Sunday, May 19, 2013

Things that make me happy

I really need to blog more but I am stilling getting in the grove of the whole work/life balance which is slowly happening but I know it will still be a while before I settle into a pattern. For now here are things that have been making me happy:
  • New pink owl PJ's
  • Slowly purchasing things for the kitten which arrives Saturday (!), so far I have a book to store all its information (vet trips, brand of food, micro chip information in ect) in and a polar fleece blanket (purple because pink is a bit too girly), I need to check our supplies of kitty litter and I will get it's food when I adopt it as its always a good idea to keep it on what it's used too for a while.
  • Erynn Mangums latest book Paige Torn downloaded it last night and I can't put it down, which is how I am with all her books!
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation Sunday night is the night I come home from church and catch up on it online (its on 2 minutes after its finished airing), its the one show I long to watch.
  • Online shopping tonight I spent $20 which isn't too bad but its so easy to purchase things! I got some cute post it notes for work, an Alice in Wonderland necklace and Alice in Wonderland vintage-ish (thats now a word) stickers.
  • The video below, how talent are these guys?! I might've watched it over 10 times in the last 24 hours haha! I can't wait to download their latest album the moment it comes out. I have finally figured how to use the iPod speaker at work (who knew you actually had to press power button even if it looked like it was on?!) so it will be blasted non stop (I hope my boss can stand it haha :) mind you she doesn't care what we listen too as long as it has no rude words or themes)

  •  Cute wall stickers that can make the room 'pop' I bought a metallic wall sticker of 2 birds in a cage and it makes my feature wall (and whole room in general) pop and somehow works perfectly with the pink dragonflies I have on the wall. Thought it took ages to stick it on and we (my sister and I) ended up using nail scissors to cut it and restick it to make it flat it was worth it, though next time I get wall stickers I will be choosing a less intricate design!
  • Crafting the afternoon away. I crafted a variation of the card I made for the two girls I did work experience with only on thick cardboard and smaller scales so they can display them near their desks. It was relaxing and I am going to drop them into them tomorrow before work :)
  • Cats that wake me up at 6am by sitting on my head, just kidding but seriously Tom loves my shampoo or something because if I go to bed with damp hair the next day he is on/near my head -.-
It doesn't take much to make me happy these days and half of that is because I have a job and feel like I am worth something, now if you excuse me I need to head to bed so I can get a decent sleep before work tomorrow (not that I am complaining or anything!).

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