Saturday, December 31, 2011

So long 2011!

With 2011 ending in a few hours I thought I would take time to reflect on this past year :) this year hasn't always been easy, but I survived it! There have been highlights, lowlights and inbetweenlights, but hey life wasn't meant to be easy!

Even though 2012 hasn't started yet there are already a few struggles that we will have to face,starting tomorrow morning when we begin our search to find a new church 'home'. A few months ago my Dad decided he would resign from his current job as a baptist pastor and begin part time study starting in 2012 to get his masters in theology so he would eventually be able to lecture and maybe go to Peru as a missionary (along with my Mum) to teach pastors over there. So starting tomorrow we will begin to search for a new church. Many people have asked me how I feel about all this and my answer has always been the same "It's going to be hard and sad, but it feels right." so I will just have to trust God.

I don't know how exactly 2012 will turn out compared to 2011, but I do know God will be with me (and my family) every step of the way.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goals *update*

A while ago (ok it was in June) I posted a list of my goals and never got round to reviewing them until now. My goals were the following:
  • Build my confidence.
  • Smile more.
  • Graduate high school.
  • Get into either TAFE or a traineeship, after school. Then get work in the area of Customer Service.
  • Put myself out there more.
I managed to complete the following:

  • Build my confidence.
  • Smile more.
  • Graduate high school.
  • Get into either TAFE or a traineeship, after school. Then get work in the area of Customer Service.
  • Put myself out there more.
Yes I managed to do all of them! For starters I have grown alot confident in the fact that I have learned to speak my mind and managed to get a job :) I am also smiling more and are generally alot happier now. I did graduate high school which I was very proud of my self for surviving it. I got accepted into tafe in september (I haven't gotten work in the area of customer service yet but that was to help me focus on the big picture) which helped me put myself out there more because it gave my confidence and the realisation that I could do anything if I put my mind to it.

I never expected to complete all my goals when I set them but I did. Though some of them I will always need to focus on (like smiling more and bulding my confidence in myself) but I am glad I did focus and achieve them. I think this just proves to me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to over time. Now all I need to do is write new goals for the new year (I will post them when I do but it probably won't be for a few weeks)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Past Year In Posts

How was everyones Christmas? Mine was good :) I have decided to do a year in review in posts so basically I will list some key events in each month and link posts and insert some pics.

I did 10 posts in total
I reached my 100th post
I did a post on Teen bloggers and mentioned one of my friends blogs
And I posted about me starting my last year of high school.

I did 9 posts in  total
I did a post about 10 things you didn't know about me
I explained why I wasn't taking a date to the ball
I wrote about how me and my youngest sis are very different

I did 8 posts in total
I wrote about my Ball here (and here and here)
and I wrote about the other side of me

I did 8 posts in total
I made some choices
and my days got better

I did 6 posts in total
I posted a recipe for Chicken Nacho soup which has been one of my most viewed pages on my blog!
I explained that I am not a normal teenage girl
I also listen ten things that I did over a week

I did 8 posts in total
I did a movie review on soul surfer
I listed my goals ( I will be doing an updated post soon!)
I also realised that I needed to focus on myself

I did 3 posts (the least amount of posts I did all year!) in total
To make up for it I did one big post
I also did a book review

I did 5 posts in total
I wrote about 8 things that you should never do
I wrote about closing a chapter

I did 5 posts in total
I posted about my kitten
I also posted about my choices

I did 9 posts in total
I wrote about what I learned in school
I mostly focused about school as I ended it
I did a review on the film Lemonade Mouth

I did 6 posts in total
I wrote about christmas and summer
I did a post just because I though it was a good idea

I have so far done 7 posts (including this one!) total
I did 2 reviews one on Terra Nova and one on Naomi Scott (who is an actress in Terra Nova)
I also did a gift guide for Christmas

So as you can see I did quite a few posts on a variety of topics :) so please go back and read these posts ( I chose my favourites out of each month)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take some to say Merry Christmas (as I have no intentions of blogging tomorrow) and thanks for reading my blog this past year. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and enjoy yourselves. This year hasn't been easy for me and I thank you all for allowing me to vent here. I hope you will continue to read my blog (my aim is to post every 2 days next year so help me stick to that!) Finally I bring you a picture of my Christmas angel cat Maddy (I think she is dreaming of being left alone by me! :D).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Actress Review: Naomi Scott

What do Terra Nova and Lemonade Mouth both have in common? If you answer nothing you are wrong! They both star extremely talented up and coming actress Naomi Scott. I know its strange for me to review an actress but I think she is just so good! So here are a few things about Naomi (thanks to Wikipedia for helping me out!)
  • Her dad is Brittish but her mum is Indian (which gives her, her beautiful looks! But easy to say name! Haha)
  • She has an amazing voice! If you don't believe me check this clip out
  • She is English so in alot of interviews she will speak with an English accent but in both Terra Nova and Lemonade Mouth she has an American accent.
  • She is a Christian and has done missionary work (such as teaching English).

I find it hard to believe that she is only 18 (a year older than me) and was only discovered a few years ago! Watching Terra Nova (and Lemonade Mouth) it is hard to not love her! This is one of the few Actresses that I know that I will continue to follow and make an aim to see everything she is in! But for now I will be happy watching Terra Nova (which I intend to buy when it comes out on DVD) and wait for Lemonade Mouth 2 to come out! Naomi also has twitter so follow her if you get the chance.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A few random things :)

I honestly can't be bothered writing a whole post so I'm just going to do a few things in dot form:

  • Christmas is in a week, getting exited now!
  • I have twitter, well I have always had twitter but I have just decided to use it and changed my name to ErinsAntics, so follow me if you want and keep up with my crazy life.
  • I made cupcakes for Sunday School today and added a bit to much food colouring to the icing so the kids went crazy, but hey the cupcakes tasted and looked good, so no complaining.
  • In 3 weeks I am going camping, I am so ready for a break, most of the time I just read and catch up with people (there is a beach mission on when we go so I am friends with alot of the leaders of the teens). The pick is of the first time I went to the campsite, I have changed alot since then!
  • Speaking of reading, I asked for books for Christmas this year as I have nothing to read and my bookshelf is empty (it is due to the fact my little sis decided to raid it for books to read). My parents have actually ordered the books (on friday) so now I just have to wait for them to arrive (hopefully by this friday!).
  • I have four nerf guns in my wardrobe which I have to hide from my Dad till Christmas day, its tempting as I want to shoot things. Basically my little sis bought my Dad one for Christmas and Mum decided to buy her and me and my sisters one to fight against him. Christmas day will be epic!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Guide

With Christmas in just one and a half weeks away, I thought I should do a gift guide :) with picks for a variety of different types of people:

For the baker :
As many of you know I love Bakerella and today I managed to find her latest creation Cake Pops Kit, this includes the following: Lollipop sticks, a stand, ribbon, bags to package them in and tags to put on the pops. I got mine from Big W for around $17 but you get it from Amazon here for only $13.57 :)

For the Tech bunny:

You can never go wrong with an iTunes card in my books! With heaps of music to choose from, it will keep them entertained for ages.

For the little sis:
I have two younger sisters and I did this idea for my youngest sis who is starting high school next year. In a small make up bag I put the following:
Deodorant, bandaids, lip balm, bobby pins, a pack of gum and a few other goodies, the aim is for her to be able to put it her school bag next year and she will always be prepared for anything.

For the child at heart:
Two words Nerf Gun! This is bound to entertain them for hours :) Heres a tip though buy one for yourself so you have some way to fight back at them when the target you (which they will if its not you it will be the cat!)!

For the cat/animal lover:
Buy them a cute calender featuring the animal of their choice. Every one uses calenders and there are so many featuring cute animals around.

These are just a few ideas, remember people only seem hard to buy for at first, if you are ever really stuck talk to someone close to them to get ideas or if the worst comes to the worst buy them a gift card and a block of chocolate!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tv Show Review: Terra Nova

I thought I would do a TV show review today just for the sake of it. In case you haven't noticed I updated my 'about me' section on the side of this blog, and you will see that I am not just addicted to Glee but now also Terra Nova, so it seems fitting that I do a review on Terra Nova. Yes I am aware the Terra Nova is the complete opposite of Glee in many ways, but I love it!

Terra Nova is set in the future, but the setting is in the past (makes sense?), the year is 2149 and most of the animal and plant life is extinct because of the polution. Scientists have figured out a way to send people back in time 85 million years ago (when dinosaurs roamed the earth), to change the future and what has happened. The show is based around the Shannon family who have come to Terra Nova on the 10th Pilgrimage.

Why I love it:
I have never been big on shows or movies to do with dinosaurs but I decided to give it a go and was hooked. The charcters and plot lines are very unoriginal yet easy to relate to, also everything is very realistic and the technology is what you would imagine (and hope!) we would have in around a 138 years from now.
It was filmed in Queensland Australia (which is a tropical rainforrest environment) so the environment is very realistic too (lots if ferns and old leafy trees!). Every episode puts me on the edge of my seat and unlike some shows where I tend to walk away during it, I stay glued to the screen.
Also one of my favourite Actresses Naomi Scott stars in it and plays the oldest daughter, Maddy.

Something funny: According to my friend (who is an expert on Nerf guns) the guns they use are actually Nerf guns just painted black with a few bits added on. Many sites confirm this and if you don't believe it check this site out. Now I just want to know is that in between takes do the cast load up the guns and have a fight?!

I highly reccomend you watch it, if you get the chance (please note it is currently not airing in Australia, but will be on again next year).

Friday, December 9, 2011

Six Billion Secrets

Everyone has secrets, some that they feel the need to share and others that get hidden away and don't come out until something happens that reminds us of them. One of my favourite sites is Six Billion Secrets which is a site where people can post their secrets (not with their real names if they don't want) and people can read and comment on them in a non judgemental way.

The other day one of my friends and I were discussing this site over facebook and she said how depressing it was and why didn't the people just get help for their problems. This hurt me alot more than it should, for the following reasons: one some of the secrets are depressing but alot are uplifting, secondly some people can't afford to get help or don't want to own up for the fact that they have problems, and thirdly sometimes you need to get something off your chest but don't know who talk to for fear of being judged this site allows you to do all this. To me the site isn't depressing, it shows me that there are people with bigger problems who need help and that there is hope in this world among the darkness of it all. I'm not saying everyone should like the site, I just think that you shouldn't judge a site the first time you see it and that everything is not all it seems.

Monday, December 5, 2011

No Regrets

At the beginning of the year my New Years Resolution was to a guy free year, that meant that I wasn't going to date anyone. I wanted to focus on me and getting through my last year of high school and getting into TAFE (all of which I did). But looking back on my New Years Resolution I realise that I just wanted to live this year with no regrets and a part of me knew that if I got involved with a guy I would have some regrets. I admit that I did get side tracked at the beginning of the year, but I didn't break my resolution and instead those experiences made me stronger. I wanted to live my life with no regrets and I have. I have tried my hardest in every subject and proved to not only myself but others that I could acheive my dreams. So when it comes the time to make a New Years Resolution for next year decided to live with no regrets you might just suprise yourself with what you can do.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today is the first day of Summer and on my favourite radio station they asked their listeners what they loved and hated most about Summer and to text in their answers, I wasn't able to at the time but I thought I would list what I love and hate about Summer here.

  • Christmas is just around the corner.
  • Swimming.
  • Camping with the family.
  • Being able to entertain people in the evening.
  • The sun rises early which makes me want to get out of bed.
  • Being able to wear skirts and dresses.
  • Eating icecream and icypoles.
  • My hair getting naturally bleached by the sun.
  • Water fights with my sisters (and sometimes Dad).
  • The flies and bugs that come out in the evening (some how flies always go up my nose!).
  • When is gets over 35 degrees for days and there is no end in sight.
  • Sunburn.
  • When is gets so hot that the only thing you can do is lie under the air conditioner.
  • Girls wearing bikinis (and various other clothing) that barely cover them, so that they are hanging out of them.
  • Bush fires, here in Australia we have had our fair share of natural disasters over the past few years including floods, and the Black Saturday fire. Summer is just the worst time for bush fires, I have seen the damage that they can do and its shocking! 

So there is what I love and dislike about Summer. Do you have anything that you love or hate about Summer?