Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Goals

Who does New Year Resolutions? I am honestly not a fan of them so instead I set goals so I can work towards them and they aren't just something made and easily forgotten in February like New Year Resolutions. My two main goals last year were get a job and get my license well I got my license but not a job! I have been thinking of this years goals and have come up with the following:
  • GET A JOB! - This is my top priority and I am praying non stop that I get one soon (in the next month would be nice!).
  • Buy a car. - I have my license but I need a car because at the moment I drive whatever one of my parents cars isn't getting used. I am thankful that they are happy enough to let me drive one of theirs but I want my own car where I can leave my CD's in the player, P plates on and various other things in the car.
  • Get more organised. - I have started doing this as I recently bought some more shelves for my room which has allowed my DVDs to have a home (and cleared out 2 of the cubes in my square shelves) but because of that my room is a mess and I am procrastinating cleaning (maybe tomorrow?) and putting things away. My Wardrobe has been sorted and I now know what's where in terms of tafe books and school work etc.
  • Go to a concert or at least buy tickets to a concert. - I have never been to one and have decided that if Echosmith ever comes to my city my sister and I are going so fingers crossed they release tour dates!
  • Stop snacking and avoid eating out of bordom -  If given the chance I will snack all day rather than eat 3 balanced meals. I think this is due to bordom but also due to the fact that being unemployed I have no set meal routine during the day apart from dinner so I will eat whenever I am hungry.
  • Get active more. - I want to get my heartbeat raised at least 3 times a week and I also want to tone up my stomach. I honestly don't care if I loose weight or not but I just want to get off the couch.
  • Get better at parking. - I am the worst at parking, according to my youngest sister who decided that yesterday she needed to coach me despite her never actually driven a car. So I want to be able to park better and not scare my fellow passengers when I am park.
So there are my goals for 2015 I don't think any of them are impossible to achieve and I should be able to work toward them throughout the year.

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