Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things to do when your parents are in Peru!

Well in 2 days my parents will arrive back home! It has seemed long in parts (the weekend they left was the worst!) but overall it has been ok though I won't be telling them to jet set off again anytime soon! So here is a list of things to do when your parents have gone to Peru (and no I did not intend that to ryme!)
  • sleep
  • get sick whatch glee in bed on your ipod when you are sick.
  • abandon your blog.
  • start an another blog.
  • redecorate your blog.
  • read
  • write reviews on the books you have read on your new blog.
  • organise things for your birthday party.
  • get in trouble.
  • avoid getting in trouble.
  • cook.
  • make a mess in the kitchen when you cook.
  • get in trouble for making that mess in the kitchen when you were cooking.
  • cry
  • slam doors and scream I hate you a few times.
  • read a book for english.
  • write an essay on the book you read for english.
  • start reading the new hunger games book.
  • bite all your finger nails off.
  • get mad at your self for biting all your finger nails off.
  • catch a cold.
  • blast music while cooking.
  • read a few blogs.
  • email your parents a few hundred times telling them how much you want them to come back.
  • go on facebook.

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