Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I want in a company

So somehow this week I have managed to post everyday which is quite an achievement! So lets see how long this daily posting will last (my aim is to post tomorrow and then do Friday Favourites on Friday).

This week has been pretty slow on the job application front, though I think its partly due to lack of motivation on my side as well as there being very few jobs I think I have a good chance of getting an interview for. I have been thinking lately of my ideal workplace, and have put together a list of qualities I want the place I end up getting a job at to have. So in no particular order here it goes:
  • Good and Open Communication - I don't want the company I work for to deal with things via email or over the phone instead face to face. This is because I find that emails can be interpreted many ways especially when it comes to major/serious topics. Over the phone is ok if its something little but I would rather their preferred form of communication be in person. This is a major one for me as I find that many companies prefer to use email regardless if its a big thing or not. I can take constructive criticism but not over email as I tend to ask questions until its clear for me what I have been doing wrong and what I need to do to correct it, which email isn't the best format for.
  • Good Work Morale - I want to work for a company where everyone is happy to be working there and there is no grudges between the employees. I want to come to work happy and leave happy.
  • Everyone is Respected - I don't want to be treated badly and I don't others to be treated badly. It shouldn't matter what job you have in the company everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect.
Its not a long list but this is a list of qualities I am praying that the place I get a job in has. The good and open communication is especially important as I have worked in many places where the communication is really bad between everyone which in turn brings down my other two points.

I would love to work in either a not for profit, government sector or local government and yes I know how hard it is to get work in any of those, but I have God on my side and he can make things happen. I also still want to work part-time as I want to get my Diploma in Business Administration via online and as I am a hands on learner if I can do it while I am working I can put things into practice.

I know God has the right job out there for me so I am just keeping praying and waiting.

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