Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hay conejos por todas partes!

Happy Easter every one! The title of this post is in spanish its not really relevent to what I am going to write about but it gave me a laugh this morning (I'll tell you what it means at the end of the post), my parents bought this calender and every day it has a Spanish sentence that you can use in everyday life, some of the sentences are: Yo no, prefiero los gatos- Not me, I prefer cats and Es el final del camino- It's the end of the road.
Today has been a good day, for starters we got rain!!! We have had a very dry summer and autum so far, so getting rain today was great. Church was good and it was fun celebrating Easter. This afternoon it was very laid back and me and my sisters watched dvds and ate chocolate which was nice. Overall it was a good day.
So what does 'Hay Conejos por todas partes?' mean? 'There are rabbits everywhere!' my aim now is to work this sentence into a conversation somehow :) hope you guys have had a good easter :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ten things you might not know about me

After such a great start I hoped this week would be better but yesterday it went downhill but I will spare you all the details and have decided to tell you guys ten things you might not know about me.
  1. I have never dyed my hair, the only streaks I have are natural.
  2. My desk is always messy so I end up doing my home work at the computer or at the kitchen table.
  3. I have a habit of buying stationary that I rarely use just because its cute.
  4. I have a heap of books, and have a fear that if I let people borrow them I won't get them back (but I always do (well I haven't lost a book yet)! Once a friend borrowed one of my books for a year because I rarely saw her.)
  5. I prefer chocolate over lollies.
  6. I love watching (non cartoon) disney movies.
  7. I have never had braces.
  8. I hate waking up to go school in winter and one of the main reasons is not just because its cold but my winter school uniform takes ages to get on.
  9. I have been to two primary schools and two high schools.
  10. I don't have any homework these holidays.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Great Day

Today was a great day, my friend Ainslie (who also happens to read this blog, HI Ainslie!!!) came over which was great we scrapbooked in the morning then walked across to the shops and got lunch. Finally we made cup cakes overall it was a great day and one that I will remember for years to come :) it was great to talk and catch up. Next week are planning to go to see the movie Hop which looks sooo cute, which will be nice.
It was good day and I finally managed to do a bit of scrapbooking which I have been putting off for ages! It was suprising the amount of stuff we had in common (in a good way) we both love to read (she left with a stack of books to read), love Glee and go on alot of the same websites!
So thank you Ainslie for a great day we must do it again :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

A better day!

Today so far has been a much better day, maybe its the fact that I am on holidays? I honestly don't know but here is a quick recap of my day so far!
I awoke at a decent hour (7.30am to be exact) and I felt this huge sense of peace, I had, had this dream and in it, everything worked itself out and was how I had hoped it to be. My guess was that God was telling me that he will help me work through my troubles and that in the end I will get the happy ending I have praying for but in his own timing!
I had lounged around for awhile going on facebook, playing games on my ipod etc. Then Mum, Dad and I went out to a shopping center. While we there Mum asked me out of the blue if I had anything to wear to a party tomorrow and I said I wasn't really sure so we went looking for a top and found a gorgeous top that looked soooo nice on and the colour suited me perfectly (its almost the exact same colour as my ball gown! Which is royal purple) so this brightened my mood, I love the top and can't wait to wear it! We continued shopping for awhile then went home where I have spent the rest of the day relaxing.
I don't have alot planned for next week, on Monday one of my friends is coming over and we are going to scrapbook, listen to Glee, watch Glee and bake cookies (thats if we don't run out of time!), so that will great, but apart from that I will just go with flow.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coming to an end.

The school term is coming to an end, this has been a term I would rather forget. Things haven't been easy and at times I have felt like screaming, so too say I am glad this term is over is under statement. Because of this term being hard I have had to find ways to escape and I am suprised how they have become habits. I now listen to music regulary when ever I am feeling down the song Firework (first sung by Katie Perry) by Glee has been a great help so has the two original songs by the Glee cast: Get It Right and Loser Like Me. I now write in a journal poems and statements about how I am feeling. These two things have been a great help and both help me clear my mind.
Things are getting easier but there are still things that set me off.
I can only hope that next term will be better.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We all have choices in this world regardless of what people may say, no matter who you are you have you have a choice. I admit sometimes the choices can be hard but at then end of the day its your choice. I have been in a bad situation today and I had to make a choice which I did, I don't know how the choice will affect me in the future nor do I know if I made the right choice. But I guess thats the thing about the choices we don't always know how they will affect us in the long run. So now I need to hope and pray that the choice I have made is the right one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Move on

I know I need to move on, but I can't. It drives me mad and there are small things that set me off, like a photo or something that I wrote. I wanted to run out of study today cause I saw something and I didn't mean too, I mean I folded over the pages so I knew not to look there, but I caught a glimpse, but thankfully I managed to get back on track! Its hard and its been more than a month since it happened, I have been trying to move on, I mean I have watched soooo many chick flicks in the past month than I have in my whole life time!
I don't know when I will fully move on, maybe after I have forgiven myself which I haven't been able to do and I don't think I ever will be able to do unless something drastic happens!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Want

I Want
I want to be that girl in the purple gown again.
I want to have no worries for night and be a princess.
I want to smile and mean it.
I want everything to be fine between us.
I want to be able to tell you how I really feel.
I want to move on.
I want to hold onto the past.
I want to lose myself in the future.
I want to be able to dance around the house and be free.
I want to be able to dream and for once have those dreams come true.
I want people to accept me for me.
I want people to smile at me and mean it.
I want to write a book of poems.
I want to sing and have no one tell me how bad I am.
I want not to judged for being myself.
I want my true colours to show.
I want . . .