which ment we had to go and buy our own food while she just sat round and did nothing! we also had to buy us and them lunch the next day! we were their guests! This doesn't make sense!

I feel like our family is just being used we have to provide most of the food and more than not have to take care of their own children! Alister (husband/dad) also does nothing and agrees with what ever kylie says! They also do not approve of reading harry potter ect they have said this on a number of times. and It just so happens that these are mostly the books I will be taking (apart form 2-4 other books plus I get another when I am down there long story . . .)

Because of all the above reasons I do not want to go camping! Thanks for reading this I needed to vent out everything!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The sugar doll award 10 things about me!

Amanda from Amanda Musings ( has given me the sugar doll award! So I have to tell you guys 10 things about me ok here it goes:

  1. I have always had cats since I was little, the cat (floyd) who I have grown up with got put down almost a year ago then we got 2 other cats (from the cat haven) to replace him Maddy is a small calico who always gets into mischeif! Tom is tabby/ginger who is a sook and is very verbal. Then one night Peebo a stray came to us he is a russien blue and likes to slink around at night.

  2. I enjoy listening to music at night before I go to bed when I'm stressed or can't sleep. Lately I have been listening to Brit Nicole's the lost get found and the Jonas Brothers lines,vines and trying times.

  3. I read books this is proboly why most people think I am a geek as I read heaps! I have enjoyed reading Dewey (who I lent out to a friend at church) which is about a cat and library, Cleo- a cat who helps heal a family, Erynn mangums books are really good, so are alyssa brugmans! I have just started reading harry potter and have just finished reading twilight (which I didn't really enjoy!). I also read the bible.

  4. I am a christian I have been raised in a christian home my dad is from a non christian background where as my mum is from a strict christian home. I am currently reading ephesians when I have time.

  5. I daydream heaps! I day dream when I am bored or when I go to sleep, it can be about anything from me dating (and sometimes being engaged or even married!) Nick (the youngest Jonas brother) to me being on the tv show GLEE, it all depends on my moods. I also make up opening chapters of stories that I may write one day!

  6. I would LOVE to be an author one day! I currently have 2 ideas in the works -which I won't tell you about as they may come to nothing! I have to feel a story before I write it, it may seem werid but it's true! If I can't feel it, it won't work out. In english I have been caught tearing pages from my english book during assignments all beacause I couldn't feel the story!

  7. I want to get married young! It may seem strange but I really do! I see people in their early twenties happily married and I want that to be me one day.

  8. I want to work with kids with disabilities one day! It is my dream to be a child care worker or helping out kids who are disabled. My sister has down syndrome so to me that is what I want to do!

  9. I collect charms. I got a bracelet for my 14th birthday and I get charms for birthdays and christmas ect! I have heaps My favourite ones are a snowflake which I got for christmas from my child hood friend Gemma and a small thong (flip flop) charm from my mum went she went a way for a couple of nights with a friend.

  10. I have got 2 childhood friends who I call my sisters! Gemma is a friend who I met when I was 1 when we moved to australind and we have stayed friends even though I have moved back up to perth! Rebekah is a friend who I have know forever but have only recently became really close since she began coming to our church, we have everything in common and can tell each other about everything and anything! I have rang Beck in tears when my cat Floyd died last year and we just sat there and talked for ages!

  11. (just a quick one promise!) I LOVE to cook I cook heaps and according to Beck and her mum (auntie Lea) I will be the next doanna hay! I love cooking cupcakes,cookies and I can cook really good chicken pie and potatos:)

Ok I am not really sure who I will give the sugar doll award to next, but when I do I will post it here!