Monday, January 26, 2015

Things I do while driving

So I have been driving for just over two months now  and I am beginning to notice strange things I do and I am curious if anyone else does them or if I am just weird.
  • Sing along to whatever I am listening to, at the moment its either Echosmith - Cool Kids, Safest Place and Talking Dreams or Big Time Rush - Forget About You, Halfway There, Oh Ye and Big Night. In my Dad's car I can use an auxiliary cable and plug in my iPod, but in my Mum's car I tend to listen to CD's but I do have a radio transmitter for my iPod which I need to set up to work in my Mum's car I just haven't felt the need to.
  • Chat to myself like have full on conversations with myself (mind you I do this whenever I am alone).
  • Get curious and go down random streets to see where I end up, I only do this if I know the area pretty well and only when I am running errands.
  • Tell cars to stay and get angry at them if they don't indicate or do something stupid
  • Get freaked out if there is a car behind me and I am going into a car parking space and feel like they are judging me.
  • As long as I am in the lines (or even on the lines) in a parking space I am happy.
  • In both my parents car they have mints and as soon as I get in the car I have to have one. As I don't pay for fuel (I don't use the cars much to warrant it) I keep them stocked with them.
  • Argue with the GPS and get annoyed when it mispronounces a street name.
  • Freak out when I go through a yellow light and feel like I am doing something wrong when I go through one, even if there is no way I could've stopped.
I pretty much drive whatever car is available but I do like my Mum's car due to its size its a Toyota Corolla compared to my Dad's car which is a Ford Falcon despite the fact I initially learnt in the Falcon. I do think that learning how to drive in the Falcon to start allowed me to get good road position and awareness due to its size but the Corolla makes parking so easy and it feels more manageable.
I love the freedom of being able to drive and I still get exited/freaked out/nervous when I get in the car or see my license in my purse, its just one of those things that hasn't gotten old (yet). Learning how drive remains one of the most scariest things I have ever done and I still get shivers down my spine when I think about failing those four tests or drive past the license centre I did three of my four failed tests at (I also don't think I will ever be able to drive around that area where I not only had to do the tests but also did all my lessons at without feeling uneasy). I am just so happy that I finally have my license and never have to relive everything again.

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