Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Past Year In Posts

How was everyones Christmas? Mine was good :) I have decided to do a year in review in posts so basically I will list some key events in each month and link posts and insert some pics.

I did 10 posts in total
I reached my 100th post
I did a post on Teen bloggers and mentioned one of my friends blogs
And I posted about me starting my last year of high school.

I did 9 posts in  total
I did a post about 10 things you didn't know about me
I explained why I wasn't taking a date to the ball
I wrote about how me and my youngest sis are very different

I did 8 posts in total
I wrote about my Ball here (and here and here)
and I wrote about the other side of me

I did 8 posts in total
I made some choices
and my days got better

I did 6 posts in total
I posted a recipe for Chicken Nacho soup which has been one of my most viewed pages on my blog!
I explained that I am not a normal teenage girl
I also listen ten things that I did over a week

I did 8 posts in total
I did a movie review on soul surfer
I listed my goals ( I will be doing an updated post soon!)
I also realised that I needed to focus on myself

I did 3 posts (the least amount of posts I did all year!) in total
To make up for it I did one big post
I also did a book review

I did 5 posts in total
I wrote about 8 things that you should never do
I wrote about closing a chapter

I did 5 posts in total
I posted about my kitten
I also posted about my choices

I did 9 posts in total
I wrote about what I learned in school
I mostly focused about school as I ended it
I did a review on the film Lemonade Mouth

I did 6 posts in total
I wrote about christmas and summer
I did a post just because I though it was a good idea

I have so far done 7 posts (including this one!) total
I did 2 reviews one on Terra Nova and one on Naomi Scott (who is an actress in Terra Nova)
I also did a gift guide for Christmas

So as you can see I did quite a few posts on a variety of topics :) so please go back and read these posts ( I chose my favourites out of each month)

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