Friday, October 7, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

I can't believe another week is over! I have started to see Christmas stuff in store and its hard to believe that soon the year will almost be over. I have been enjoying having a quiet week and just relaxing as next week is looking to be really busy. Saturday I have the mentor workshop, then next Wednesday I have a stall at a mental health expo, Thursday I am picking up Jocelyn from an exam (followed by lunch) in the morning/afternoon followed by the mentor program launch at night (in the middle of that I have Megan's friend to walk), and Friday I am preparing for Jocelyn's birthday high tea on Saturday. The job front is really quiet and I haven't heard anything back from the jobs I have applied for so if you could please pray that I hear some good news that would be great, I just feel so stuck in that area!
Moving on to Friday Favourites:

Designated Survivor - I am not normally in to political shows but this one has me wanting more! The concept is super interesting and the characters are great. If you like Suits the chances are you will like this, but the storyline (so far) isn't as intense. Its actually filmed on the same set lot as Suits and has just been given a full season order. Netflix is actually releasing weekly episodes, so we get it just after the US which is a bonus :)

Stitchers Season 3 - in the best tv show news this week, Stitchers has finally been renewed! I am super stoked for a 3rd season of this great show and if you haven't watched it now's the perfect time to check it out.

Mental Health Week - next week is mental health week, which is a great week to talk about mental health and mental illness. There are heaps of events running around and the aim is to raise awareness and get people talking about their mental health. With suicide one of the leading causes of death in young adults we really need to be made aware of mental health and what we can do to prevent more deaths.

Havaianas Freedom sandals - I am slowly beginning to think about Summer despite it feeling like it will stay in this winter like state forever and I have just ordered these sandals to put me in a Summer mood. Unlike the other sandals Havaianas offer these have an adjustable strap so there isn't any chance of them slipping off your feet. I pretty much live in sandals in summer and find a rubber base is best for my feet and these last really well (I got the Flash style last year and wore them non stop and they still look new!).

There's Life After - continuing with the mental health theme, every year ReachOut launches a 'There's Life After Year 12' campaign (is that what's it called?) to let Year 12's that there is a life after the major exams they take. I never took these exams but I currently live in a house where my younger sister is preparing to take them and I really appreciate what this campaign is saying. It seems like year 12s face so much pressure with these exams and its ok to be stressed and unsure what the future holds. Its well worth checking out if you or someone you know is facing the ATAR exams.

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