Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! I love christmas I mean who doesn't?! I love how the house feels so christmassy and how the tree draws u into it! How it gives me an excuse to buy presents for people and how the christmas cards are all so beautiful!

To many christmas is a time of santa, red,green,gold, white and silver, family gatherings and headaches! But what is it really about?

To me it is about celebrating the fact that on christmas day (or around it as no one can be sure) that a saviour was born! In our house we have a few navity scenes one from peru when my dad went their and couldn't go past it! One I made from clay a few years ago that mum treasures and a few from various sunday school projects (that we do not display cos other wise the house would be packed!) and this year a chocolate countdown calender with the navity scene on it! So in our house Jesus is the reason for the season!
Merry Christmas!