Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lately I have been feeling jealous, its a feeling I try not to let in but there are times when it comes on before I can stop it.
I am jealous of the people who can get jobs easily and have never experienced true unemployment. The ones who just have to go for one interview and they get a job. The ones who get the jobs I so badly want. The ones who can complain about their jobs. The ones who don't have to apply for hundreds of jobs just to get an interview which ends up being a dead end. The ones who have a job to go to and who don't rely on the government just to get by. Lets be honest if you have a job I am jealous of you.
Honestly I hate being unemployed (I am sounding like a broken record aren't I?) and it doesn't help when I have people telling me left, right and centre what I could/should be doing to gain employment! At this stage I am praying that starting this diploma will open some doors and that when I switch employment agencies (my current one is closing down) at the end of next month that they will have some ideas what to do.
I just want one job and its beginning to feel like I will never get one despite how hard I am trying.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Things I do while driving

So I have been driving for just over two months now  and I am beginning to notice strange things I do and I am curious if anyone else does them or if I am just weird.
  • Sing along to whatever I am listening to, at the moment its either Echosmith - Cool Kids, Safest Place and Talking Dreams or Big Time Rush - Forget About You, Halfway There, Oh Ye and Big Night. In my Dad's car I can use an auxiliary cable and plug in my iPod, but in my Mum's car I tend to listen to CD's but I do have a radio transmitter for my iPod which I need to set up to work in my Mum's car I just haven't felt the need to.
  • Chat to myself like have full on conversations with myself (mind you I do this whenever I am alone).
  • Get curious and go down random streets to see where I end up, I only do this if I know the area pretty well and only when I am running errands.
  • Tell cars to stay and get angry at them if they don't indicate or do something stupid
  • Get freaked out if there is a car behind me and I am going into a car parking space and feel like they are judging me.
  • As long as I am in the lines (or even on the lines) in a parking space I am happy.
  • In both my parents car they have mints and as soon as I get in the car I have to have one. As I don't pay for fuel (I don't use the cars much to warrant it) I keep them stocked with them.
  • Argue with the GPS and get annoyed when it mispronounces a street name.
  • Freak out when I go through a yellow light and feel like I am doing something wrong when I go through one, even if there is no way I could've stopped.
I pretty much drive whatever car is available but I do like my Mum's car due to its size its a Toyota Corolla compared to my Dad's car which is a Ford Falcon despite the fact I initially learnt in the Falcon. I do think that learning how to drive in the Falcon to start allowed me to get good road position and awareness due to its size but the Corolla makes parking so easy and it feels more manageable.
I love the freedom of being able to drive and I still get exited/freaked out/nervous when I get in the car or see my license in my purse, its just one of those things that hasn't gotten old (yet). Learning how drive remains one of the most scariest things I have ever done and I still get shivers down my spine when I think about failing those four tests or drive past the license centre I did three of my four failed tests at (I also don't think I will ever be able to drive around that area where I not only had to do the tests but also did all my lessons at without feeling uneasy). I am just so happy that I finally have my license and never have to relive everything again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A step in some sort of direction

Today I took a big step in some sort of direction whether that be the right direction or not I do not know. Yesterday after having enduring an employment agency meeting which lasted for 30 minutes and to be honest watching paint dry would've been a better use of my time than be stuck staring at a computer screen trying to look for jobs to apply (spoiler alert there was none!). I decided that I would look into further study after looking on the local TAFE's website and calling them I quickly decided that my best plan of action would be looking into to do a course online.
I actually looked into doing an online course 6 months ago and almost enrolled but decided against it, because of this prior research I knew that I wanted to get my Diploma of Business Administration as it would open up more doors for me and was relevant to my past studies. You can actually skip doing a Cert. 4 if you have real world experience in the field, which I do and a diploma is a step under a university degree. I have 3 years to complete it but if I do a minimum of 9 hours a week on it I can complete it in a year. My aim at this stage is to do 10-12 hours a week on it a week (4 hours, 4 days a week) in between applying for jobs and going to interviews, once I get a job I will cut down on it depending on my work hours and how my anxiety is going. Its all done through HECS which is great so as soon as I start earning over $55,000 (which for an admin worker is rare) it will get taken out with my yearly tax. I also have a whole e-library of books at my fingertips so I will start reading the recommended books in the coming week. I am pretty much enrolled I just have to fill out a form regarding the fees then I am officially enrolled and can start working my way towards.
Honestly I have no idea how this will go but for now its a step in some direction and I can put it on my resume that I am working towards getting my diploma in business administration. I am still praying for the perfect job and know that God has it under control but until I get the job I have something to take my mind off things.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favourites: Entertainment

 I know a lot of people have time off at the moment so I thought I would make this post about entertainment you know books, TV shows and music and what I have been loving in those terms!

TV Shows - lets start with this one as I have been currently binge watching various TV shows and though I would list my favourites. I watch a lot online (streaming) as a lot of TV shows I like either don't air overhere or its just more convient to watch online.

Big Time Rush (TV show site) - this is my most recent TV show obsession. I was able to pick up the first 2 seasons on DVD quite cheaply from Cash Converters (except the 2nd part of season 2 which I got from JB HiFi). Its a show I love to watch and makes me laugh whenever I watch it, the music (more on that later) is great as well.

Hart of Dixie - the last season has just started to air and its well worth a look at. Think small town where everyone knows each other and a new doctor who is learning the difference of working in the city and working in a town where everyone knows eachother.

Mako Mermaids - I think its every girls dream to be a mermaid at some point and this show is great. Its a sister series to H20 Just Add Water in regards to the location, but it allows a better look into the already existing mermaid (and merman) world. The second season is due to air soon and from what I have seen it looks amazing.

Degrassi: The Next Generation - this is my guilty pleasure in terms of TV and its one of the only shows that has perfected the art of bringing in new characters and saying good bye to new ones flawlessly. Its a teen drama but I could watch it non stop. They also bring up relevant issues in such a way that you get educated on them without realising it and you get to see the it from various points of view.

Saving Hope - I never thought I would like a hospital drama that is so intense and stomach churning. In the beginning I did have to watch all the surgery scenes through my hands but now I can watch most without covering my eyes. The characters are great and likeable and I like the way how you get to see various areas of the hospital.

Other shows that deserve a mention:
  • Bones
  • MOM
  • Red Band Society
  • Chasing Life
  • Parks and Recreation

Music - this list is quite short as I tend to listen to the same artists for ages and rarely buy new music. Currently I have been listening to these two main bands.

Echosmith - I love these guys and did a review on their debut album here. Their music is alternative but its addictive and catchy as well. I have often found myself singing their single Cool Kids at random points in the day and yes I know it get played lots of the radio but you need to check out their album now!

Big Time Rush (music site) - I totally play their CDs in the car and will sing along to them at the top of my voice. All 3 of their albums are good and I love listening to them at night when I need background noise while reading blogs and mucking around on the internet (which is most nights). Yes they are a band linked to a TV show which has since long ended but their music is really catchy. One of their members has released a single album so I intend to check that out soon.

Books and Authors - I am a book worm these are some of my favourite recent reads and authors. I read a wide variety of books in different genres so there should be something for everyone.

We Were Liars E. Lockhart - I heard great reviews about this book so when I was able to download it from the library I did. Its a great read in general but the end is what makes it so good and once you start you can't stop reading it.

Zac and Mia A.J Betts - I was shopping with my youngest sister on Tuesday and she was picking up some books to read (she had some vouchers to spend) and she wasn't sure whether to get this book or not, she decided against it so I bought it. This book is a great read and though it has been compared to The Fault In Our Stars its far less depressing and far more realistic (yes I am one of those few who did not like The Fault In Our Stars!). I found both Mia and Zac relatable and felt by the end of the book they were people I knew in real life rather than just characters in a book.

Denise Hunter (author) - I was in a rut when I discovered her books in the e-library and the ones I have read have been good reads. I found that the storylines were compelling and that I could relate to each of the characters in their journeys with trusting God and with their lives. I also loved the settings of each book and felt by the end of reading each one I had had a mini holiday. I have read her Chapel Springs series, Big Sky Series and some of her Nantucket Series books.

Rachel Hauck (author) - I have loved her books ever since I read the Wedding Dress which is a good standalone read. Her books all have strong characters and the storylines really draw you in. I love her Royal Wedding series which mixes fairy tale and royalty with real life. (I would totally write more but my brain is deciding to switch off and my youngest sister is refusing to help me!)

I had all intentions of doing movies but time ran out and I am lucky to have even gotten this posted today! As you can tell I like a wide variety of genres so hopefully there is something for everyone in the list.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Goals

Who does New Year Resolutions? I am honestly not a fan of them so instead I set goals so I can work towards them and they aren't just something made and easily forgotten in February like New Year Resolutions. My two main goals last year were get a job and get my license well I got my license but not a job! I have been thinking of this years goals and have come up with the following:
  • GET A JOB! - This is my top priority and I am praying non stop that I get one soon (in the next month would be nice!).
  • Buy a car. - I have my license but I need a car because at the moment I drive whatever one of my parents cars isn't getting used. I am thankful that they are happy enough to let me drive one of theirs but I want my own car where I can leave my CD's in the player, P plates on and various other things in the car.
  • Get more organised. - I have started doing this as I recently bought some more shelves for my room which has allowed my DVDs to have a home (and cleared out 2 of the cubes in my square shelves) but because of that my room is a mess and I am procrastinating cleaning (maybe tomorrow?) and putting things away. My Wardrobe has been sorted and I now know what's where in terms of tafe books and school work etc.
  • Go to a concert or at least buy tickets to a concert. - I have never been to one and have decided that if Echosmith ever comes to my city my sister and I are going so fingers crossed they release tour dates!
  • Stop snacking and avoid eating out of bordom -  If given the chance I will snack all day rather than eat 3 balanced meals. I think this is due to bordom but also due to the fact that being unemployed I have no set meal routine during the day apart from dinner so I will eat whenever I am hungry.
  • Get active more. - I want to get my heartbeat raised at least 3 times a week and I also want to tone up my stomach. I honestly don't care if I loose weight or not but I just want to get off the couch.
  • Get better at parking. - I am the worst at parking, according to my youngest sister who decided that yesterday she needed to coach me despite her never actually driven a car. So I want to be able to park better and not scare my fellow passengers when I am park.
So there are my goals for 2015 I don't think any of them are impossible to achieve and I should be able to work toward them throughout the year.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 is my year

Its officially 2015! Its the time when people make hard to keep resolutions which they break in a matter of minutes and make these big plans for the coming year which never happen.
Today I went to the movies with one of my friends to see that latest Night At The Museum movie as we both wanted to see it and figured that News Years Day was the perfect time to go see it. It was a great ending to the franchise but something that really stuck with me was this conversation:

Larry: I have no idea what I am going to do tomorrow
Teddy: Well isn't that wonderful!

This is my life at the moment I have no idea what tomorrow will hold and rather than feel upset or depressed by it I should look on the bright side and make my own adventures.
2015 has started and I have no idea what it will hold but I do know that its my year. 15 has always been my number I was born on the 15th (of September), my parents were married on the 15th (of August), I live in number 15 on my street, 5 goes into 15 3 times which is how many kids my parents have (my 2 sisters and I) and 3 goes into 15 5 times which is how many are in my family. I am not superstitious or believe in lucky numbers or anything but the number 15 is special to me.

I wish I knew what 2015 would hold but after the past couple of years which have been challenging to say the least I say bring it and regardless of what happens 2015 is my year.