Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rather Quiet

Well another weekend is almost over :) this weekend we actually rather quiet in terms of things which was a nice change from the usual craziness that happens.
My Mum's school had a fete on that I went to and checked out then I spent the rest of the day watching Hart of Dixie which is fast becoming my next 'binge watch show' (in the past it has been Scrubs, Greek, Switched at Birth, Parks and Recreation, Camp, Bones and Degrassi: The Next Generation I like a wide variety of shows!).

Then for the past 26 hours it has been my states annual Telethon which raises money for the local children's hospital and medical research centres. I donated $15.75 online before it started, as its no secret I spent most of my childhood going there for Speech Therapy and had surgery on my palate due to Dyspraxia and with every donation there is a chance that your name could get read out well mine was one of the first ones to get read out! This was a surprise as it has NEVER happened to me they also read the message I typed (there was a space where you could write a shout out or something) which was a shout out to the amazing speech therapists and that I had gone there for treatment for my Dyspraxia for over 10 years and I could never gotten where I am without them, which was exiting! I honestly couldn't believe it and nor could my Mum or sister who were watching it with me (my Mum was reading the names of the people who had donated that were along the bottom of the page as she though maybe my name would be there) so that was the highlight of my weekend. All in all they raised over 25 million which is amazing! Its the biggest event of its kind in the world and its always so good to get celebrities flying in from all parts of the country.
I went a couple of years ago with Gem which was fun but didn't get a chance to go this year but next year I want to go to the opening or closing ceremony and maybe stay in the city for the Saturday night and make a weekend of it (its only a donation to go in between ceremonies so it would be good to go for the opening then during the Sunday), its worth it that's for sure!

This week is looking quiet but I am praying that the phone will ring regarding the 2 jobs I want (and have good feelings about both as do my parents) and one of my friends has a birthday this week so I will see her sometime this week to do a mini celebration. I also don't really want to spend money this week so I will be trying to avoid the shops if I can (easier said than done, when you are a self confessed shopaholic!).

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