Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parents to Peru!

There is just over 24 hours before I say my goodbyes to my parents before they leave to Peru. For a while I have had mixed emotions about it and I still do, its weird as I don't have the axiety I would have imagined I would have. I know I will miss them heaps but apart from that I am feeling fine (well maybe a little nervous as I have lost most of my appetite but thats it). To help me get through the time when they are away I have set my self tasks to do these include:
. Preparing for my sweet 16th birthday though I have done alot of the details ( like invites) I still need to do things like table settings, center pieces (if anyone has any ideas please let me know!) and what games we will do ( I don't dance!).
. Reading yes I have a stack of books to read through!
. painting I have a few canvases that are begging to be used up!
I will blog about my experiences here so check back often!