Friday, July 12, 2019

Five Friday Favourites

I can't believe we are in July! This past week was actually quite busy with a psychologist appointment on Tuesday, then I helped out at my church's holiday kids club Wednesday and Thursday. I was helping with the craft area which was fun and I enjoyed getting to see all the kids, we did beaded crosses on Wednesday then slime on Thursday and they were both huge hits. We've actually had a couple of years break from the holiday club so to ease back into it, it only ran Tuesday-Thursday and I have to admit it was nice not having all the leaders get sick towards the end and run on close to empty.
As I've been home alone for the past two weeks (minus a night in the middle) I invited a couple of friends over to dinner on separate occasions which was nice, I really don't like cooking for just me so having an extra person over is always welcome! I don't mind being home alone and I find it's nice to have some peace and quiet and the only messes that get made are yours (it's also been great getting to leave all my craft stuff on the coffee table and not feeling guilty about it). Of course being home alone means I have to deal with all the animals (2 cats, 9 evil chickens, 2 fish and a weiro/cockatiel), which really adds to my day especially when the cats think they should be fed four times a day instead of twice a day, but all the creatures are alive and well. Everyone gets back tomorrow which will be good and I'm looking forward to not having an empty house.

I'm slowly starting to apply for jobs but my psych has told me it's totally ok to take a break to recharge and not put to much pressure on myself, I'm just taking it one day at a time and praying that I will get the right job at the right time.

Next week is looking quiet with the only thing planned is meeting a friend at a shopping centre and entertaining her kids at the holiday program there while she gets a break. Some of the shopping centres have great programs on and this one looks really fun, so I'm looking forward to experiencing it with the cutest 3 and 5 year olds around. I'm also hoping to catch up with some friends

I've made no secret of my love of Disney Channel Original Movies and TV shows so it came as a shock to me when I heard the news of Cameron Boyce's passing. What got me is he was so young and it happened overnight, I haven't had a celebrity death hit me this hard ever (Corey Monteith's was probably the next closest) and it's a strange feeling to feel grief over someone you didn't know but had watched grow up on your screens. I watched Cameron in Jessie then I saw a younger version of him when I watched (and laughed until I cried) Grown Ups 1 and 2 and admired him in the Disney Descendants franchise and saw him for this amazing talented dancer and singer. It's going to bittersweet when Descendants 3 comes out next month (though there is a chance it may be delayed now) and I know it will be strange not seeing him in the promos for it and interviews. Something that is helping me is this article which reminds me that it's ok to feel grief when someone famous dies. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to his friends and family during this time.

Onto Friday Favourites...

Evercreatures Rainbow Short Wellington Boots - Winter has well and truly hit and the rain won't stop (which isn't a bad thing) of course that means doing some chores such as the chickens are a bit more difficult especially for someone who hates getting their feet wet. I saw these rainboots at the B Store a few weeks ago and couldn't justify the price but last week they were on sale so I decided to buy them. They are super comfy (I wore them all day Sunday) and make me smile whenever I wear them, plus they make doing outside chores a bit more fun.

Porcelain Acorn Trinket Box Small: Woodland - I know I didn't need this but I couldn't resist it! Kikki K always has the cutest stuff and their new woodland range is really cute. You can buy a bigger one but I liked the small one and it's the perfect size for keeping earrings in.

Shrink Film - I love to craft and I really enjoy playing around with new materials and seeing what I can create. I recently bought some Shrink Film and I really like how you can make unique things with it and it's super easy to use. You also don't need any special equipment so it's not a huge investment to get started. I love writing cute phrases on it and turning them into keyrings and magnets.

Polymer clay flowers - speaking of craft I recently spent all of Sunday and Monday making these flowers (not just in white but other colours as well) and I love them. I got the idea from seeing some glazed clay flowers and it took me some trial and error but I made a bunch. I made tiny roses on normal wire and wasn't to sure about them so I went onto bigger flowers and was going to bake the wire in them but I decided I would take the wire out and then glue it back in (using superglue) once they were baked. They are currently separated into colours into vases but I am unsure how they will be finally displayed. The tiny roses actually turned out really well so I then spent all of Monday making them in different colours and on Tuesday afternoon I put them in tiny bouquets then
into some small jars I had, I also made some bees to add to the big and small bouquets.

Nude by Nature Mineral Brush - I use this brush daily when I apply my foundation and it's the best brush. It gives me great coverage and I find that even when I am being heavy handed with my foundation it still gives me a flawless look. I actually have multiples of this brush as it often comes in Nude by Nature kits which I buy sometimes when they are half price as they are a great way to try new products and get travel size versions of things. I also use it for my blush and highlighter as well and love how it applies them blending them perfectly into the skin.

Monday, July 1, 2019

And so the job hunting begins!

I have been dreading this since I started studying, after being unemployed for just under two years
studying was a welcomed break and I loved not having to be worrying about finding a job and just focusing on my studies. Of course my studying had to come to an end and while I am thrilled that I now have two new qualifications to add on my resume, I can honestly say that looking for a job is causing my anxiety to make a bigger appearance than normal.
Here's the thing about jobs trying to find one is like looking for a needle in the a haystack and trying to stay positive while doing it is even harder. It doesn't matter how good your resume is or how much experience you have, eventually you start doubting yourself and your abilities. When I was at the peak of job hunting for every 20 applications I filled out I would get 1 interview (yes I sat down and calculated it) and I would always just miss out on the job. Of course for me to even find one job to apply for took time, especially as I can only work part-time and due to my anxiety I need to have a certain job environment (mainly no law firms). Of course all of my previous job hunting experience is to do with trying to find an administration job. But throughout my studies I have been applying for community service jobs mainly to see if I could get an interview and while I did get a couple of job interviews they didn't lead anywhere, which I was 100% ok about as I was focusing on my studies though it does make second guess my abilities if only because I wasn't able to ask for feedback regarding the interviews (long stories) so I have no idea why I didn't get either job.
Something that is helping me with the job hunting is taking it slow and not rushing into it, I figure I deserve a break and for now I can afford to slowly ease into it. I am also working to a set criteria because I want any job I get to be one I can do and will last in. The criteria is as follows:
  • Part-time - no more than 4 days a week. 
  • Uses all my skills - I am not ruling out working in an admin role in a community services organisation. I like the idea of a role that is half office work and half face to face work with clients. 
  • Not a disability support work role - I have done support work in the past (and I still do it if it comes up) and while I did enjoy it, I knew the clients and their families. I also don't feel qualified to work in a disability support work role especially as many roles deal with both high and low need clients and I don't have the skills to work with high need clients. A lot of support work roles also require driving a bus/van and again it's not something I feel comfortable driving and don't think I ever will. I do have a few connections within the disability support network so I'm not completely ruling it out but for now I am. 
Writing down my criteria it doesn't seem that picky and considering my qualifications and experience I am hopeful I will get a role that I can handle. Something that a lot of people fail to realise is that community services is so broad so the sky is the limit and it's a matter of experience and what you are passionate in which will help you get a job. I have experience with mental health and peer support, I also have experience with young adults with disabilities and I have experience working with teens from a variety of backgrounds. A lot of organisations value lived experiences as well and I am hopeful that having anxiety might work in my favour. The reality is that I have accessed many services myself and I know what it's like to hit rock bottom and getting the help to rebuild again. I have advocated on behalf of myself, seen first hand how accessing great services can help and how that sometimes all it takes is for someone to take the first step with you and let you know that they will support you for as long as it takes. 

I know at the end of day that each job application takes me one step closer to landing the job that God has set aside for me and while I am anxious about it all, I am taking it one day at a time and trying to ignore the anxiety within me. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Five Friday Favourites

I can't believe that we are almost at the end of June! I have officially finished my Diploma in Community Services, it's bittersweet to finish it and I am excited but (of course) anxious to see what the future holds. I am slowly starting to apply for jobs while also enjoying some down time, it's just nice to not have to do anything and relax, so I figure I should enjoy it while I can.

This weekend I am off to my churches annual young adult retreat, it should be fun and I am looking forward to spending a weekend hanging out everyone and exploring a new place. Onto Friday Favourites...

Toy Story 4 - I saw this movie on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it! I loved the new characters and storyline and overall it was a great movie. It's well worth seeing, though I will say that there are some parts that young kids might find scary so be warned. It's a great closure to the series and the ending was perfect.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Sizzle palette - I bought this on impulse the other week when it was on a flash sale. I really like my other two Rainforest of the Sea palettes and I find myself reaching for them weekly and they are great for travel. This palette is great and I love the colours and how they are not super pink and bold, they are more neutral pinks if that makes sense. I've already used it a few times this week and I have a feeling it will be used regularly.

Five Feet Apart (DVD) - I really enjoyed this film, so I had to grab it on DVD when it came out this past week. I'm looking forward to sitting down and rewatching it and  enjoying it for the second time.

Keds Little Miss - I LOVE all the Mr Men and Little Miss characters and it's an obsession that just hasn't left me over the years. I have quite a few Little Miss Chatterbox and other Mr Men/Little Miss items and clothing which I love so when I saw that Keds was doing a limited edition range I really wanted them, unfortunatly they weren't available in Australia and I kept an eye out on eBay to not much luck. Then last Friday I was down the rabbit hole of Google and looking at shoes and other items when I stumbled across the Keds in my size as well so I ended up splurging on the shoes ($120 Australian including shipping) and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of them.

Berlei Pro Elite Sports Bra - So I'm big busted and when I started to work out I realised that I needed to get a sports bra, I ended up with this one and I love it. This is the best sports bra ever and I have noticed a major difference in my workouts since wearing it, it's super supportive and really holds things in. I was advised to by a bra extender as the back can be really tight and it does means I don't dislocate something when I am putting on but that's just my preference. You can currently buy it for only $25 in blue/purple (it's normally $90!) or for 20% off in black, its well worth it and I was lucky enough to grab another in blue/purple so I have an extra.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Finishing my Diploma of Community Services

When you graduate from university you get a ceremony with a hat and a gown but when you finish TAFE you get nothing, after all it's only 6 months for a certificate or 12 months for a diploma, it just passes. Once you hand in everything and get signed off, a few weeks later you get a certificate in the mail and you are qualified. It's a strange feeling all those hours, anxieties, assignments, printouts (so many printouts!) and dragging yourself to class for a certificate that gets delivered by Australia Post in an envelope with 'do not bend' printed on it. Then you realise that you are now qualified and the anxieties start to sink in and you have to start applying for jobs and figuring out what to do next.

I am finally finished with my course, I had my last day of TAFE today and caught up with my classmates for one last time, it was great getting to see them all again. I brought in cupcakes as I felt that the completion of our diplomas needed to be recognised. We all sat around and chatted about how our placements were and our plans for our futures and then we left for the last time.
It was bittersweet to leave campus for the last time, so many things took place on that campus; tears shed, discussions had, friendships made, lunches enjoyed on the picnic tables under the trees, assignments freaked out about and being taught by some amazing lecturers.

When I went back to TAFE last year my plan was to get a qualification and then a job, instead I switched courses (after a panic attack) and campuses (to one with much better parking!) and found something I loved. I say to people that it was a 'God thing' that I got into the area of Community Services and looking back I see that everything lead into it. From starting volunteering with ReachOut to having a panic attack on the second day of TAFE that lead to me talking to a careers counsellor who suggested I give Community Services a go and finding something I was passionate about. I spent two years unemployed before I went back to TAFE and while some part of me is dreading unemployment I know that God has a plan for me and will guide me to the right job.
The other week I went into campus to hand in my prac booklet and when I was leaving campus I saw a rainbow and then today when I was leaving home I saw another rainbow, seeing the rainbows reminded me of God's promises and how he has a plan for me.

I can officially say that I have a Cert 3 in Business, a Cert 4 in Community Services AND a Diploma in Community Services. I have started to apply for jobs and I know that whatever happens God has the right job for me.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Prac Recap

Well I'm late writing this but better late than never!

My prac placement was a day program for adults with disabilities, everyday there was an activity happening and we would pick up the clients before doing the activity. The activities could be anything from the movies to mini golf to the casino to cooking to visiting a park for a BBQ, each day there was a different group of clients (though some clients would come multiple days).
As I had a prac evidence booklet I spent one day a week filling it out in the office, looking up policies, chatting to the office staff to get information how the organisation worked and gathering information I needed. My booklet was around 10/15 pages to start with and it was easily 40 pages by the end including all the evidence to back it up. I wanted to justify my answers with the evidence and for some of the questions I needed to highlight photocopies of the policies. I also had to rewrite a policy for the Policy section in the book and despite me being super anxious about, it turned out really well (also why did they have to put first in the booklet apparently it caused everyone to freak out about the whole booklet!). I ended up selecting the social media policy as that was the one I had done for a class assignment and we were encouraged to use past assignments as resources to make the prac booklet easier. I adjusted it to make it specific to the organisation and using similar wording to the original.

As I didn't want to do my prac placement full time, I was able to negotiate to do it one day a week for 4 weeks and then during the block placement I only had to do 4 days a week for 3 weeks instead of 5 days a week for 4 weeks. I had to do a total of 120 hours and as the days were 7.5 hours long (and I didn't take a lunch break as I was with the clients) it was exactly 16 days. I started my block placement a week earlier as I had passed the class component of my course so I didn't need to turn up to class for the final week before the official block placement started. I did it Monday - Thursday with Fridays being the day I crashed and recharged (I can honestly say doing 5 full days would've wrecked me!).

I really admired all the staff for choosing to be support workers and it was easy to see that they all loved their jobs and were passionate about the clients.
All in all it was an interesting placement and I liked getting to know about another of community services.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Five Friday Favourites

It's been a quiet fortnight, I got my first and hopefully last cold of the season which has knocked me around a bit and it's lingering in the form of a cough (the joys of being asthmatic...). I've also been ordered by both my psych and doctor to take a break for the next couple of weeks and not job hunt or obsess over finding a job as there lots of time for that to happen. It's been nice to have a bit of a break and while it did take me a couple of days to not check Seek, I have to admit I've noticed a difference in my mental health.
I handed over all my prac booklet stuff on Monday and my lecturer was super impressed with me and how well I did at my placement which is great. I still go into campus on the 26th to say goodbye to everyone, so until then I am on break. I actually ran into the people I did prac with on Thursday and it was nice to see all the clients and support workers, but it is a relief to be done with my prac hours.
I'm aiming to get a post up regarding what's next for me and a recap of my prac placement sometime next week, so keep an eye out for that. Onto Friday Favourites:

Aladdin - so I have seen this film twice in theatres (once with my mum and sisters and once with a friend) and it is SO good. I love all the costumes and glitz but the actors are amazing, I mean I knew Naomi Scott was going to be good but who knew Mena Massoud could be this perfect Aladdin?!
I love the song Speechless and it has been on repeat ever since I first saw the film, again I knew that Naomi Scott could sing especially as I have all her EPs (and lets be honest the song She's So Gone from Lemonade Mouth is one of all my time favourite songs from a Disney Channel Original Movie) but this song has so much emotion in it. I highly recommend going to see it, if you haven't already as I can guarantee you will love it :)

Speechless (Aladdin soundtrack)- this is one of my current favourite songs and it's so good, it wasn't in the original movie but it was the perfect addition to the film. The video clip has over 29 million views so that's saying something...

Wiltshire Cookie Scoop - this is one of those cooking gadgets that may seem like another junk drawer item but for me I need it. I had a plastic one which broke and I put off replacing it as I figured maybe I didn't really one but found I really missed it whenever I was making cookies, so I finally bought a new one. This one is sturdy and makes cookies the perfect size, its also good for making cupcakes evenly sized too.

Avanti Go Cup - I'm not a hot drink person whatsoever but I bought my mum one of these mugs for Mothers Day and she loves it. It keeps things hot for a long time but isn't bulky and feels really nice, plus the print is cute (there's quite a few different ones around). The thing is my mum isn't super fussy when it comes to travel mugs but my youngest sister is and I knew this mug was one of the best when she kept stealing it. So much so that mum and I chipped in and bought her one (we got her this pattern) to prevent her from taking it permanently! I've only linked to the 280ml ones but I bought the next size up (410ml) as I felt 280ml is too small.

Fear No More (album) by The Afters - it's always a given that I will download the latest album by The Afters and this one has not disappointed! The songs are super encourage and the song Fear No More is such a comforting song for someone like myself who has anxiety. It's always great to have new music to listen to and this album has come at the right time for me as I face a lot of uncertainty in the coming weeks (and months).

Friday, May 31, 2019

Five Friday Favourites

I have finished with my prac placement! I am so relieved that it's over and I passed my prac evidence book with flying colours on Monday too. Now I just have to go into campus to get everything officially signed off and I will be completed with my diploma.

Next week is filled with appointments and just trying to get some errands done before I start upping the job seeking (which will hopefully mean I get a job soon, God willing!). I get my eyes tested on Tuesday and I get to pick out new glasses, I don't think my eyes have changed in the past 2 years since my last test but I'm looking forward to having another pair of glasses to mix things up (I do love my glasses though so I'm not going to stop wearing them just because I get a new pair).
Then Friday I have a psych appointment, I thought I was still on prac when I booked it so that's why it's on a Friday instead of the usual Tuesday (my psych now works every second Friday).
Then the following Tuesday I have a doctors appointment to get a referral and new script. So it's a busy time and I am trying not forget anything!

Tonight I am off to see Aladdin with Mum, Megan and Jocelyn which is exciting! I can't wait to see it and it's the perfect way for me to celebrate completing my prac placement.

Onto Friday Favourites...

Smashbox Photo Finish 24 Hr Eye Shadow Primer - I was having issues with my eyeshadow not staying put and going into the creases so I figured I needed a decent primer. I was recommended this one in Mecca and I really like, it's translucent so it's a not solid base which I like and you don't need much of it (I apply it with my fingers). Also I know the price is steep but as you don't need much it should last for a while.

Jeanswest Denim Refresh - this spray is seriously the best and is a great way to refresh your jeans without washing them. I was at a friends house on Saturday night and we have a bonfire and my jeans got all smoky but they were clean, so instead of washing them I just sprayed this spray on them and they were good as new.

Peter Alexander Candy Stripes Flannelette Pj set - I never thought I would be one of those people who spends $50 or more on a pair of PJs but I am slowly turning into one of those people, mind you only buy Peter Alexander PJs on sale and would never buy them full price. I bought a pair of pale blue striped flannelette PJs from Peter Alexander in April as they were on sale and I figured I needed some anyway, they are softest pair ever and I honestly think when I wear them I sleep better. So when these came on sale I decided I would order them online along with this pair for mum for her birthday.

Llama Flannelette Sheet set - to go with my llama quilt cover, blanket and heat pack I bought llama sheets just to keep it all on theme. These sheets are the softest warmest sheets ever, I have a cat set that I got for my birthday last year that I love so when these went on sale for 50% off I had to buy them. It just makes sense to have everything matching and I'm looking forward to putting the sheets on my bed.

Kikki K Sale - there's a lot of sales going on at the moment and as always Kikki K has great discounts. I always stock up during sale times for gifts and for myself! A few items I am eying off include: this porcelain cat dish, greeting cards box and canvas tote bag. I also found that my local store had a few more items for sale so it's worth having a look.