Monday, May 13, 2013

Work, work and planning for a kitten

Please remind to never ride to work again ever. I arrived 20 minutes late (I had a dream about arriving 20 minutes late the night before yet I paid no attention to it), legs felt like jelly, almost got run over 5 times (my road sense is kinda bad) though I swear I looked both ways before going, had a mini (really really small) anixiety attack and riding uphill killed me. My boss just smiled and told me to get a drink then start doing some small tasks to calm down (have I mentioned she is the best?!), so looks like I will be catching the bus at least one way there (thankfully my Dad finishes work at 2.00 so he can pick me up when I end).

All in all work is going great and I am getting into the swing of things. We had a staff meeting today which went well, we basically discussed where we want the company to go, goals for us and the business (both short term and long term) and any ideas we had. My goal for this week is to answer the phone cheerily and stay positive and cheery the whole time on the phone.

I am finally letting myself get exited about getting a kitten, I bought a book to store info in about her. So far for names we (my family is giving their input in most things!) like Popcorn (shortened to Poppy) and Jellybean, others names that have been suggested but knocked back are Isilee (after a charcter in a book) and Chesire (as in the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland). All names get shortened in our house (mine doesn't) for example Madeline gets mainly called Maddy and Jaffa (the bird) gets called Jafs or Jaffy and Tommy gets called Tom so one requirement is that it can be shortened to an equally cute name. I can't wait to meet her (neither can the rest of my family!) and enjoy lots of snuggles with her.

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