Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just thought I would pop in here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas (and that you will not gain any weight due to all the celebrating!).
This day last year I managed to bog my Mum's car before a driving test (why they do driving tests on Christmas eve I do not know) which I failed due to well everything (fine I ran through a stop sign) and involved parking in a crazy busy small shopping centre's car park which almost gave me an anxiety attack. I managed to bog to my Mum's car due to my Dad telling me to turn around in a paddock at the chicken feed store of course my dad failed to realise that it was sand and the car very quickly got bogged so it wasn't actually my fault, but whenever we drive by the feed store I often think of that day!
I had intended to spend to the day avoiding driving, but of course I decided to take my middle sister to get Chinese food for lunch (because a girls gotta eat and I was afraid if I opened the fridge everything would fall on me) which lead to us running into the shopping centre to get vanilla essence, strawberries and cherries along with a gift for Mum from her. I did hit a few curbs parking but honestly I was happy that I could get parking and didn't hit any cars (I almost did but that's another matter and one I do not wish to relive!).
If you want to read some past Christmas posts feel free to check out this one and this one

I leave you with a photo of Rikki 'helping' decorate the tree which he has thankfully left alone.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Just an update

Less than a week until Christmas! I hope everyone has done their Christmas shopping, I avoid big shopping centres from now until after boxing day as between the crowds, parking and people trying to sell me things everything gets too much.
This week has been crazy busy and I am happy that I can spend today doing as I please. Yesterday I went to a job interview which was a disaster, I felt I had to prove and defend myself which if you have to do that in an interview imagine what it will be like working there! It was also fulltime which I didn't really want so I was relieved when I got an email last night saying I didn't get the job. Wednesday I helped run errands with Mum which involved going to many shopping centres and visiting my Grandma. Tuesday I went to my middle sister's end of school picnic which was fun and I was allowed to drive her home (which was my first ever time driving with someone other than my parents) which involved singing to Big Time Rush, getting sprite slushees from McDonalds and every 5 minute her asking me 'Guess what Erin? YOU CAN DRIVE!', it was a fun drive home. Monday was quiet and I stayed at home the whole day and applied for some jobs as the bulk of jobs come out on Monday.
Today we had some new arrivals at our house they are small, yellow, fluffy, come from eggs and go cheep cheep. After 3 weeks of waiting patiently the fertilised eggs Midnight has been sitting on have hatched so we hopefully have 12 chicks (its hard to count them as they all look the same). Here is a photo of Midnight the mama chook and one of them :) it will be fun to watch them grow and they are so cute.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Truth or Dare

I remember when I was younger every sleepover I ever went to my friends and I always played Truth or Dare it was just something we did. The dares were never crazy and we never revealed any deep dark secrets about ourselves doing truth but it was fun and a ritual of sorts. I am beyond the days of sleepovers and playing Truth or Dare but I miss the truth aspect the one time you could reveal what felt like your darkest secrets without being judged.
I feel as though very few people willingly tell the truth anymore and you only let people in on your life so much because you are afraid of what people will think when they find out the real you. I have been guilty of lying when people ask me how I am going because when I say I am good I'm often not because in reality I am over-being-unemployed-and-wanting-to-hit-my-head-against-the-wall-but-I'm-not-because-I-have-faith-in-God but who has time to listen to that so instead I say good or fine.

Here's another lie I often tell people that I am happily single which is true most of the time yet there are days when I long to find someone and wonder when that will happen I am 20 years old and have never been kissed or even held hands with a boy! I mean admittedly I have always said I don't want a boyfriend until I am in a secure job (my anxiety goes crazy the first couple of weeks I am in a new job and there is NO WAY I will put any guy through that!), but I can still dream and look right?! I honestly have no idea how guys work either, I am one of three girls (the oldest, so I don't have any older siblings that have dated before me) and though I have some guy friends I haven't grown up surrounded by guys. Honestly I just want a guy to say to me 'I like you, lets go out sometime' rather than all this crazy mixed message and signal stuff.

I have been told that most people lie to some degree on their resume, mind you this was during an interview when the people interviewing me were using this an example on how people stretch the truth everyday and they are practically accusing me of lying on my resume. Which I am sure is true to some point, but why should we lie or feel the need to stretch the truth on our resumes if we aren't qualified for a job we shouldn't apply for it not stretch the truth to get an interview for a job we have no idea how to do.

Maybe if we were more honest with each other we could be more honest with ourselves and learn to say no to things and not ourselves to our limits. Admit to ourselves that we are stretched too thin, admit to ourselves we need professional help at times, admit to ourselves that we aren't fine or good and admit to ourselves that its ok to tell the truth and let people in to know the real us.

I dare you to tell the truth and be more honest with yourselves and to others this week.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 Christmas Gift and Ideas Guide!

14 days until Christmas! The shops are starting to get crazy (and I start to avoid them!) and people are in a rush to find that 'perfect gift' if there is such a thing.
On my gift list is the following: a job, a car, jewellery (I am loving opal and silver at the moment!), and kinetic sand (which my Mum will NEVER let in the house as she already has enough mess with me and glitter).
I like to stick to a budget of around $20 per person for immediate family give or take, I am happy to spend more when it comes to my parents. I start early because it means I can look for good deals and buy things online which allows them to arrive in plenty of time. I also like to buy things that I know the person will use or can wear (like jewellery or pyjamas). I think I have spent $160 this year so far this includes small gifts for friends, a Secret Santa I am doing and wrapping materials. I may buy a few extra things closer to Christmas it just depends.
In this guide you will find things for everyone and in a wide range of prices. I have also included lots of general ideas rather than items as I tend to get stuck on the idea part of for gifts rather than the actual gift if that makes sense (it probably doesn't but thats fine).

Bellabox 3,6 or 12 months subscription $45-$165.
I have been subscribed to Bellabox for a year now and
I love it. For $15 a month you get a selection
of beauty products some full size and some sample size. Its a good gift as it will keep on giving and everyone loves receiving mail :) Its a great gift to give to your sister, best friend or mum. They also do a mens box and baby box too.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Scene - $29.99 plus postage from America.
This is a cute set perfect for any kids you may have to buy for, its great as its a toy that will grow with them and you can teach them the true story of Christmas. My Mum bought two, one for us (despite the fact that my youngest sister is 16) and one for my nieces and nephew who are loving it (they are just over 18 months).

The first season of a TV Show  - I enjoy binge watching shows but once I finish a show I never know what next to watch! Work out what their interests and TV watching habits are and try and pick a new show for them to watch. The first season of a show don't cost that much and many stores have great deals on at the moment (JB HiFi has 2 for $30 on certain shows) so it won't break the bank. Shows that are good to get into are:
  • Bones - if they like murder mysteries and crime shows or are into human bio.
  • Terra Nova (its only one season) - if they like dystopian films and books or if they like dinosaurs.
  • Pretty Little Liars - if they like crime and teenage drama
  • Hart of Dixie - if they like small town romance and secretly want to live in a country town.
  • Parks and Recreation - if they like comedy and Amy Poehler , though I think most people will like this show as its awesome.

Nice Jewellery-  I rarely buy myself jewellery so I love receiving it as gifts and every time I wear it I think of the person who gave it to me. For example I have a necklace I wear every day and whenever I glance in the mirror and notice it I think of the people who gave it to me (it was an 18th birthday gift by an amazing couple who live over east but were able to make the trip for my birthday), same goes for my watch and the rings I wear on my right hand. I tend to only buy sterling silver as I am allergic to other types of metals and you can get some great deals on it, plus it will last. Magnolia does some cute earrings, as do Prouds and Zamels.

Stationery -  when I was 15 one year for Christmas my auntie got me a billabong pencil case and it was a great gift, I ended up using it for my last 2 years of high school and I still do (it has my permanent markers and paintbrushes in it). It was something that I never would have purchased for myself and it was useful. There are heaps of stores that sell cute stationery such as Kikki K, Typo and Smiggle.

Diary/Calendar for the new year - most people will use these things and you can get them in so many styles. With calendars you can get them customised with family photos which is great for grandparents, you can get them with pictures of your favourite movie, tv show or band and you can get ones that teach you new skills such as a language or craft, the choices are pretty much endless! Diaries are similar and something that is bound to be used. Many shopping centres have stands full of calendars but Office Works has a good range and you can also make/order custom ones there. (The calendar pictured is actually from the Reject Shop and its now a tradition that I buy my Mum one of these every year as they are so cute and 'us'.)

Pyjamas - For a few years my Grandma used to buy my sisters and I pyjamas each year for Christmas, she and my Mum would go out and choose a pair for each of us. We would always wear these Christmas night and they became our new favourite PJs for the season. Over the years this has stopped as my Grandma has deteriorated with dementia but its still a good memory. Last year my Mum ended up buying us all a pair of PJ shorts from Peter Alexander for Christmas (along with a singlet from Kmart) which we all loved, the prices were on the steep side but its always nice to receive something you might not buy yourself as you can't justify spending the money on them.

Personalised Vouchers - this year for a friend I made a stack of personalised vouchers, they were mostly fun ones that applied to her things like: I owe you a batch of brownies, I owe you a Maccas run, and I owe you a surprise trip. Its not that I couldn't afford to give her anything, it was because her birthday and Christmas are less than a month a part and I wanted to give her something that she could look forward to, I gave her them along with a craft kit and she loved it.

Craft kits - These are readily available and you can get them for anything and for a variety of skills. You can also make your own, quite cheaply, just find a craft from Pinterest; something fun that doesn't require many materials, print off the instructions and package that up along with the materials and a photo of the finished craft.

A plate of homemade treats - I love baking and I enjoy baking for people during Christmas time I do a lot of it. Bake your favourite treats (gingerbread and shortbread are popular) and package it up nicely (you can buy nice plates inexpensively at discount stores) and you have a yummy gift which hasn't cost a heap. Recipe for the cookies pictured here.

Other ideas:
  • iTunes vouchers
  • Magazine Subscription
  • Movie tickets (package up with a bag of popcorn or lollies and you have an easy gift!)
  • Products from the Body Shop (lip balm, shower gel, perfume etc.) 
  • Nail Polish in a fun colour along with a nail file and hand cream.
  • Pocket knife (this is really good idea for your dad/brother/boyfriend as they are handy to have around and you are guaranteed they will use it at some point).
I always try not to over think gifts and before I go shopping I write down their name and a few ideas of what they might like and the budget for that person, this makes things less stressful and I don't get sidetracked when shopping. I also start early so it doesn't take a toll on my (limited) income :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

This dress, the joys of being unemployed and just a random post in general

I have this dress, its the perfect shade of purple and it fits me perfectly, I have worn it to weddings, job interviews, church and everywhere else, I can wear it with boots, flats, sandals or heels. I always get compliments on it and when I wear it I feel like I can take on the world.
Today I had a job interview (I was meant to have it last Tuesday but it got moved) but before that I was meeting a friend for breakfast (which turned into cake at San Churros because neither of us had much of an appetite and the thought of food made me feel sick due to nerves) and while I was waiting for them to arrive I got complimented on my dress twice once by another friend who I saw and another time by a complete stranger. There is something about wearing this dress that turns heads and gives me confidence (which I seem to lack during interviews), its often my first choice when I have interviews because of this.
The interview went well and I am praying I get this job, its not perfect but I am desperate and honestly its a junior admin role and part time which is all I can ask for. I have a group employment agency meeting tomorrow so that's bound to be interesting and hopefully productive though I have no idea what they can do to help me which I'm not already doing. I am feeling lost and not sure what God has planned for me, I feel like I am treading water and this time last year I was certain I would be employed by now!
I am pretty much doing anything to feel productive at the moment, tonight I made over 50 paper flowers as I needed something to do and on Friday I made candy cane reindeer for my middle sister's school friends (they must've been well received as she took them to school today and had none left). I am also trying to finish the gift guide for this blog as Christmas is just over 2 weeks away so that should be up by Wednesday at the latest (hopefully!).

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last week, this week

This week is a confusing crazy busy week and I am unsure what to think. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with a recruitment agency regarding a job, this wouldn't be a big deal except it will be the first interview I will be driving to and it will require me to drive up a few major roads one I have only driven up a few times so that will be an adventure in itself to get there not including the meeting. I was planning on meeting a friend for coffee but thankfully that has been rescheduled (to sometime next week) so it means tomorrow afternoon I can unwind before having to go out to a family dinner (which I won't be driving to). Then on Tuesday I have yet another job interview this time I will be getting there by public transport as its in a central location and parking will be a nightmare. Both jobs are part-time and junior admin so I am praying that one of them will be the job for me. Wednesday I am visiting my Grandma and helping my Mum run errands, Thursday I am hoping to meet with a friend for coffee and Friday I will collapse and will catch up on some TV shows.
I am getting to the point where I am wondering what God has planned for me and if this craziness will ever end. Some weeks like this week are busy on the job front and others like last week are quiet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finally and eventually

How can it be a month until Christmas?! I guess its time to break out the Christmas music and start making lists and checking them twice :)

As of today I have my license! I somehow managed to pass the hazard perception test after failing it 3 times (I attempted it yesterday) in the end I just waited until I saw an actual hazard and reminded myself that it was no big deal if I passed or failed it. I also managed to get hold of the hazard perception test preparation CD which has different questions to the ones online (its the 4 practice questions you do in the test before the actual test) and did that 8 times last night (it was boring but it helped) so I would recommend that you get a copy after you pass your practical test while you are still at the licensing centre after it. I honestly can't believe that I can drive and though it has taken me a while to get there (no thanks to Dyspraxia and anxiety) I am happy that I stuck with it. Yes it sucks when you fail tests but just keep doing it and when you do get it, it will be that much more rewarding.
I have already driven alone twice to my employment agency meeting and back and did ok (I will admit that I parked badly but it was a pretty empty car park so it didn't matter much), I did get lost on the way home but that was due to taking a detour (through McDonalds drive through to get a slushie as it was so hot and I needed a treat) and I made it home safely.

I also received this shirt in the mail (only took 2 and a half weeks to arrive from America) which I can't wait to wear this Summer so that added to an already good day.

I am honestly praying that I get a job soon as I need to buy a car, of course being able to drive will help as it means that I'm not limited to getting public transport (which can be a pain at times). Getting my license has helped put things in perspective and I know I will get a job eventually just as I got my license eventually :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lets not repeat this

This past week has been one of the worst I have experienced in a long time and I do not wish to have a repeat of it ever again.
Monday was probably the only ok day and the rest of the week was downhill so where do I start?
Tuesday - found out via email I didn't get the job I so badly wanted and to say I was disappointed was an understatement I was crushed. I then decided that I would give up on ever getting a job in admin but of course God had other plans and 30 minutes after making that decision I got a phone call regarding a job interview in the city the next day.
Wednesday - was just was just busy and the interview took up the whole morning and the rest of the day is a blur.
Thursday - I failed my Hazard Perception Test which is the last thing I have to pass to get my licence followed by a massive argument with my father.
Friday - had another job interview in the city, finished my Christmas shopping and re-took my Hazard Perception Test this would've been a good day had I not failed the test again.
The thing with the Hazard Perception Test is that you can only do 3 practice questions online and they are the exact same ones, the actual test is 28 questions and they are varied. You also just get told whether you pass or fail not the actual percentage or which questions you got right/wrong which is stupid as I want to know what I need to work on! I am so close to getting my license and it sucks that it relies on passing this somewhat pointless test does anyone have any tips on passing it?
The only good thing is that I can take the test once a day until I pass it (it does cost me $14 though) and some post offices will allow you to take it there (licensing centres remind me of all those failed drivers tests) one of which I can get to on the bus quite easily so theres that but I just want to drive.
I am just praying that this week will be a better week and not a repeat of last week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Is the door shut or not?

Lets cut to the chase here, this is not a happy I finally have a job post this is a what on earth is God doing post.
Yesterday I was checking my emails when I got one saying that unfortunately I was not successful in getting the job I went for 2 weeks ago and so badly wanted to say I was disappointed is an understatement and I spent most of yesterday crying on and off and then I went for a long drive to finish up my log book. During the drive I made the decision that I would give up on ever getting into admin and just not apply for anymore jobs as to me that door had been shut. During our stop for lunch my phone rang and it was a recruitment agency asking if I could come in today for an interview regarding a position I applied. So this morning I travelled to the city and had the interview.
The thing is that I am so confused as to what is happening in my life! I missed out on this amazing job that I so badly wanted and I am finally ready to face reality that maybe just maybe admin isn't for me. Yet I had this interview today and then this afternoon I missed a call and on my voicemail there was a message from a company wanting me to call them back regarding an application on Seek so tomorrow I will have to call them back (it was 4.45pm when they rang and I only just checked my phone). I just want a job and to work, I want to earn money and start contributing to society and I just want to feel wanted.
I wish I could have some indication of what God has planned for me because it seems that nothing is ever straight forward with me and for once I just want things to be easy just once.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Baking and praying

Here is a little known fact about me, I use baking as a coping method. I enjoy baking and its been a hobby of mine since I was 10 but its also become a coping method and what I do to distract myself  when I am having one of my 'down days'. There are days when I need to bake because if I didn't I would end up banging my head against the wall and other times when I just bake because I want to. I have no particular recipe that I enjoy baking it all just depends on what I feel like some days its brownies, other days its my Neapolitan swirl biscuits or cinnamon scrolls. I also enjoy baking bread as the kneading aspect is very therapeutic and I like to knead my frustrations out.

This week is going to be emotionally draining and it all depends if I get the job I so badly want on Wednesday. I am over being unemployed and I don't have the energy to apply for any more jobs, I will get open the Seek app and scroll through the jobs yet I rarely apply for any. So I am praying like crazy that this is the job for me.
I then (finally) get my license on Thursday and to be honest I am kinda freaked out at the whole being able to drive alone part and I keep having dreams about backing into other cars or getting lost on the roads or doing something stupid. My parents have pretty much told me that at least for the first month that I won't be allowed to have any other passengers except for immediate family which I am fine about! I am looking forward to having freedom and being able to get places without relying on public transport (which I am over) and other people for lifts. There is a book a release I want to go to on the 27th and I asked my Mum for permission and she looked at me like I was crazy and told me that I was 20 and I would have my license by then so I didn't need to ask permission as long as I am contactable (and they have some idea of where I am) then its fine.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this week is going to be full of baking and praying. I just wish I could glimpse into the future and find out if I have this job or not!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Just a passing storm

So you know what I hate about the job application process? Its the waiting process after you have an interview! I find out next Wednesday if I have the job I really want and the waiting is killing me (not literally of course!). I know just to get an interview I have been lucky especially as this job had over 300 applicants (not a typo 300 people applied for this job!) but I am over the job searching process and just want this to be the 'one'. I know I have said that I am over it many times but this time despite the job marketing picking up I just don't have the energy to apply for jobs. I looked on Seek today but my mind wasn't focused on looking at any potential jobs I mean I looked at a few but none jumped out at me or I thought I could do. I just want to be employed and feel secure in a job, I don't want to live in this limbo anymore.
I don't want to feel worthless because I don't have a job or because I'm not studying and it doesn't look like I have achieved much since I left high school 3 years ago. When I know deep down I have achieved a lot, such as being on top of my anxiety and not having a major attack in over 2 years and passing my drivers test which is amazing for someone with Dyspraxia as many people with it don't ever drive.
I woke up today to thunder and lightning followed by big drops of rain and I loved it, to me there is nothing like the sound and scent of rain. I always find that everything looks more beautiful in the rain the droplets glistening like crystals on the leaves and afterwards when the sun comes out everything looks more vibrant than it did before the rain. To me the rain symbolises beauty and change, yes storms can be destructive and seem to drag on forever (and many times my house has lost power) but during them I always feel like God is saying that as much as we try to control something he can turn everything upside down in a matter of minutes. When the first rain after Summer comes I love to stand outside, try to catch the droplets and taste the rain there is something about doing that that makes me happy.
I feel like this time in my life is a passing storm yet it seems to drag on forever but I know God is in control of it all and I just need to enjoy it for now and find the beauty in it even if at times its hard.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Album Review: Talking Dreams by Echosmith

This review was totally coming and everyone knows it. I rarely buy music and its fine as I tend to listen to the same stuff over and over again I maybe buy 2 albums a year if that as I honestly can think of much better things to spend my money on. I was in the car with my Mum and Cool Kids came on and it was super catchy and I couldn't get the song out of my head so I went home and downloaded the song off itunes and played it on repeat nonstop. So I decided to pre-order the album and since its release on Friday it has been played nonstop.

Talking Dreams is Echosmith's debut album the lyrics are amazing and the vocals fit together really well, the vibe is different to anything I have every heard but it works. Echosmith is a sibling band made up of Graham (15), Sydney (17), Noah (18) and Jamie (21) who are based in LA. Their single Cool Kids has been skyrocketing on the charts worldwide which is massive achievement for any band.
Talking Dreams has a variety of songs that most people will be able to relate to including Cool Kids. I have a feeing that this will become my Summer soundtrack and can see it being played at many events and during road trips (because this Summer will be all about day trips to various places of course my sister asked me how I would get there not realising that soon I will have my license!) it just has that vibe to it. They are a band of seriously talented siblings and there is just something about a sibling band that appeals to people (remember the Jonas Brothers? The Veronicas? Brothers 3? All sibling bands). There is a good variety of songs and you will soon find yourself singing along or the songs stuck in your head. I am not saying that you should download the album but you should at least check it out, now if only the would come to Australia to tour then I would be happy!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favourites

Its time for another Friday Favourites! This one is a bit smaller due to the others as my mind has been filled try to stay calm and focused on the interview I had on Wednesday, but I am happy to get it out.

Echosmith shirt - I came across this shirt on Monday and I have just ordered it! I have NEVER bought any band merchandise but I need a couple more t-shirts for summer and this one caught my eye I went for the largest size (XL) they had as I likes my shirts to fit loose so I will update here on how it fits when it arrives. UPDATE:  I found the width perfect but it is on the long side (which doesn't bother me much), its super soft and I will definitely wear it this Summer with shorts :)

Formula 10.0.6 Face The Day Tinted Moisturiser, No Time to Shine Face Mask and Over Night Success Spot Minimising Patches - I use all these products weekly!
The moisturiser is my go to and it feels so light but still gives good coverage and a healthy glow. I apply it every morning and just like the name I feel like I can face the day.
The mask is amazing and I find that its good to dab on the spots if I can't be bothered doing my whole

face. It gets rid of the excess oil and leaves my skin feeling refreshed.
The patches are magic and I honestly have no idea what I did without them! My youngest sister and I love them and use these heaps. You just stick them to the source of the breakout once you cleansed your face for the night and go to bed and they do all the work. Just removed them the next day and you will notice a difference trust me. There is 7 packs in each box each containing 12 patches - 6 big, 6 small and they will last you a while (one pack can do me for 2 separate nights easily). Jewellery - my dear sisters bought me the ring pictured for my birthday from them (which I lost then found in my bag of all places after looking there 5 times!) and I love their jewellery. I am planning on buying my Mum her Christmas present from there :) it's all sterling silver and the prices aren't too bad. I am also eyeing off a pair of silver and opal studs for myself so I have a feeling that I should avoid it until I have actually money to spend because I can just see myself spending $100 easily!

Echosmith Talking Dreams - I have made no lie that I love their music and I have discovered that certain music artists affect my ability to blog and it seems that I can blog to Echosmith really well. Their album is out today and its really good music so I have a feeling that this will be on replay for quite a while. I love the song Safest Place its just a catchy tune and the lyrics speak to me. Check it out on iTunes and grab yourself a copy :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just another interview

You spend the night before stressing about what shoes to wear with your dress, whether your black wedges are to informal compared to your black heels, what jewellery to wear and if you can get away with wearing minimal makeup you end up deciding to wear your black heels, your simple silver earrings, your opal ring you got for your birthday and leave the rest of your jewellery as is, and to keep your makeup classy with your deep purple dress. You go to bed later than usual in the hope that you will fall fast asleep rather than stressing about the little details.
You wake up the next day and anxiety fills you, you begin to doubt yourself and if the interview is a waste of time. You run some errands with your mum and sister then get home and force yourself to eat lunch you get dressed and do your makeup and hair. You get in the car with your mum and get to the place you sit in the car for 5 minutes as you are super early praying that it goes well. You walk up the steps to the building praying the whole way up, you get in the building and a sense of peace slowly fills you, you can do this, this job is yours you hope, you wait in line behind two people one of whom who is there for building approval the other there for dog registration. The lady at the desk smiles at you and says you better not be there for dog registration too jokingly you say no that you have an interview at 2.30 she makes a call and asks you to take a seat. You sit down and try to distract yourself with Facebook and Twitter on your phone unsuccessfully you jump whenever someone walks by in your direction. You eventually get approached by the person from HR you spoke to on the phone on Friday you pray then take the steps into the office. You walk into a room with 2 glass walls with two other people sitting at the desk you get introduced, shake their hands and take a seat the interview starts.
You answer various questions and before you know it the interview is over you walk out of the building knowing that its all in God's hands and you did the best you could, you pray that the next two weeks will go by quickly so you can find out if you have the job or not, because at the end of the day its just another interview.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Interview tips and tricks

So as I mentioned yesterday I have an interview this Wednesday which is interview number who knows but probably 50 since I have left tafe many years ago, including the ones with the recruitment agencies and the fake one I had to see what I needed to work on during interviews. Many people can't believe how many interviews I have had and to them interviews are scary when they aren't. So here are my tips for at least surviving any interviews you may have:
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early- this is to do with first impressions and shows that you are eager and take the interview seriously. Also by planning to arrive 10-15 minutes early it does mean that if you get lost (it can happen!) its not the end of the world. I have turned up to interviews 45 minutes before I am due (one of the joys of catching public transport at times!) so I just find a place to have a coffee (or a diet coke in my case) and read a book. I have never been late to an interview but have been borderline on time which has made me feel stressed which gives a bad impression.
  • Google the company- in 80% of the interviews I have had they have asked me if I know what the company does. Googling the company means you at least have some idea of what they do and shows you have been proactive.
  • Dress nicely- regardless if the job sounds like its in a casual setting or not wear something nice. I tend to stick to black pants, heels or boots and a nice top. If the weather is hot I will wear a nice dress and heels again first impressions count.
  • Keep make up simple- I normally keep makeup to minimum on most days (mascara and tinted moisturiser) so for interviews I will wear a bit of blush and do a touch of eye shadow but stick to neutral colours (so no blue eye shadow or silver eye liner!). I find it gives me more confidence but only wear what you are comfortable wearing.
  • Its ok to be nervous- I have been told it shows the company that you are taking the interview seriously. I still get freaked out by interviews though somewhat less (I can now eat before them!), it doesn't matter if know the company really well or you are confident being nervous is fine and a good sign.
  • Don't feel the need to fill silences- this has been something I have had to work on, but silences are fine and in many interviews they will take notes so there will be a pause.
  • Eye contact!- I am the worst with eye contact and its only been in the past year or so I have been ok with it. This is a given as it shows you are confident and you aren't letting all your nerves get in your way. If its a panel interview give eye contact to the person who is asking the question then the rest of the panel.
  • Pray and take a deep breath before the interview- this a habit I have before I go into the building where the interview is taking place I pray then do some deep breathing exercises I use to keep my anxiety under control. This relaxes me and reminds me that God is in control, its the one thing that I make sure I do before any interview and it just helps me stay focused.
  • Put your phone on silent!- trust me on this one, there is nothing worse than having a phone go off in the middle of a interview, its just rude. The one time I forgot to put my phone on silent I got a text message reminding me of an appointment I had for Rikki to do with receiving his booster injections, it wasn't that important and the noise was a distraction.
  • Reward yourself after the interview- after every interview I make sure to reward myself sometimes it can be something small like treating myself to a drink other times I will let myself buy the book I have been wanting or going out to lunch with a friend. On Wednesday my reward will be going to my favourite shop on Thursday and letting myself buy something.
Below are two tables I have found on Pinterest that I have found invaluable are well worth a look.

Source (the website is well worth a look if you are job seeker)

Hopefully the above tips have helped you and remember that if you screw up during an interview its not the end of the world and that one day you will laugh. I once almost knocked a chair into a glass wall at the time I freaked out but now I just laugh. At then end of the day just do your best and realise that its in God's hands not yours.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just another phone call

Yesterday my phone rang and I answered it, I thought it was the wrong number to be honest as it was private number (and a private number had rung me earlier but hadn't left a voicemail or anything)! But it wasn't it was regarding the job I had applied for and had good feelings about (and a tip off from one of my referees) and I couldn't believe it! The job I had initially applied for had been filled already internally but this one is even better and the job description matches my experience perfectly. It just sounds like my job, it would be for 3 days a week (just over 22 hours) which means I could study one of those days and have a day to chill and catch up with friends. The interview is on Wednesday at 2.30pm so prayers would be appreciated its meant to go for 45 minutes then at 3.30pm I have an employment agency meeting just round the corner so the timing is perfect. My biggest fears are that I will babble on too much or have mental blanks and not know what to say! I think it does help that I have had an interview at a similar place before so I kinda know what to expect but every interview is different.
At the moment I am trying not to think about it but I know that whatever happens it's in God's hands and that he knows what he is doing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Advice to myself

Let the tears fall
Take chances
Don't be afraid of the future
Trust in God
Just keep praying
It's ok to scream
Keep moving forward
Keep dreaming
Let it all go
Just because you want it doesn't mean its in God's plan for you
Don't be afraid to fail
Ignore the what ifs
Broken is beautiful
Beautiful is broken
God will never stop believing in you
Dance in the rain
Its ok to be selfish at times
You can never hide from God
Never under estimate the power of putting on lip gloss and getting out of the house
You are worth more than gold
The sun is always rising
Being perfect is overrated
God knows what he is doing in your life even if you have no idea what is going on
God is ALWAYS in control even if at times it doesn't feel like it

So I guess I should take the advice?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rather Quiet

Well another weekend is almost over :) this weekend we actually rather quiet in terms of things which was a nice change from the usual craziness that happens.
My Mum's school had a fete on that I went to and checked out then I spent the rest of the day watching Hart of Dixie which is fast becoming my next 'binge watch show' (in the past it has been Scrubs, Greek, Switched at Birth, Parks and Recreation, Camp, Bones and Degrassi: The Next Generation I like a wide variety of shows!).

Then for the past 26 hours it has been my states annual Telethon which raises money for the local children's hospital and medical research centres. I donated $15.75 online before it started, as its no secret I spent most of my childhood going there for Speech Therapy and had surgery on my palate due to Dyspraxia and with every donation there is a chance that your name could get read out well mine was one of the first ones to get read out! This was a surprise as it has NEVER happened to me they also read the message I typed (there was a space where you could write a shout out or something) which was a shout out to the amazing speech therapists and that I had gone there for treatment for my Dyspraxia for over 10 years and I could never gotten where I am without them, which was exiting! I honestly couldn't believe it and nor could my Mum or sister who were watching it with me (my Mum was reading the names of the people who had donated that were along the bottom of the page as she though maybe my name would be there) so that was the highlight of my weekend. All in all they raised over 25 million which is amazing! Its the biggest event of its kind in the world and its always so good to get celebrities flying in from all parts of the country.
I went a couple of years ago with Gem which was fun but didn't get a chance to go this year but next year I want to go to the opening or closing ceremony and maybe stay in the city for the Saturday night and make a weekend of it (its only a donation to go in between ceremonies so it would be good to go for the opening then during the Sunday), its worth it that's for sure!

This week is looking quiet but I am praying that the phone will ring regarding the 2 jobs I want (and have good feelings about both as do my parents) and one of my friends has a birthday this week so I will see her sometime this week to do a mini celebration. I also don't really want to spend money this week so I will be trying to avoid the shops if I can (easier said than done, when you are a self confessed shopaholic!).

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favourites - Thinking Summer

Its been getting warmer here lately so I am beginning to think Summer (and Christmas!) so here are some of my favourite things in relation to Summer.

Crocs Womens Leigh Wedge in black I saw these at the Royal Show but I didn't have the money on me and wasn't really thinking about shoes at the time, then last week I was thinking about what I needed for Summer and realised that I needed a pair of comfy dressy shoes. So I went on the website and on Monday bought them. I received them last Friday and they are the comfiest wedges (I never thought you could get comfy wedges you try them on and you will never go back) and I plan on living in them this Summer. There is no way I will run in them but I can actually walk in them ok and have yet (touch wood) stack it wearing them! I actually did a test and vacuumed in them while listening to music which meant it involved dancing (and singing) and I didn't stack it so these are the wedges! At $80 it is a bit steep for shoes but if you sign up for their welcome news letter you get a 20% off code that can be used on any pair of full priced shoes, so they only cost me $64 postage is free across Australia which is good. There are few other colours but I just got black but if they go on sale I will grab them in different colours as they are amazing.


Slim Floral Grey Havaianas I bought these last Summer as my other ones were looking a bit worn (I made the mistake of buying a pair with a white base which shows dirt easily), Havaianas are amazing and I live in mine during Summer plus they last ages. I recently got my younger sister a pair for her Birthday and she is loving hers as well.

OGX Citrus Oil Mist I grabbed this a while ago when Priceline had 40% off all hair products thinking it would help my hair lighten up in time for Summer and give it a bit of nourishment. Well since using it my hair feels softer and is easier to manage (its fine but thick) plus the
scent screams Summer.

Because in Summer I tend to read heaps (well face it I read all year round) to escape the heat (if it gets over 35 degrees I don't function) here are my top reads for Summer (links are for The Book Depository):
  • Bloodlines books by Richelle Mead - a great series which leaves you wanting more and the final book comes out in February so its a great idea to start reading them now so you will be all caught up when it gets released.
  • Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead - because it's always good to escape into a parralelle world for a bit. This was actually the series I read last Summer, its just the right length to get you through the heat and every book just keeps getting better and better.
  • Any books by Sarah Dessen - her books scream Summer to me (maybe because a lot of them take place in Summer?) and they are the perfect length for reading while away on holiday. My favourites are The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye and Lock and Key.
  • Any books by Cat Patrick - great standalone books that feature girls who are awesome! Enough said totally obsessed with her.
  • Captivate by Vanessa Garden - This book is based in the ocean and in Summer plus the next book is coming out soon so its well worth a read
Impulse Body Spray I do wear perfume but there are days when you just need a boost for a bit and
Impulse Body Sprays give me that boost. I love their scent Into Glamour and my younger sister loves their scent Tease (which I used to wear when I was younger!). They are great to keep in your bag/car/desk for when you need to freshen up and I always seem to have a few of them (of the same scent) on the go!

    Echosmith - Cool Kids I love this song so much and its on steady rotation (along with Taylor Swift's latest songs and Hilary Duff's single - All About You) I have pre-ordered their album which is due to come out next month and can't wait to see how it turns out. My younger sister and I who rarely have the same taste in music and TV shows (except for Red Band Society and Bones) love them and we have decided that if they ever do a concert in our city we will be there!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas is on! Well according to the shops it is and I guess considering in 2 days time it will be 2 months to Christmas, most people are starting to think about Christmas shopping. I have started my Christmas gift list and today I managed to cross off my Dad and youngest sister. My Dad is one of the hardest people to buy for but I managed to get him something which I am sure he will love, my youngest sister is getting a bangle she wanted and something else and I crossed off Megan (my middle sister) ages ago as she told me that she wanted all 3 High School Musical soundtracks so thanks to my addiction to online shopping (fine any shopping of any kind!) I was able to pick up each of the CDs for very little! I now just have to buy a gift for my Mum and best friend (Gem) who are both easy to buy for. Then I will start working my way through the little gifts for various friends.

Today I was asked by Mum what I wanted for Christmas (we were discussing it) and that we should start a list on the whiteboard we have in the kitchen like we did last year. This year I want a car and a job, mind you I have two promising leads on jobs (both that I want and are perfect for me! So I am praying that one of them turns out to be the one, God willing!) so the job one seems likely. The car seems wishful thinking as well! Honestly I don't want/need anything but I do have just over 2 months to think of something.

I find its easy to break my list into sections: Immediate family (which includes Gem as I have known her my whole life), friends who I normally get something small for (I tend to do a nice Christmas decoration and bake something Christmassy), church friends who get something handmade or baked (I have these talents so I use them!) and my nieces and nephew (I'm an aunt to triplets who live over east) which needs to be sent so I tend to get them a book or something easy to send that can be shared between them all. I always aim to get my immediate family bought for by the end of November as December is always so crazy without having to buy presents which require a lot of thought. I love baking and I always grew up with a Mum who would bake things for people as gifts, so Christmas isn't complete if I haven't baked a batch of gingerbread and other goodies. I managed to pick up some Christmas sprinkles at the beginning of this year cheaply so they will get used.

I am intending to do another Christmas gift guide so stay tuned for that in a month or so! Now if only I can resist playing Christmas music for another few weeks I will be set!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I want in a company

So somehow this week I have managed to post everyday which is quite an achievement! So lets see how long this daily posting will last (my aim is to post tomorrow and then do Friday Favourites on Friday).

This week has been pretty slow on the job application front, though I think its partly due to lack of motivation on my side as well as there being very few jobs I think I have a good chance of getting an interview for. I have been thinking lately of my ideal workplace, and have put together a list of qualities I want the place I end up getting a job at to have. So in no particular order here it goes:
  • Good and Open Communication - I don't want the company I work for to deal with things via email or over the phone instead face to face. This is because I find that emails can be interpreted many ways especially when it comes to major/serious topics. Over the phone is ok if its something little but I would rather their preferred form of communication be in person. This is a major one for me as I find that many companies prefer to use email regardless if its a big thing or not. I can take constructive criticism but not over email as I tend to ask questions until its clear for me what I have been doing wrong and what I need to do to correct it, which email isn't the best format for.
  • Good Work Morale - I want to work for a company where everyone is happy to be working there and there is no grudges between the employees. I want to come to work happy and leave happy.
  • Everyone is Respected - I don't want to be treated badly and I don't others to be treated badly. It shouldn't matter what job you have in the company everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect.
Its not a long list but this is a list of qualities I am praying that the place I get a job in has. The good and open communication is especially important as I have worked in many places where the communication is really bad between everyone which in turn brings down my other two points.

I would love to work in either a not for profit, government sector or local government and yes I know how hard it is to get work in any of those, but I have God on my side and he can make things happen. I also still want to work part-time as I want to get my Diploma in Business Administration via online and as I am a hands on learner if I can do it while I am working I can put things into practice.

I know God has the right job out there for me so I am just keeping praying and waiting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Questions I want answered

What's good about walking around with your headphones in oblivious to the rest of the world?
When people ask how you are do they expect any other response other than good or fine?
What would happen if more people were honest when they answered how they were?
Why do people still stare when they see young adults with disabilities living their lives in shopping centres and other public places?
Why is it that people are becoming more accepting of certain disabilities yet for other disabilities they are still taboo?
What would happen if everyone smiled more?
Why is it that its ok for certain groups of people to judge yet for other groups its wrong and considered discrimination?
Why is it that its always the same kids who get bullied all the way through primary school and high school?
Why do people think its strange that I enjoy chatting to random people (I'll have you know some amazing friendships have come out of those conversations!)?
When will people realise that 'perfect' means something different to everyone?
When will people realise that its ok to cry and that its not a sign of weakness but strength?
When will people realise that a person is a person no matter how small?
When will people realise that its ok not to agree with everything a person says and that conflict is healthy?
What will it take for people to realise that some rules are allowed to be broken?
Why do people insist on rushing everywhere rather than just taking their time to get to places and enjoy the trip?
Why do so many cultures still put people to death for believing certain beliefs and when will people wake up and realise that its still happening?
When will people realise that maybe just maybe there is a God out there who loves you unconditionally and knows our innermost thoughts and desires who knows ourselves better than we ever will?
 To be honest I don't care if any of these questions never get answered but I do want people to think about them and realise that its good to ask questions and that some things a meant to be left unanswered.

Monday, October 20, 2014

One of those days

I am having one of those days you know those days when you have no energy and just want to do nothing? Today I have started a craft project for a friends birthday which is next week (its a variety of little things for her that I know she will love), watched some tv shows (Red Band Society and Parks and Recreation are my current go toos), eaten some M&M's (ok fine a bag of them because a girl needs chocolate some times!) and read the news in between making sure Rikki isn't causing trouble.
I have also spent the morning trying to work out who to call regarding the pedestrian railway crossing up the road from me that has malfunctioned (it won't shut up regardless of if there is a train going or not!) it turns out Mainroads are extremely helpful and will even go out of the way to help you because there is no freight train crossing hotline (can that be a thing because I have Googled it and nothing came up). So hopefully the pedestrian railway crossing will start functioning again normally so I won't have to hearing the beeping warning you there is a train and not to cross when there is not.
I am now contemplating baking brownies (chocolate people its amazing stuff!) or checking out Seek which is bound to be annoying but its what you do when you want a job (that and pray for the phone to ring). I also should keep working on my Friday Favourites post for this week but I might wait to do that while the X Factor grand final is on tonight (I don't care who wins since Reigan got eliminated last week). I seem to be having one of those days now if only I could get out of my daze and focus!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

In no particular order

So I have made some changes to this blog, in no particular order:
  • Advertising - yes I went there, I have been on the fence about it for a while but I have decided that I will do a trial run of it for a few months and see if its worth it. I figure I have nothing to loose regarding it and it would be nice to get some extra pocket money. It's only a trial but so far I'm ok with it.
  • I have combined my 'About Me' and 'FAQ' tabs into one as it was pointless having two separate tabs when they are so closely related.
  • Finally I have added a new tab which is 'Understanding Dyspraxia' as its not a well known thing (disability sounds a too strong a lable) and I want to get the word out there on it.
This past week I have had one interview which I have yet to hear back from (they said I would hear something on Friday but I heard nothing) honestly what is it with businesses refusing to get back to me after an interview?! This is my major pet peave when it comes down to the whole job application process if you have the time to interview the person you have the time to let them know BY PHONE (not email!) if they have been successful or not. If you email me telling me I haven't been successful in getting the job it just shows me that you lack confrontational and communicational skills. Also not ringing up my referees which shows me you are lazy and don't like to check your sources (one of my referees who is on the top of the list lets me know when he has had call as a heads up) also for all you know I could be (not that I am) lying about skills ect on my resume.

In one month tomorrow I can drive! Which is awesome and means that I will have freedom and be able to apply for jobs regardless of where they are located. I have a few hours left on my log book then I am done (finally!) at times I doubted whether I would get get my license but it is finally feeling real.

At the moment this week is looking normal for me nothing out of the ordinary and I am ok with that despite the fact that I would rather be working for now its what it is and I know God knows what he's doing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

God has a plan for me

It's funny how you can know things yet you seem to forget them and all of a sudden you can get hit in the face with them. Today I was driving (trying to get my hours up, next month I can get my license!) and all of a sudden I realised that God has a plan for me and that I shouldn't worry about the future. The thing is I have known this and have been reminding myself of this daily but today it hit me in the face and really sunk in.
God knows when I will get a job and he knows all the details of it.
God knows when I will get married, who I will get married too and what our future will hold as a couple.
God knows what tomorrow will hold.
God knows what next week, next year and even 10 years down the track will hold.
God has a plan for me and you, just think about that for a minute he knows what he is doing even though at times it doesn't seem like it.
This just leaves me with one question what is God's plan for me? I guess I will just have to wait to see and know that he knows what he's doing.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

God Provides

Today I had to run errands (yes Erin had to run errands - I have heard that one before!) as I am going away this weekend and today was the only day I could as I got my youth allowance (my only source of income) now I was dreading running them as I knew I would spend most of it on these errands (getting a script filled, buying sunscreen, shampoo, kitten food, etc. the list goes on!) which would leave me around $80 for the next 2 weeks to live off. As I was leaving the shops after going over my budget and calculating that I would only have $60 to live off so I decided to check my account balance which was over a $100 more than what I thought this really puzzled me so as soon as I get home I bring up my account details and I realised that for some reason I got a bonus of $110 which explained the extra money despite spending more than what I thought I would. Once again God provided me with not only enough money to run my errands but extra to help with whatever other expenses will come up (praying that there won't be much! Saying that having a kitten is expensive).
I am sure I have mentioned this before but when I was younger my dad lost his job and he had to work odd jobs and we lived pay check to pay check and struggled to pay the bills at times. But every time it got really tough someone would leave money in our letterbox or on our doorstep anonymously or someone we knew would hand us money saying they felt it was the right thing to do. Growing up I always knew God provided and honestly receiving this bonus today when I needed it most just reassured me of that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What are you scared of loosing?

In a bid to help me do daily writing I recently bought a Sentence a Day journal (as I received a $10 off voucher from Kikki K as I am on their VIP list for my birthday), every day for 3 years you have to write a sentence. Yesterday's sentence was: What are you scared to loose? I had no idea what to write down because if I am being honest I am scared of loosing so much.

I am scared to loose my mind as my Grandma has dementia and I've seen what she's like and its horrible.
I am scared of loosing my positive outlook to being unemployed and trusting in God and knowing he has a plan for me.
I am scared of loosing my friends and family.
I am scared of loosing Rikki and having to start over with another cat, loosing Alfie almost wrecked me and I don't know if I could do that again.
I am scared of loosing myself to anxiety.
I am scared of loosing my ability to always see beauty in the broken.
I am scared of loosing my church family.
I am scared of loosing my ability to put myself back together after a major anxiety attack or incident.
But the thing is I shouldn't be scared of loosing the above (and so much more) as I know God won't let me loose it all, God finds the things we have lost just like he found us when we were lost.

I have been feeling lost lately, I am confused as to what I should do with myself I seem to have people telling me what career path I should take as I am still unemployed. Some people are telling me I should go into something that allows me to be creative, others are telling me I should go into the food industry because I am an amazing cook and others are just telling me that I should take whatever I can get. The thing is I am stilling getting interviews in admin (I just had an interview yesterday though whether is turns out into a job is another matter) and yes I have other talents but they are what I do to relax. I love doing admin work, I enjoy helping people even if its only for a minute, I enjoy working on computers and entering data, I enjoy filing things and seeing the pile go down, I enjoy knowing that I am part of a team and I love knowing that I have a purpose and people need me. Maybe in 10 years I will go into cooking or something creative but I am still young (20 years old!) and for now I want to work in admin and just focus on saving money and starting to pave my forward in this world.
With God we are never lost or forgotten he has a plan and sometimes he just tells us to wait even if it seems he may have forgotten us.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Turning 20 and Friday Favourites

Sorry for the delay in posts! I really wanted to write something inspirational about not being a teenager anymore and turning 20 but nothing came no matter how I hard I tried! I ended up having a picnic after church with the young adults at the lake nearby my house, the weather was perfect and the girls sat on rugs and chatted while the guys (and a couple of girls) played frisbee I honestly couldn't have planned it better! On my actual birthday (Monday) we kept it quiet my family has no major traditions regarding birthdays, I opened presents in the morning (I received some cute silver earrings and some Little Miss PJs from my parents and a cute ring from my sisters which I has managed to come off thankfully in the house and I can't find it so praying it turns up soon!) and I caught the bus into town for some window shopping and to soak up the perfect spring weather. So I am now 20 and honestly it feels normal, I am still unemployed, I am still getting my driving hours up (I get my license in 2 months and 1 day so I need to start seriously doing that!) and I am still trusting God with my future!
  A lot of blogs I read often do Friday Favourites and I have had this post sitting in my drafts for quite some time so I though I should finally post it :)

Carman's Nut Bars I am trying to eat healthy lately and one of my new favourite snacks is Carman's Nut Bars my favourites are the Dark Choc Espresso bars and the Almond, Hazelnut & Vanilla roasted bars. I am allergic to macadamia nuts so its great that both these bars don't contain them and taste super yummy! As a bonus they are gluten free (which means my younger sister can have them) and fruit free (I don't like fruit because I am weird). I have 2 boxes set aside to take down south next weekend when my church competes against other churches in sports as I am once again volunteering and they are perfect for snacks on the go :)

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mud Mask and Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser I love Biore so when they brought out these two new products I grabbed them! I love mud masks and the Self Heating One Minute Mud Mask has been amazing. Both my younger sister and I have been using it and have noticed great results, we both love how we don't have to wait any drying time and can feel it working straightaway. As for the cleanser I was curious about the charcoal element in but it really works and my skin has been thanking me for it, I have noticed less major breakouts and reduced blackheads since using it. Definitely worth trying if you need a new cleanser of just want to treat your skin with the mask.

Tied with Love custom printed ribbon. A few months ago my younger sister was traveling over east with her dancability dance troupe and an ad for custom printed ribbon appeared on my Facebook feed. I contacted the lovely Jo enquiring about the cost as I knew the girls on the troupe would love to wear some in their hair well it turned out the Jo used to do dance classes with the company and was more than happy to donate some! She went above and beyond and donated a stack of the most beautiful ribbon (photos don't do it justice) I had ever seen, there was enough for not only for the girls to wear in their hair but to put on luggage too! It is of great quality and looks great (none of the print has come off and this is after it gone through airport security etc. and been tied and untied) . Jo is great to work with and I am already trying to find excuses to order some more (as is my mum!). I ended up ordering some for my churches sport team for the girls hair and when I showed to the rest of the team they loved and couldn't believe that it possible to order custom ribbon for such a good price and how great the quality is! If you have an event that is coming up and want to add something extra why not get some custom ribbon, I can safely say you won't regret it.

The Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead, I loved Vampire Academy and have been tempted to download the Bloodlines books (a sister series to Vampire Academy) for ages but I couldn't justify spending the money for various reasons but recently they came down in price on Kobo so I downloaded them and couldn't put them down. I read the newest book, Silver Shadows in 24 hours the moment it came out and can't wait for the 6th and final book to be released next February. I've never been fan of vampire books (I can't stand Twilight, I tried to read it and fell asleep) but I love Richelle's writing and can't put any of her books down!

Super Food Ideas magazine, I only ever buy one magazine every month and this is it. I love the recipes and always find a few things to bake out of every issue (and they end up being family favourites!). One of the things I love about is how it never uses strange ingredients in recipes and if for some reason a recipe does use a strange ingredient they almost always explain it what it is beforehand, where to get it and if you can substitute it for anything. The amount of times I read a recipe and think that I should make it then get turned off because of an ingredient that I have no clue what it is, happens more times than not! There is also always a good selection of recipes for all occasions and everyone's preferences from budget friendly to high end dining, from yummy desserts to scrumptious savoury dishes, from beginner recipes to complex recipes and everything in between! I have bought many other cooking magazines in the past and keep coming back to Super Food Ideas, it doesn't matter if you are just starting out in the kitchen or if you are an experienced cook this magazine is well worth a look at.

Red Band Society I have just started watching this show and its addictable! Already in the first episode you feel connected to the charcters and there is something relatable about it. I have been in hospital twice in my life the first was to get my tonsils out which was required so I could have an operation done on my palate to stop the air flow through my nose (which is linked to Dyspraxia) and even though both stays weren't long and the surgeries weren't major in a sense. But both times when I was in hospital I felt a connection to the other kids that were there, we were all in this place we didn't want to be it didn't matter if we were there for a few days, a few weeks or even longer we were at this point at time in the same place. The Red Band Society manages to capture that feeling between the charcters and brings it to life you also get to see the relationships that develop in hospitals and how for some kids teenagers this is their reality and sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation. I can't wait for the next episode and am looking forward to how it turns out.

I have no idea if this will become a regular post or not considering how long it has taken me to post this one but I will see :)

*none of the above companies know I exist, I just want everyone to know about them :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Trying to stay positive

People keep asking me how I stay so positive throughout all this time of being unemployed and the truth is I have to be otherwise I would break and get into a hole that I would never get out of. The thing is I do break at times, especially after I find out I don't get jobs that I want and felt that could be 'The job'. I hate breaking and wish I could stay positive all of the time but its not possible, I know there is job out there for me but I feel like I will never find it and each time I get knocked back I find myself just a bit closer to giving up completely.
I know I should be thankful that I have a good support system but its hard when so many of them have their lives together and then there's me the unemployed person who has to wait another 3 months until she can drive.
I turn twenty in less than 2 weeks and I know I should be exited, it means I am leaving my teenagehood behind but how can be exited when its looking like I will still be unemployed and will be a similar place where I was last year. Honestly all I want for my birthday is a job, I want to be able move forward and start saving for a car and wake up with a purpose but that chances of getting a job in less than 2 weeks seems impossible.
I know that God has a plan for me and trust him completely but I wish he would hurry up with it!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie Review: If I Stay

Today I headed to the movies to see If I Stay and as I know a lot of my friends are trying to decide whether they should see it or not I thought I would do a review of it. I read the book and loved it, I read it in 24 hours and cried throughout reading it so I was expecting the film to be a tear jerker and it was! I would recommend wearing waterproof mascara and taking tissues when you go see it. I am really tempted to go see it again (I like to watch films at least twice where possibly as I love to focus on the characters and the little details that I have may have missed the second time round!).
For those who have the read the book its quite true to it, though my one complaint is that the accident scene doesn't have the same depth as it did in the book and I feel that they could have made it more dramatic and slightly longer rather than keeping it short and not showing how gruesome it should be, saying that everything else is spot on.
The actors have all done the characters justice Chloe Grace Mortez plays the part of Mia perfectly and Jamie Blackley seems to be Adam if that makes sense (you see him and you go that's how I pictured Adam, he's perfect!).
Even if you haven't read the book the storyline is gripping and I found much of it relatable especially Mia second guessing herself (as someone who suffers with self confidence I could totally relate to that part) and I think we can all relate to feeling like outsider which Mia also struggles with. The main theme throughout the film is does she choose to live and the inner struggle Mia has, this is shown with flashbacks to various significant parts of her life such as the first moment she saw/touched/played the cello, her parents rocker lifestyle, meeting Adam for the first time, auditioning to Julliard and her first major fight with Adam. The book also does this and I was curious as to how the film would be regarding the flashbacks and it works though the first couple of times it happens it can be confusing!
Would I see this film again? Yep definitely and its a great film to see with your girl friends :) Please do not drag along your guy friend/boyfriend/husband/brother/dad as I don't think they would cope with it! I only saw one guy in the whole movie theatre (he was in the row in front of me with what appeared to be his girlfriend) and I felt so sorry for him!
Did I cry in it? YES!!! Though not as much as I thought I would, I did cry in parts so wear the waterproof mascara and take tissues if you think you might cry during it, actually regardless whether or not you think you will cry in it as you will. My sister who told me that she would not cry in it cried as did her friend and I am pretty sure the bulk of the people in the theatre did as well.
The movie does end suddenly but so does the book but it makes sense once it settles in your mind. There is sequel to If I Stay called Where She Went which may get made into a movie depending on how well If I Stay does but the film does end when it should so don't think there should be more.
If you loved the movie it is worth checking out If I Stay and Where She Went both by Gayle Forman they aren't long reads and are both beautifully written.
I feel the need to end this post with a shout out to Rikki-kitty who decided that halfway through this post he needed attention which meant for part of writing this I was playing soccer with him in the bathroom! I'm not complaining as he hasn't been very playful until now so I am happy that he is settling in well :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet Paprika (Rikki) and an update

Thanks to everyone who has helped me cope with Alfie's death over the past few days, its been hard but I have survived!
Today I adopted another cat, my reasons for this is because as I am currently un-employed it means that I can be home with the cat and be able to bond with him, also because my heart was aching for another cat (even though I live with Bella and Maddy). I was looking on our local cat shelters website when I saw this little guy, after a call to the shelter and a talk to his foster mum (who I have promised to send email updates to) I decided that I would love to meet him. Well things went well and I brought him home, so meet Paprika or Rikki as he is known by.
He is ginger with a white chest and socks, his eyes are mesmerising and he love cuddles. He has potential to be a real sook and I am hoping a lap cat (I have just always had visions of me studying or writing a novel with a cat on my lap purring).
In other news I had a job interview yesterday which went really well and I am praying it will be the job for me! Its 4 days a week, close to home in a small office and the people who interviewed me seemed really nice. I will hear if I have the job next Tuesday and if I do I will start the following Monday (a week before my 20th Birthday, I still can't believe I turn 20 in just under 3 weeks!) so fingers crossed. Ideally if I get the job I would be working 4 days a week then study the other day as I am keen to get my diploma in business administration which I can do online over 2 years. So if you could please pray that I get this job that would be great, I know its in God's hands but its hard waiting to see what happens!
I am trying not to worry much and I know having Rikki will keep me busy. I am also planning on seeing the film If I Stay this weekend with my youngest sister, I loved the book so I am hoping the movie is good (though I am expecting to cry during it as I cried throughout the whole book!).
Once again my life has taken an unexpected turn but I am trying to stay focused and trust God during this challenging and confusing time :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Goodbye Alfie

This morning Alfie passed away, it was unexpected but it happened. He had caught a bird on Friday and one of the bones in the bird pierced his stomach (we believe) so last night he passed away. Waking up to this news was hard, he was my baby after all, yet for reasons I do not know it was in God's plans that it would happen. He almost 2 still a young cat who had helped me so much over the year and a half we had had him. He brought me joy and always made me smile, he could also be a toad at times and liked to destroy headphones and was obsessed with bells. He wormed his way to mine and my families hearts and loved to be around us. I need to keep this post short and sweet and not dwell on the past because that will only destroy me.

Alfie thank you so much for helping me get through so much, I will always love you and the house will be a quieter place without you, be sure to tell Tom hello from us and all the rest of the bunch (Meetchie, Chickpea, Floyd and Punch) as well.
Love you so much my furry little baby
Mummy xxx

Friday, August 15, 2014

19 years and 11 months

Today I am officially 19 years and 11 months which means (drumroll) that in exactly 1 month I will no longer be a teenager. I am unsure how I feel about turning 20, I mean I should be exited or something right? Yet all I can think about is how the past couple years have been let downs, well not my actual birthday but a week or so after the day things begin to go haywire and never seem to pick back up.
My 18th birthday was fun and I enjoyed the week leading up to it as it was (meant to be) my last week of freedom before I started my first ever 'grownup job' 2 afters turning 18 of course my anxiety forced me to leave that job and I was diagnosed with severe anxiety attacks. Don't get me wrong I later found if I hadn't received treatment for the attacks when I did they would have been impossible to treat and I am much better off because of it but it was still a let down. My 19 birthday was quiet and rather low key as I had spent 3 weeks leading up to doing temp work full time but it was still fun, well a week after it I finished that temp work and I have been unemployed ever since. I am not complaining but I would like for this birthday to be different to have the actual day be perfect and then not a few days or a week later my life to fall apart.
I know that everything is in God's hands and there is a reason for everything but I can't help but wonder what the reason behind me waiting so long to get a job is about. I do know that when I eventually passed my drivers test it was that much sweeter and I don't take being able to drive for granted (yes I am still on my hours but in just over 3 months I will officially have my license!) so when I do eventually get a job it will be worth it.
For now I will be trying to enjoy my last month of being a teenager and praying that I get a job before my 20th birthday.