Friday, September 24, 2010

Perth Royal Show

I love the show don't ask me why but I love it! There are many things that somehow attract me to keep going back to show year after year and one of them is the atmosphere I love walking around and seeing people having fun, the smells- farm animals, food and lollies and the experience! This year will be my 4th time going to it (3rd in a row) so here are my must sees and dos:
. The yellow brick road- this is great value! You pay $9 and you walk around the show grounds and pick up a variety of goodies this is sooo much fun you get to see the grounds and get goodies!
. The shopping and lifestyle pavillon- I love the bargains you can pick here!
. the cats- as many of you know I am a cat lover and seeing the variety of cats around is really fun.
But there are many more things you can do at the show all regarding your personalities.
So if you can get to it, it is well worth it!
Money saver tip: take your own lunch and buy your tickets from IGA it will save you heaps!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things to do when your parents are in Peru!

Well in 2 days my parents will arrive back home! It has seemed long in parts (the weekend they left was the worst!) but overall it has been ok though I won't be telling them to jet set off again anytime soon! So here is a list of things to do when your parents have gone to Peru (and no I did not intend that to ryme!)
  • sleep
  • get sick whatch glee in bed on your ipod when you are sick.
  • abandon your blog.
  • start an another blog.
  • redecorate your blog.
  • read
  • write reviews on the books you have read on your new blog.
  • organise things for your birthday party.
  • get in trouble.
  • avoid getting in trouble.
  • cook.
  • make a mess in the kitchen when you cook.
  • get in trouble for making that mess in the kitchen when you were cooking.
  • cry
  • slam doors and scream I hate you a few times.
  • read a book for english.
  • write an essay on the book you read for english.
  • start reading the new hunger games book.
  • bite all your finger nails off.
  • get mad at your self for biting all your finger nails off.
  • catch a cold.
  • blast music while cooking.
  • read a few blogs.
  • email your parents a few hundred times telling them how much you want them to come back.
  • go on facebook.