Saturday, May 25, 2013

Meet Aflie

Meet Alfie
He is 6 months old
Already a bigger sook than Tom
Feels like we've had him forever
Pulled on my heart and I couldn't say no
Loves cuddles and being patted
Eyes seem to pierce your soul
Settling in well
May not have been partly named after this character 
Has gotten hissed at by Tom once and got freaked out (hopefully Tom will end up accepting him soon! Maddy I'm not so sure about considering she still isn't the biggest fan of Tom)
Cleary choose us
Hates being left alone
Loves treats and food
First cat to ever decide to sleep in my jeans (I was having a shower and as he is in the bathroom he decided he would have a nap in them!)
The purrrfect cat for our family

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things that make me happy

I really need to blog more but I am stilling getting in the grove of the whole work/life balance which is slowly happening but I know it will still be a while before I settle into a pattern. For now here are things that have been making me happy:
  • New pink owl PJ's
  • Slowly purchasing things for the kitten which arrives Saturday (!), so far I have a book to store all its information (vet trips, brand of food, micro chip information in ect) in and a polar fleece blanket (purple because pink is a bit too girly), I need to check our supplies of kitty litter and I will get it's food when I adopt it as its always a good idea to keep it on what it's used too for a while.
  • Erynn Mangums latest book Paige Torn downloaded it last night and I can't put it down, which is how I am with all her books!
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation Sunday night is the night I come home from church and catch up on it online (its on 2 minutes after its finished airing), its the one show I long to watch.
  • Online shopping tonight I spent $20 which isn't too bad but its so easy to purchase things! I got some cute post it notes for work, an Alice in Wonderland necklace and Alice in Wonderland vintage-ish (thats now a word) stickers.
  • The video below, how talent are these guys?! I might've watched it over 10 times in the last 24 hours haha! I can't wait to download their latest album the moment it comes out. I have finally figured how to use the iPod speaker at work (who knew you actually had to press power button even if it looked like it was on?!) so it will be blasted non stop (I hope my boss can stand it haha :) mind you she doesn't care what we listen too as long as it has no rude words or themes)

  •  Cute wall stickers that can make the room 'pop' I bought a metallic wall sticker of 2 birds in a cage and it makes my feature wall (and whole room in general) pop and somehow works perfectly with the pink dragonflies I have on the wall. Thought it took ages to stick it on and we (my sister and I) ended up using nail scissors to cut it and restick it to make it flat it was worth it, though next time I get wall stickers I will be choosing a less intricate design!
  • Crafting the afternoon away. I crafted a variation of the card I made for the two girls I did work experience with only on thick cardboard and smaller scales so they can display them near their desks. It was relaxing and I am going to drop them into them tomorrow before work :)
  • Cats that wake me up at 6am by sitting on my head, just kidding but seriously Tom loves my shampoo or something because if I go to bed with damp hair the next day he is on/near my head -.-
It doesn't take much to make me happy these days and half of that is because I have a job and feel like I am worth something, now if you excuse me I need to head to bed so I can get a decent sleep before work tomorrow (not that I am complaining or anything!).

Monday, May 13, 2013

Work, work and planning for a kitten

Please remind to never ride to work again ever. I arrived 20 minutes late (I had a dream about arriving 20 minutes late the night before yet I paid no attention to it), legs felt like jelly, almost got run over 5 times (my road sense is kinda bad) though I swear I looked both ways before going, had a mini (really really small) anixiety attack and riding uphill killed me. My boss just smiled and told me to get a drink then start doing some small tasks to calm down (have I mentioned she is the best?!), so looks like I will be catching the bus at least one way there (thankfully my Dad finishes work at 2.00 so he can pick me up when I end).

All in all work is going great and I am getting into the swing of things. We had a staff meeting today which went well, we basically discussed where we want the company to go, goals for us and the business (both short term and long term) and any ideas we had. My goal for this week is to answer the phone cheerily and stay positive and cheery the whole time on the phone.

I am finally letting myself get exited about getting a kitten, I bought a book to store info in about her. So far for names we (my family is giving their input in most things!) like Popcorn (shortened to Poppy) and Jellybean, others names that have been suggested but knocked back are Isilee (after a charcter in a book) and Chesire (as in the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland). All names get shortened in our house (mine doesn't) for example Madeline gets mainly called Maddy and Jaffa (the bird) gets called Jafs or Jaffy and Tommy gets called Tom so one requirement is that it can be shortened to an equally cute name. I can't wait to meet her (neither can the rest of my family!) and enjoy lots of snuggles with her.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Confessions of a working girl with her first paycheck

Sorry for being absent lately but work has taken over which I am totally fine with :) I have offically finished my 2nd week of work and its been full on but fun. I got my first pay check and took the advice of my Mum, pychologoist and many friends and had fun spending a chunk of it :) it felt good to say yes I can buy those books, yes I can buy those bracelets, yes I can buy lunch, yes I can donate to that charity, yes I can buy chocolate. I also bought my Mum a few suprises for Mothers Day, she already knows what she is getting from my sister and I but what she doesn't know is that I bought her a bracelet she wanted, some chocolate (I also bought some for myself and it is good!) and some mints because she has stood by me all through my unemployment. I honestly don't know where I would be without her :). on Mothers Day we are going to visit my Grandma and celebrate her Birthday (as its on the Monday) so I got my Grandma some beautiful wooden flowers to brighten up her room in the nursing home. I thought I would do some facts about my time so far at this job compared to my last job:
  • I have lasted 2 weeks more than I did in my last job
  • I have had NO anxiety attacks
  • I have lasted 8 days longer than I did in my last job
  • I have been able to go to each day and my anxiety hasn't stopped me doing so!
These things may not seem like much but compared to my last job when:
  • I lasted 2 days in it.
  • I had 3 anxiety attacks
  • I couldn't go to work because of my anxiety
In 15 days I will adopt a kitten and I can't wait but at the same do I can because I know once I get her (I am leaning towards getting a girl) she will grow up too fast but then again it will be good to have a creature to baby.

Today my Friend made me buy a book of Hats for Cats (it was 40% off as the store is having a closing down saying its called Cat Hats) for my sister and she is so exited to put them on Tom and Maddy and the kitten (once she arrives!) so I am worried for the cats (and kitten's), I have told my friend its her fault if they decide to take over the world because they hate that they now have to wear hats!

My life is finally on track and all its taken is God's timing, I am in a great job with great people, I have beaten my anxiety attacks and every day I am making history by working one day more than I did at my last job.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just an update

I have been meaning to blog all week and I started a blog post the other night but my anxiety had clearly taken over my head at that one moment so it wasn't 'me', I have been busy every day this week I have had job training except today but tomorrow it starts again. I have lasted one day more in this job than I did in my last job, I have had no anxiety attacks in this job and I hopefully won't, two big steps I have made. It hasn't been easy and on Monday and Tuesday I felt my anxiety clouding my head and did shed a few tears (which is normal) but I still survived both days. Wednesday I felt like I was being fed to the sharks as the person who I job share with and is training me called in sick, so I was left manning the desk answering the emails and phone calls having no idea what I was doing. Thankfully my boss was understanding and allowed me to ask her a few hundred questions, she also said I did well considering.
I spent Monday night stressing over little things, like the transport issue (its 10 minutes by car, 1 hour by bus or a 30-40 minute bike ride), if I would have an anxiety attack the next day, what if admin work isn't for me ect. I was pretty much  told to go to bed, quit stressing, pray and know that everything would happen according to God's plan for me.
I am so thankful I have an amazing employment agency! My consultant is amazing and has been keeping in close contact with me by phone encouraging me and listening to my worries and fears about the job, she has also rung my workplace to let them know that she is around if either me or them have any concerns/worries. Its been really helpful knowing she is on my side and I can call her if anything major happens.
I am eyeing off the six week mark as that is when everyone keeps telling me I will finally be settled (and will most likely be when I adopt my kitten), until then I will focus on one thing after another and keep praying that God helps me.