Friday, December 19, 2014

Just an update

Less than a week until Christmas! I hope everyone has done their Christmas shopping, I avoid big shopping centres from now until after boxing day as between the crowds, parking and people trying to sell me things everything gets too much.
This week has been crazy busy and I am happy that I can spend today doing as I please. Yesterday I went to a job interview which was a disaster, I felt I had to prove and defend myself which if you have to do that in an interview imagine what it will be like working there! It was also fulltime which I didn't really want so I was relieved when I got an email last night saying I didn't get the job. Wednesday I helped run errands with Mum which involved going to many shopping centres and visiting my Grandma. Tuesday I went to my middle sister's end of school picnic which was fun and I was allowed to drive her home (which was my first ever time driving with someone other than my parents) which involved singing to Big Time Rush, getting sprite slushees from McDonalds and every 5 minute her asking me 'Guess what Erin? YOU CAN DRIVE!', it was a fun drive home. Monday was quiet and I stayed at home the whole day and applied for some jobs as the bulk of jobs come out on Monday.
Today we had some new arrivals at our house they are small, yellow, fluffy, come from eggs and go cheep cheep. After 3 weeks of waiting patiently the fertilised eggs Midnight has been sitting on have hatched so we hopefully have 12 chicks (its hard to count them as they all look the same). Here is a photo of Midnight the mama chook and one of them :) it will be fun to watch them grow and they are so cute.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Truth or Dare

I remember when I was younger every sleepover I ever went to my friends and I always played Truth or Dare it was just something we did. The dares were never crazy and we never revealed any deep dark secrets about ourselves doing truth but it was fun and a ritual of sorts. I am beyond the days of sleepovers and playing Truth or Dare but I miss the truth aspect the one time you could reveal what felt like your darkest secrets without being judged.
I feel as though very few people willingly tell the truth anymore and you only let people in on your life so much because you are afraid of what people will think when they find out the real you. I have been guilty of lying when people ask me how I am going because when I say I am good I'm often not because in reality I am over-being-unemployed-and-wanting-to-hit-my-head-against-the-wall-but-I'm-not-because-I-have-faith-in-God but who has time to listen to that so instead I say good or fine.

Here's another lie I often tell people that I am happily single which is true most of the time yet there are days when I long to find someone and wonder when that will happen I am 20 years old and have never been kissed or even held hands with a boy! I mean admittedly I have always said I don't want a boyfriend until I am in a secure job (my anxiety goes crazy the first couple of weeks I am in a new job and there is NO WAY I will put any guy through that!), but I can still dream and look right?! I honestly have no idea how guys work either, I am one of three girls (the oldest, so I don't have any older siblings that have dated before me) and though I have some guy friends I haven't grown up surrounded by guys. Honestly I just want a guy to say to me 'I like you, lets go out sometime' rather than all this crazy mixed message and signal stuff.

I have been told that most people lie to some degree on their resume, mind you this was during an interview when the people interviewing me were using this an example on how people stretch the truth everyday and they are practically accusing me of lying on my resume. Which I am sure is true to some point, but why should we lie or feel the need to stretch the truth on our resumes if we aren't qualified for a job we shouldn't apply for it not stretch the truth to get an interview for a job we have no idea how to do.

Maybe if we were more honest with each other we could be more honest with ourselves and learn to say no to things and not ourselves to our limits. Admit to ourselves that we are stretched too thin, admit to ourselves we need professional help at times, admit to ourselves that we aren't fine or good and admit to ourselves that its ok to tell the truth and let people in to know the real us.

I dare you to tell the truth and be more honest with yourselves and to others this week.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2015 Christmas Gift and Ideas Guide!

14 days until Christmas! The shops are starting to get crazy (and I start to avoid them!) and people are in a rush to find that 'perfect gift' if there is such a thing.
On my gift list is the following: a job, a car, jewellery (I am loving opal and silver at the moment!), and kinetic sand (which my Mum will NEVER let in the house as she already has enough mess with me and glitter).
I like to stick to a budget of around $20 per person for immediate family give or take, I am happy to spend more when it comes to my parents. I start early because it means I can look for good deals and buy things online which allows them to arrive in plenty of time. I also like to buy things that I know the person will use or can wear (like jewellery or pyjamas). I think I have spent $160 this year so far this includes small gifts for friends, a Secret Santa I am doing and wrapping materials. I may buy a few extra things closer to Christmas it just depends.
In this guide you will find things for everyone and in a wide range of prices. I have also included lots of general ideas rather than items as I tend to get stuck on the idea part of for gifts rather than the actual gift if that makes sense (it probably doesn't but thats fine).

Bellabox 3,6 or 12 months subscription $45-$165.
I have been subscribed to Bellabox for a year now and
I love it. For $15 a month you get a selection
of beauty products some full size and some sample size. Its a good gift as it will keep on giving and everyone loves receiving mail :) Its a great gift to give to your sister, best friend or mum. They also do a mens box and baby box too.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Scene - $29.99 plus postage from America.
This is a cute set perfect for any kids you may have to buy for, its great as its a toy that will grow with them and you can teach them the true story of Christmas. My Mum bought two, one for us (despite the fact that my youngest sister is 16) and one for my nieces and nephew who are loving it (they are just over 18 months).

The first season of a TV Show  - I enjoy binge watching shows but once I finish a show I never know what next to watch! Work out what their interests and TV watching habits are and try and pick a new show for them to watch. The first season of a show don't cost that much and many stores have great deals on at the moment (JB HiFi has 2 for $30 on certain shows) so it won't break the bank. Shows that are good to get into are:
  • Bones - if they like murder mysteries and crime shows or are into human bio.
  • Terra Nova (its only one season) - if they like dystopian films and books or if they like dinosaurs.
  • Pretty Little Liars - if they like crime and teenage drama
  • Hart of Dixie - if they like small town romance and secretly want to live in a country town.
  • Parks and Recreation - if they like comedy and Amy Poehler , though I think most people will like this show as its awesome.

Nice Jewellery-  I rarely buy myself jewellery so I love receiving it as gifts and every time I wear it I think of the person who gave it to me. For example I have a necklace I wear every day and whenever I glance in the mirror and notice it I think of the people who gave it to me (it was an 18th birthday gift by an amazing couple who live over east but were able to make the trip for my birthday), same goes for my watch and the rings I wear on my right hand. I tend to only buy sterling silver as I am allergic to other types of metals and you can get some great deals on it, plus it will last. Magnolia does some cute earrings, as do Prouds and Zamels.

Stationery -  when I was 15 one year for Christmas my auntie got me a billabong pencil case and it was a great gift, I ended up using it for my last 2 years of high school and I still do (it has my permanent markers and paintbrushes in it). It was something that I never would have purchased for myself and it was useful. There are heaps of stores that sell cute stationery such as Kikki K, Typo and Smiggle.

Diary/Calendar for the new year - most people will use these things and you can get them in so many styles. With calendars you can get them customised with family photos which is great for grandparents, you can get them with pictures of your favourite movie, tv show or band and you can get ones that teach you new skills such as a language or craft, the choices are pretty much endless! Diaries are similar and something that is bound to be used. Many shopping centres have stands full of calendars but Office Works has a good range and you can also make/order custom ones there. (The calendar pictured is actually from the Reject Shop and its now a tradition that I buy my Mum one of these every year as they are so cute and 'us'.)

Pyjamas - For a few years my Grandma used to buy my sisters and I pyjamas each year for Christmas, she and my Mum would go out and choose a pair for each of us. We would always wear these Christmas night and they became our new favourite PJs for the season. Over the years this has stopped as my Grandma has deteriorated with dementia but its still a good memory. Last year my Mum ended up buying us all a pair of PJ shorts from Peter Alexander for Christmas (along with a singlet from Kmart) which we all loved, the prices were on the steep side but its always nice to receive something you might not buy yourself as you can't justify spending the money on them.

Personalised Vouchers - this year for a friend I made a stack of personalised vouchers, they were mostly fun ones that applied to her things like: I owe you a batch of brownies, I owe you a Maccas run, and I owe you a surprise trip. Its not that I couldn't afford to give her anything, it was because her birthday and Christmas are less than a month a part and I wanted to give her something that she could look forward to, I gave her them along with a craft kit and she loved it.

Craft kits - These are readily available and you can get them for anything and for a variety of skills. You can also make your own, quite cheaply, just find a craft from Pinterest; something fun that doesn't require many materials, print off the instructions and package that up along with the materials and a photo of the finished craft.

A plate of homemade treats - I love baking and I enjoy baking for people during Christmas time I do a lot of it. Bake your favourite treats (gingerbread and shortbread are popular) and package it up nicely (you can buy nice plates inexpensively at discount stores) and you have a yummy gift which hasn't cost a heap. Recipe for the cookies pictured here.

Other ideas:
  • iTunes vouchers
  • Magazine Subscription
  • Movie tickets (package up with a bag of popcorn or lollies and you have an easy gift!)
  • Products from the Body Shop (lip balm, shower gel, perfume etc.) 
  • Nail Polish in a fun colour along with a nail file and hand cream.
  • Pocket knife (this is really good idea for your dad/brother/boyfriend as they are handy to have around and you are guaranteed they will use it at some point).
I always try not to over think gifts and before I go shopping I write down their name and a few ideas of what they might like and the budget for that person, this makes things less stressful and I don't get sidetracked when shopping. I also start early so it doesn't take a toll on my (limited) income :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

This dress, the joys of being unemployed and just a random post in general

I have this dress, its the perfect shade of purple and it fits me perfectly, I have worn it to weddings, job interviews, church and everywhere else, I can wear it with boots, flats, sandals or heels. I always get compliments on it and when I wear it I feel like I can take on the world.
Today I had a job interview (I was meant to have it last Tuesday but it got moved) but before that I was meeting a friend for breakfast (which turned into cake at San Churros because neither of us had much of an appetite and the thought of food made me feel sick due to nerves) and while I was waiting for them to arrive I got complimented on my dress twice once by another friend who I saw and another time by a complete stranger. There is something about wearing this dress that turns heads and gives me confidence (which I seem to lack during interviews), its often my first choice when I have interviews because of this.
The interview went well and I am praying I get this job, its not perfect but I am desperate and honestly its a junior admin role and part time which is all I can ask for. I have a group employment agency meeting tomorrow so that's bound to be interesting and hopefully productive though I have no idea what they can do to help me which I'm not already doing. I am feeling lost and not sure what God has planned for me, I feel like I am treading water and this time last year I was certain I would be employed by now!
I am pretty much doing anything to feel productive at the moment, tonight I made over 50 paper flowers as I needed something to do and on Friday I made candy cane reindeer for my middle sister's school friends (they must've been well received as she took them to school today and had none left). I am also trying to finish the gift guide for this blog as Christmas is just over 2 weeks away so that should be up by Wednesday at the latest (hopefully!).

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last week, this week

This week is a confusing crazy busy week and I am unsure what to think. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with a recruitment agency regarding a job, this wouldn't be a big deal except it will be the first interview I will be driving to and it will require me to drive up a few major roads one I have only driven up a few times so that will be an adventure in itself to get there not including the meeting. I was planning on meeting a friend for coffee but thankfully that has been rescheduled (to sometime next week) so it means tomorrow afternoon I can unwind before having to go out to a family dinner (which I won't be driving to). Then on Tuesday I have yet another job interview this time I will be getting there by public transport as its in a central location and parking will be a nightmare. Both jobs are part-time and junior admin so I am praying that one of them will be the job for me. Wednesday I am visiting my Grandma and helping my Mum run errands, Thursday I am hoping to meet with a friend for coffee and Friday I will collapse and will catch up on some TV shows.
I am getting to the point where I am wondering what God has planned for me and if this craziness will ever end. Some weeks like this week are busy on the job front and others like last week are quiet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finally and eventually

How can it be a month until Christmas?! I guess its time to break out the Christmas music and start making lists and checking them twice :)

As of today I have my license! I somehow managed to pass the hazard perception test after failing it 3 times (I attempted it yesterday) in the end I just waited until I saw an actual hazard and reminded myself that it was no big deal if I passed or failed it. I also managed to get hold of the hazard perception test preparation CD which has different questions to the ones online (its the 4 practice questions you do in the test before the actual test) and did that 8 times last night (it was boring but it helped) so I would recommend that you get a copy after you pass your practical test while you are still at the licensing centre after it. I honestly can't believe that I can drive and though it has taken me a while to get there (no thanks to Dyspraxia and anxiety) I am happy that I stuck with it. Yes it sucks when you fail tests but just keep doing it and when you do get it, it will be that much more rewarding.
I have already driven alone twice to my employment agency meeting and back and did ok (I will admit that I parked badly but it was a pretty empty car park so it didn't matter much), I did get lost on the way home but that was due to taking a detour (through McDonalds drive through to get a slushie as it was so hot and I needed a treat) and I made it home safely.

I also received this shirt in the mail (only took 2 and a half weeks to arrive from America) which I can't wait to wear this Summer so that added to an already good day.

I am honestly praying that I get a job soon as I need to buy a car, of course being able to drive will help as it means that I'm not limited to getting public transport (which can be a pain at times). Getting my license has helped put things in perspective and I know I will get a job eventually just as I got my license eventually :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lets not repeat this

This past week has been one of the worst I have experienced in a long time and I do not wish to have a repeat of it ever again.
Monday was probably the only ok day and the rest of the week was downhill so where do I start?
Tuesday - found out via email I didn't get the job I so badly wanted and to say I was disappointed was an understatement I was crushed. I then decided that I would give up on ever getting a job in admin but of course God had other plans and 30 minutes after making that decision I got a phone call regarding a job interview in the city the next day.
Wednesday - was just was just busy and the interview took up the whole morning and the rest of the day is a blur.
Thursday - I failed my Hazard Perception Test which is the last thing I have to pass to get my licence followed by a massive argument with my father.
Friday - had another job interview in the city, finished my Christmas shopping and re-took my Hazard Perception Test this would've been a good day had I not failed the test again.
The thing with the Hazard Perception Test is that you can only do 3 practice questions online and they are the exact same ones, the actual test is 28 questions and they are varied. You also just get told whether you pass or fail not the actual percentage or which questions you got right/wrong which is stupid as I want to know what I need to work on! I am so close to getting my license and it sucks that it relies on passing this somewhat pointless test does anyone have any tips on passing it?
The only good thing is that I can take the test once a day until I pass it (it does cost me $14 though) and some post offices will allow you to take it there (licensing centres remind me of all those failed drivers tests) one of which I can get to on the bus quite easily so theres that but I just want to drive.
I am just praying that this week will be a better week and not a repeat of last week.