Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Because

I am currently in the works of trying to do a weekly art/writing post with my friend who is so talented with art, so hopefully that will happen next week in the mean time I have stolen this post idea from Katie (over at Loves Of Life)

Guilty Pleasure?
I would have to say watching kids shows and movies aimed at kids. I mean they always seem to make me laugh, and more times than not my sisters watch them with me.

Recent Splurg?
Nothing for myself! Christmas presents I have almost finished buying them for everyone I just need to pick up one more item and I am done. Though I am hoping to get a new phone in the next day or two (its been playing up and the battery isn' holding charge as well as it used to). Though it will be on a post paid plan meaning I pay $29 a month for two years and get credit and what not.

In Bulk I Buy?
Nothing, though I do like to stock up on M&Ms when they are on sale so maybe that.

My Go-To Flower?
Geraldton Wax, I love it and when ever it starts blooming I always pick a big bunch of it and put it on the kitchen table. Its my Mum's favourite to :)

Comfort Food?
Chocolate, it makes me happy :)

For Breakfast?
What evers in the fridge, but I do love waffles and scrambled eggs on toast.

For Dinner?
I'm not fussy so what ever Mum is cooking, which varies though I do love steak and salad in summer. I'm not a big fan of cooked vegies so when we have salad I eat alot of it.

Love/Hate Relationship With?
Work, I love the money just sometimes I really don't want to do it.

Can't Stop Watching?
Glee, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Modern Family and Terra Nova.

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