Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 things that have made me smile this past week :)

So its Spring at the moment only right now it look likes a cold winters day (only I am wearing a T-shirt and sandals with jeans because I can't be bothered changing) because it is bucketing down! I mean isn't Spring the month when you break out all your cute summer dresses, tops and skirts and what not :) and buy a pair of bathers (which you really needed last summer but couldn't affoard till now. Trust me being big busted is a curse bathers start at $100 and can cost up to $300 for one pair! Mine only cost $180 which isn't to bad) and (try to) get in shape for summer? But yet its raining (heaps!), don't me wrong I love rain, I just want to break out my summer gear and go swimming, not be stuck in the house with nothing to do. So to try and lift up my moods I am going to list 10 things that have happened this past week that have made me smile:
  1. My English exam is over! I know I bombed out at the reading section, but hey I think I passed it.
  2. Got a job a proper paying job that counts as a job (not a paper round). Its at my local Subway store and the boss is really nice and pretty much hired me on the spot. So now I can pay for tafe.
  3. I have done half my Christmas shopping (yes its early but I like to be organised). Note taken that I have to buy for 4 people (my parents and two sisters), but still its halfway done!
  4. Did I meantion my exam is over! So that means I will never have to wear my summer uniform dress again.
  5. I broke out my summer dresses and skirts if only for a few days.
  6. Glee came back on (Damien from The Glee Project was so good :D).
  7. Glee is realeasing a 2nd Christmas album I loved the first one (so did my mum and sisters) so I can't wait for the 2nd one (due out later this month).
  8. Chickpea has been allowed outside and has been enjoying attempting to catch various things that fly (including moths and flys).
  9. Christmas is coming!
  10. All the Christmas displays in the shops are very shiny and pretty :)

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