Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finally a crazy busy week!

Well this past week has (so far) been crazy. I did a day of work on Sunday working for a photography company which is owned by a couple at my church this pretty much involved getting up at 5.15am (not a typo), taking payment and entering things into Excel. Then I came home for 2 hours before racing off again for a girls night with the (awesome) girls who go to my church, we ate fish and chips, watched Pitch Perfect and had chocolate fondue, this meant that I didn't go to bed until 11.00pm (it was worth it though). I spent Monday lounging around the house feeling like a zombie when I got a phone regarding a job interview for the next day.
The interview went really well and I could see myself working for the company long term so praying that I get it, then that afternoon I get another phone call regarding an interview for today. The interview was only a first round interview but I think I did ok, though I am unsure of the company. Then I got a phone call regarding yet another interview which after looking where it was located and just not seeing it possible to get there I had to cancel it (I wish companies would post their addresses on Seek!). So I went from having no interviews to having had 3 (I still count the one I had to cancel), which is unheard of in this job market.
I have no idea how I managed to land all these interviews when I have done nothing different than what I have done in the past. I guess it all comes down to trusting God and knowing that things do get better even if at times it doesn't feel like it.
In between all of the above I managed to read the latest Bloodlines book by Richelle Mead, Silver Shadows which was amazing (its the sister series to Vampire Academy and well worth a read if you loved the books) and I can't wait for the 6th and final instalment to come out in February next year. Started painting a (small) canvas and managed to get back on the cross trainer (I went ice skating last Tuesday I fell over on the ice and my right knee has been a nice shade of purple ever since, so given my history of bruising the actual knee bone I didn't want to risk making it worse by exercising for at least a week).
This past week may have been crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way, its good to be busy and feel needed/wanted :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Just another job interview

So today I had an interview (yay!) after so many weeks of feeling like I'm not getting anywhere I get an interview. So I spend an hour getting ready, second guessing everything (because its normal to second guess black pants when you have 3 pairs pretty much the same!) and get there 15 minutes early (because arriving early gives a good impression). But here's the thing first impressions of the company? Its quiet I am used to working with noise whether its music, people doing things or chatter but there was none of that and it was strange. I hate silence, probably because my family makes a lot of noise and even during the day when I am home alone I have a bird who talks to himself, 3 cats who are always getting into trouble and I live near a railway so my house is never silent. The interview was pretty much them telling me an overview of what the job contains and quizzing my MYOB skills (which are high because spending a whole unit on MYOB at tafe doesn't leave you with low skills), then I was told that this only a first round interview and by this stage a part of me is feeling on edge and not at peace about the interview. Of course if I do advance into the second round I will accept, because even though the chances of me getting the job are slim its good experience, but I won't be surprised if I don't get a second round interview.
I think the main thing that stood out was that I wasn't going to be helping people (it was for a furniture wholesaler)  and I don't feel that I am the right fit for the company. Whenever I have an interview I always have in the back of my mind that at the same time they are interviewing me I am interviewing them, because as much as the company is looking for the right person to fit their company I am looking for the right company which fits me.
This interview wasn't for nothing though, it gave me guidance that I am on the right track still and that after many weeks (fine months) of not getting job interviews I am still what companies are after. I only hope that soon I will find a company that I fit them as much as they fit me, but of course that's in God's hands.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being Unemployed is When . . .

Being unemployed is when your younger sister thinks you are home schooled as she can't figure out what you do all day.
Being unemployed is when you hear of someone who gets a job interview you feel happy for them on the outside but on the inside you are screaming WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN!
Being unemployed is when you hear people complaining about their jobs and you want to tell them that they are lucky that they at least have a job (regardless of what they do).
Being unemployed is when you feel that you are worthless as a person as people in society judge you for what you do on a daily basis.
Being unemployed is when you never know the right answer for when someone asks you what you do for a living.
Being unemployed is when you want you hit your desk against the keyboard as you feel like life is staying the same in a bad way.
Being unemployed is when you check your emails and you see one from a company that says that unfortunately they can't offer you an interview though you do have an impressive resume so they will keep it on file and will contact you if anything else comes up (spoiler alert they never do!) and you want to email them back and say if they really thought your resume was impressive then they would offer you an interview!
Being unemployed is when you annoyed at people who are looking for work in the same area as you because you feel that they are your competition regardless if they are applying for the same jobs or not.
Being unemployed is when you spend most of your telepathically trying to get your phone to ring regarding an interview (it rarely works).
Being unemployed is when you feel helpless and that your not doing enough even when you are
Being unemployed is when you want to scream when you don't quite meet the criteria for a job advertisement (normally because you don't have drivers licence) by one point even though the rest of the job sounds perfect.
Being unemployed is when you feel that you are always at breaking point because you can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am trying to stay positive but at the moment I can't see an end to this madness and everyday I feel more like I will crack and break into a thousand pieces.