Friday, May 25, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

Another week complete! I should've spend the past 2 weeks on prac but the placement I thought I would be at had a miscommunication (and fell through though it was never set in stone) and my lecturer hasn't been having much luck finding me (or anyone else for that matter) a placement. My anxiety has been rampant because of this and I haven't been sleeping well, my appetite is weird (breakfast just doesn't appeal to me at all) and I've been stress eating chocolate. I know God is in control of this but for someone who likes to know what is going on these past 2 weeks have not been fun at all.
I only have another 3 weeks for prac and in order to get my hours up (I need 100 but I've already done 30 due to ReachOut work) I will need to do a minimum 4 days a week which will not be fun for my anxiety. If you guys could please pray that I get a placement ASAP that would be amazing!

I saw my doctor on Tuesday and guess who gets to keep wearing the moonboot for another 5 weeks? Unfortunately me! Honestly this ankle is no fun at all and I have caused major damage all because I fell down 3 steps. I am allowed to have moonboot free days if I keep it strapped but they need to be far and few between and I will pay for it the next day. I had so hoped I would be out of it by now but between a tiny fracture, ligament damage and bruised bones its a complex injury to say the least.
I have a wedding next Saturday afternoon so my plan is go without the boot then but keep it in the car and put it on before church (the wedding is at my church and finishes at 3.00pm and as I can't see the point in driving 20 minutes home before having to be at church at 5.00pm anyway, I'm going to go to a café 5 minutes away to kill time between). I bought a beautiful blue striped dress to wear, I wasn't intending on buying another short dress (I need more maxi length dresses) but when I tried it on it was perfect and I like how I can wear it with stockings in the cooler weather if required.

Onto Friday Favourites:

Glitzee Glitter in Crystal White - in case you haven't realised I LOVE glitter. I need the sparkle in my life and the same goes for crafting. I love superfine glitter as you don't need much to make an impact and it captures the light amazingly. This is my go to glitter and while I am aware that $5 for a small tube is a lot it's of great quality and a little goes a long way. I will say that it sticks to everything so be prepared to find it in places for a long time (but is that really a bad thing?).

Olivia Burton Lace Detail watch - so after much thought and deliberation I decided to take the plunge and buy this watch. I just kept coming back to it and loved how classic it was with the fun detail in the lace. I got it last weekend when Myer had 20% off watches as I would much rather pay $160 instead of $200, but I'm not allowed to wear until after my course is finished. I'm looking forward to wearing it and reminding myself just how far I've come and using it as motivation to complete my Diploma in the next 2 semesters.

Smash Paint Play Stationery Range - I always find fun stationery makes studying fun and when I was on the hunt for some new folders for next semester this range caught my eye. I like that while it is targeted to adults it's still fun and will add some much needed colour and print into your study sessions. The prices are reasonable and won't break the bank, which is great when you are on a limited income and don't want to spend a heap on stationery.

STILA Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Perlina - never let me shop when I am in a retail therapy mood, I walked into Mecca today and within 5 minutes I had walked out with this. I already have 3 of these eyeshadows (my sister got me a gift pack of 3 half sizes for Christmas) and they are amazing! I wear them almost weekly and get so many compliments they are also super long lasting and have minimal fallout. I had been eyeing off this colour on the Mecca website for a few weeks now (I thought it was an online exclusive) but just didn't want to pay for shipping so the moment I saw it in store I knew I had to buy it. It's a beautiful sparkly crystal pearl white and one you can wear with anything.

New Amsterdam TV show (trailer) - it's the time of year when networks cancel TV shows and release trailers for new ones and I've been enjoying seeing what new shows the networks will be releasing. New Amsterdam has caught my eye as I've been on a real medical show kick lately (The Resident and The Good Doctor are shows I can't wait to return) and this one looks like it will be a good show to throw into the mix.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

Well I am finished with my classes! It's so bittersweet to be finished and I will be sad not to see my lecturers weekly, I loved picking their brains and hearing all their life experience from the varied areas they have worked in. Now its onto 5 weeks of prac followed by half a day on campus and I am done. I have a placement for my prac but the final details are just being dealt with so I am hoping to start it mid next week. I'm only doing 3 days a week as that's all I can handle but I may increase it depending how things go and how my anxiety is.
I've also officially been accepted to do my Diploma in Community Services starting next semester which I am looking forward to doing. Today I actually got to meet the lecturer in charge of the diploma which was great and I am looking forward to learning from him next semester.

Onto Friday Favourites:

Smiggle 15th Birthday Personalise Pen - so I have a slight stationary addiction and when I saw this pen I couldn't resist :) It writes really nicely and it's so pretty too.

MOR Perfume Oil - I got a tube of this for Christmas and I am really loving it. As it's an oil it has great staying power and you only need a couple of rolls to get a beautiful scent. I just roll it on my pressure points and I am good to go :) I have this in marshmallow which is a sweet musky scent perfect for winter and blood orange which is more uplifting and the perfect pick me up.

Esma flats in gold - I already have these in silver but I couldn't resist buying these in gold too. As I will be working in an office environment for my prac and with my ankle I can't wear heels (can you imagine a moonboot on one foot and a heel on the other that would be a recipe for disaster haha!) I figured it made sense to buy them to add into my shoe rotation. They add the perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit and don't give me blisters either.

Olivia Burton Watches - my sister showed me these watches when we were out shopping the other week and I can't stop thinking about them! I want to buy myself something nice once I officially finish my Cert. 4 as I had such a rough start and I am leaning towards buying one of these watches. I just love how classic they are and something I know I would wear for years to come. I am currently leaning towards buying this watch as I love the subtle lace detail but I also love this one though it is a bigger watch face and this one, decisions decision!

Philips Vibes Gel Headphones - I've had quite a few issues with headphones over the past few months after my last pair died and both of the replacement pairs I bought were hopeless. These headphones are actually highly rated on Amazon (I got mine from Target to avoid paying postage) and I've had no complaints since I bought them. They are great quality, comfy and actually stay in my ears! For the price you can't go wrong and I am planning on buying another pair to keep as a spare.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Diploma and God's timing

The email sits in my inbox staring at me congratulating me on getting accepted into the Diploma of
Community Services never mind that I have yet to finish my Cert. 4 in Community Services or that the thought of committing to another year of study terrifies me.
At the start of this year my aim was to get another qualification and then get a job instead I found myself loving what I was studying and realising that this is what I want to do for a career long term. I then found myself having zero desire to go back to unemployment when my course ended and I knew if I wanted to give myself the best chance of getting a job a diploma would be valued.
I wanted to say that this was an easy decision and to many it seemed I made it easily but it was one I wrestled with over many weeks and prayed about. I didn't want to commit to another course let alone one that goes for a year but deep down I knew it was what needed to happen.
The concerns I had in my mind about money and whether I could continue to support myself financially was met with the reminder that God provides and that I will deal with the expenses as they come up with faith.

If you had asked me when I was 18 what I would be doing by now (almost 6 years later) I would've said working in an admin role, married and thinking about starting family but here I am single, not working and finishing off one course in 7 weeks and going onto the next. It's strange as I know people who are living the life I would've thought I would have by now and while some part of me is jealous about it, I have never doubted that this is where I am meant to be.
For so long I felt like I couldn't be in a relationship as the first few weeks of a new job are not fun for me with anxiety so I refused to let myself even think that I could date while unemployed. Then a friend told me it shouldn't matter if I was employed or not and that if a guy couldn't handle me at my worst he didn't deserve at my best. I wrestled with what she told me but other people confirmed this so I slowly started to open myself up to the possibility. It's taken me so long for me to go yes I can date and it shouldn't matter about my employment status because if its the right person they won't care so nor should I. What I do know is that will happen in God's timing and his timing is more important than our ideal timing.