Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Guide

With Christmas in just one and a half weeks away, I thought I should do a gift guide :) with picks for a variety of different types of people:

For the baker :
As many of you know I love Bakerella and today I managed to find her latest creation Cake Pops Kit, this includes the following: Lollipop sticks, a stand, ribbon, bags to package them in and tags to put on the pops. I got mine from Big W for around $17 but you get it from Amazon here for only $13.57 :)

For the Tech bunny:

You can never go wrong with an iTunes card in my books! With heaps of music to choose from, it will keep them entertained for ages.

For the little sis:
I have two younger sisters and I did this idea for my youngest sis who is starting high school next year. In a small make up bag I put the following:
Deodorant, bandaids, lip balm, bobby pins, a pack of gum and a few other goodies, the aim is for her to be able to put it her school bag next year and she will always be prepared for anything.

For the child at heart:
Two words Nerf Gun! This is bound to entertain them for hours :) Heres a tip though buy one for yourself so you have some way to fight back at them when the target you (which they will if its not you it will be the cat!)!

For the cat/animal lover:
Buy them a cute calender featuring the animal of their choice. Every one uses calenders and there are so many featuring cute animals around.

These are just a few ideas, remember people only seem hard to buy for at first, if you are ever really stuck talk to someone close to them to get ideas or if the worst comes to the worst buy them a gift card and a block of chocolate!

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