Friday, May 10, 2013

Confessions of a working girl with her first paycheck

Sorry for being absent lately but work has taken over which I am totally fine with :) I have offically finished my 2nd week of work and its been full on but fun. I got my first pay check and took the advice of my Mum, pychologoist and many friends and had fun spending a chunk of it :) it felt good to say yes I can buy those books, yes I can buy those bracelets, yes I can buy lunch, yes I can donate to that charity, yes I can buy chocolate. I also bought my Mum a few suprises for Mothers Day, she already knows what she is getting from my sister and I but what she doesn't know is that I bought her a bracelet she wanted, some chocolate (I also bought some for myself and it is good!) and some mints because she has stood by me all through my unemployment. I honestly don't know where I would be without her :). on Mothers Day we are going to visit my Grandma and celebrate her Birthday (as its on the Monday) so I got my Grandma some beautiful wooden flowers to brighten up her room in the nursing home. I thought I would do some facts about my time so far at this job compared to my last job:
  • I have lasted 2 weeks more than I did in my last job
  • I have had NO anxiety attacks
  • I have lasted 8 days longer than I did in my last job
  • I have been able to go to each day and my anxiety hasn't stopped me doing so!
These things may not seem like much but compared to my last job when:
  • I lasted 2 days in it.
  • I had 3 anxiety attacks
  • I couldn't go to work because of my anxiety
In 15 days I will adopt a kitten and I can't wait but at the same do I can because I know once I get her (I am leaning towards getting a girl) she will grow up too fast but then again it will be good to have a creature to baby.

Today my Friend made me buy a book of Hats for Cats (it was 40% off as the store is having a closing down saying its called Cat Hats) for my sister and she is so exited to put them on Tom and Maddy and the kitten (once she arrives!) so I am worried for the cats (and kitten's), I have told my friend its her fault if they decide to take over the world because they hate that they now have to wear hats!

My life is finally on track and all its taken is God's timing, I am in a great job with great people, I have beaten my anxiety attacks and every day I am making history by working one day more than I did at my last job.

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