Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mental Health Week

This week is Mental Health Week and its a week when people are made more aware of mental health and illness. 1 in 4 young adults will go through a mental health issue (or illness) at some stage and so many people are shocked that it's so high, as no one really talks about it. I still get people looking at me shocked that I am so open about my anxiety struggle, when at the end of the day in order for them to get to know and understand me they must know that I struggle with anxiety.
In order not to let my anxiety effect my life I have to be so aware of my mental health, some days I am fine and other days I really have to take it one thing at a time.

I have done many posts over the years to do with mental health so below are some posts that really stand out for me:

How You Can Help Someone Who is Going Through a Mental Illness - If you know someone going through a hard time, I've written a list of dos and don'ts on how you can help them.

My Anxiety. My Mental Health. My Story. - This was such a big thing for me to write about but I have received so much positive feedback surrounding the post. It will give you an overview of just how a mental illness can affect someone and the types of treatment they may seek during their diagnosis.

Mental Illness in TV Shows -  This was meant to be a part of a 3 part series but only 2 parts got written. Once I started writing this post I was amazed with how many TV shows cover mental illness, which go unnoticed.

Mental Illness in Movies - The second part of the above series. It just covers some films that show mental illness, though I was annoyed when I could only think of two recent films. Hopefully there will be more films in the future where one of the characters suffers a mental illness.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health - A few easy ways that you can take care of your mental health. I notice a huge difference

Mental Vs Physical -The differences in how mental illnesses get treated compared to physical illnesses, and should we really be ashamed to speak up when we are struggling due to a mental illness.

Limiting My Anxiety - How I limit my anxiety in my day to day life, this covers things such as diet, sleep and down time. Its a good read if you or someone else has anxiety and is looking at ways to limit it as much as possible.

This week is all about raising awarness of mental health, so be sure to talk about it and bring it up in conversation. The more people talk about mental health and illness the less stigma there will be surrounding it.


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Emma Glour said...

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