Friday, September 28, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

This week was full of self-care, assignments and recovering from last weekend. Tuesday was self-care day as I had a psychologist appointment and then I came home and watched 9-1-1 (which was intense to say the least!) and did nothing. The rest of the week passed in a blur with study, shopping trips and just trying to recharge. Next week is actually very quiet which is nice and I'm hoping to finish a few assignments.

Onto Friday Favourites:

Tarte Sunshine & Smooches lip set - I love Tarte and I love lipstick so it was inevitable that I would end up buying this set. I'm not a huge matte lipstick person, but the less times I need to reapply lipstick the better and I'm starting to like it. I actually tried out the matte lipstick by purchasing this set which allowed me to try out the product multiple times before taking the plunge. The lipstick doesn't dry out my lips and has great staying power, though at the end of the day it does flake a bit but that's to be expected. I also love how easily it comes off with micellar water which is great for easy removal at the end of the day.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 5 - I love Brooklyn Nine Nine and it was a given I would buying season 5 as soon as it came out. The day I bought it I ended up watching it all afternoon and I had no regrets, this season is one of the best and I still found myself laughing despite seeing all the episodes previously. Also season 5 is officially out on Netflix today :)

Single Parents - this show has had great reviews and the first episode was hilarious! I am not a single parent or even have kids (I don't think a cat counts haha) but I loved the cast's chemistry and message behind the show about how it takes a village to raise kids and it's ok to rely on people for help.

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade by Cheyanne Young - this book get's released on the 2nd of October and it is so good that it needs to be on everyone's to read lists. Raquel was such a strong character, who was trying to get over the death of her best friend and follow through with her final wishes while also trying to reshape herself and move on. I also loved the character of Elijah and how despite the world against him he was doing his best. This book is so well written so I don't want to give to much away just that you should buy it and enjoy it you can read the full review I did on it here 

2019 Weekly Diary Small: Cute - every year I buy this diary with my birthday voucher and I love it. The size is perfect for my handbag and I love the layout. I can't get into using my phone as a calendar, so for me a diary is essential and this one adds some colour into my life. I also love how it has pockets to store important bits and pieces and the stickers at the back are always a nice bonus. If you are after a diary for next year then this one is well worth a look. Also if you purchase a diary from Kikki K you become a Diary Lover which means each month you get added bonuses depending on the month (I have gotten free stickers, pens, notebooks just to name a few) which is a nice touch.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Inter-church young adult sport competition recap

I can't believe how fast this year is going! After what seemed like months of planning and anticipation it was time for this years inter-church young adult sports competition.

On Thursday after class I drove to the shops with a shopping list in hand and budget to buy food for our team - we supply breakfast and lunch. For breakfast there was a selection of cereals and toast and for lunch we did cold meat and salad wraps, I also bought some fruit and muesli bars for energy.  I was able to come under budget despite having to run back to the shops because I had forgotten a few items.
Friday I took it easy and did some retail therapy grabbing the latest season of Brooklyn Nine Nine on dvd, I knew it would be a high anxiety weekend and hoped that by taking it easy I would be able to survive the weekend with minimal anxiety.  As I was on organising the food for the weekend I grated the carrots for the wraps and finished packing the groceries - a friend was picking them up as room was going to be tight.
This year I wasn't driving myself down and was instead carpooling with a few other young adults, we left around 5.30pm and took the long way down instead of the freeway to avoid all the long weekend traffic with a stop halfway to grab dinner. We arrived around 7.45/8.00pm which wasn't too bad, unloaded the car and got settled in for the weekend. We are fortunate to have some contacts that let us stay in a school gym for the weekend just our church instead of getting squished into various rec centres (with other churches) that require us to pack up our stuff before the sports begin each morning.
We had a team meeting (I think there was about 22 of us in total), distributed shirts (yes they were bright pink with a blue splatter in the middle and then our logo on the splatter, this was to work in with the 90s theme for the weekend) and worked out the plans for the next days in terms of transport and what the weekend would look like overall. This year instead of getting a physical fixture book all the fixtures were posted online a week prior to the event. As a volunteer I was rostered on to score for the Indoor Beach Volleyball Saturday and Sunday mornings, Netball Saturday afternoon and Uno Sunday afternoon. On Saturday we had a rally/90s party and I put myself down as unavailable on the Sunday night as I knew I would be half dead by then.  In the past I have had a break at some point and only scheduled on for 3 slots but unfortunately that didn't happen, which was annoying and meant that by the end of the weekend I was running on empty.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning as we had to be at the main rec centre at 7.30am, I set out stuff for breakfast and explained how making lunch would work. We then headed to the rec centre for the opening ceremony before heading off to our various sports at various locations. A few of us met back at the rec centre for lunch before heading out for the afternoons sports. The netball and volleyball was at the same location so after I was finished scoring the netball I walked over watched the volleyball team their last match before we headed back to the gym where we were staying to change and relax. Some of us had showers, others rested and others chatted and ate brownies.
This year the theme was the 90s so we were encouraged to dress '90s' which no one really knew how (I wore my Friends hoodie, sparkly eye shadow, and sparkly silver flats) and after the rally (really a church service but aimed at young adults) there was a bit of a 90s party happening with 90s music and dancing. By the end of the rally a lot of us were crashing after such a busy day so half of the team went back to the gym while the other half stayed for the party, I stayed for a while as I wanted to push myself but eventually I felt myself crashing thankfully a friend had driven his car so we left early.
We chatted for a while at the gym before turning in for the night, thankfully none of us were due anywhere until 9.00am on Sunday so we didn't have to get up quite as early as we did on Saturday.

Sunday morning after breakfast we all sorted out where we were headed, I was on beach volleyball again but thankfully I didn't have to score (apparently I not only can't play volleyball I can't score it either!) and was given the task of entering in the scores in the fixtures. My cousin was actually playing volleyball with her church so we got to chat in her teams breaks and she versed my church which was fun (they won and proceeded to win all their games).
Our whole team actually had sports at the main rec centre in the afternoon so we met back there for lunch and enjoyed some sunshine before going to our separate sport location spots. It was at this point I was starting to zone out so I drank some Sprite and used the energy from the sugar to power through the afternoon. Scoring Uno wasn't too bad and I got to chat with people from the other teams which was fun. I ended up chatting with some people from cousin's church (who my uncle is the pastor of) and found out that she refers to me as the 'cousin with the blog', I am still working out whether that is a compliment or not and how it came to be!
The other sports didn't start until 6.30pm so we all headed back to the gym where it was decided we would go to a bistro for dinner for some team bonding and decent food. The food wasn't and we all enjoyed a decent meal (I shared a woodfired pizza with a friend) before going in cars and heading to our various locations. I went with the dodgeball, chess and connect four people back at the main rec centre and watched a bit of each. The dodgeball team had a large break between their first and second games so we all watched our teammates play chess and chatted. We got into the semi finals of connect four, just missed out on the semi finals of chess (by 2%) and failed at dodgeball (which always happens) and we all headed back to the gym via a stop at a grocery store to pick up a cake as one of the girls in our team had a birthday on Saturday and we figured we should celebrate it.
Once the bulk of our team returned we sang happy birthday to her before chilling out eating cake. Some people decided to play cards and I finally got to read a book before heading to bed.

Monday those who weren't leaving early went to McDonalds for a late breakfast before heading to the rec centre to watch the netball and basketball finals and attend the closing ceremony where we would find out where we placed and pick up our trophies. We came 6th (out of 16) in the small church division and 16th (out of 30 something) in the main division, along with winning Ultimate Frisbee, mens squash, womens squash, runner up in mixed badminton and a couple of others I think. Once the closing ceremony finished we all left the gym and went our separate ways exhausted but happy after a fun weekend.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

24th Birthday Recap

What a crazy fun birthday! I felt so loved and it was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy my birthday on Saturday.
On Friday night we went out to dinner at Grilled, followed by San Churros (we got 2 chocolate fondues to share and we still had leftovers despite sharing them between 5), it was a nice night despite it being freezing!
I woke up at 6.30am as ever since it has been getting lighter my body clock has been waking me up earlier. I just relaxed in bed and of course had a visit from Rikki who found a cotton swab to play with because attacking my mat wasn't enough.
I got dressed and had breakfast.
After breakfast it was time for presents :) in our family we have this tradition of having a bowl of lollies at the breakfast table with a candle and singing happy birthday, I have no idea how it started but it's something I think everyone should do.

I got two rings from Pandora (this one and this one) and some cute cat sheets from my parents, some setting spray  and the matching pj top to my little miss pj pants from Jocelyn and an iTunes card from Megan.
As we had celebrated the night prior (due to me having church on Saturday night), we went out
shopping as I had some vouchers to spend and retail therapy is one of my favourite things. We grabbed lunch in the food court before coming home so Megan could go to dancing.
As it was such a beautiful spring day, I read outside in the sunshine and absorbed all the sun I could.
I then went to church, where I was spoilt by more gifts from friends :)
Instead of doing games night like is our normal Saturday after church tradition everyone came over for cake and we hung out. For those wondering Jocelyn spent all of Saturday afternoon decorating the cake and it tasted as good as it looked! I keeping telling her we should go into business together (I bake the cakes she decorates them) but she wants to be a nurse.

I went to bed exhausted and feeling very loved.
Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday and thought of me on my special day. I am so thankful to be so loved and have your support throughout the years :)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Five Friday Favourites

I turn 24 tomorrow (you can read all my thoughts about turning 24 here) and as always I have started the celebrations early :) this morning I met up with a friend for San Churros and then tonight my family and I are going out to dinner and more San Churros (I actually have a $100 voucher I won a few months prior that I have been saving for a special occasion). Tomorrow I have no idea what I will be doing during the day but at night after church we are doing games night at my house and having cake. I actually baked the cake on Monday and Jocelyn is going to decorate it, I am told it will be very chocolate centred so I have no doubt that by Sunday I will be in a chocolate coma haha!

Peter Alexander Little Miss 3/4 PJ Pant - normally I would never spend such an amount on a pair of PJ pants but for those who know me I love the Mr Men and Little Miss characters. Every year I like to treat myself to a birthday gift, there's no criteria but it has to be something I love and would normally never buy for myself! In the past it has been DVD box sets, beauty boxes, make up etc so this year it was a pair of cute PJ pants. I actually was able to buy them when they have a 20% off storewide sale at the beginning of September so it was perfect timing. I was also needing another pair of 3/4 PJ pants as the weather gets warmer (mine are all a few years old) so it's actually a useful gift.

The Afters Well Done (single) - this song gave me chills when I heard it and I love the song so much! I am a huge fan of The Afters and have all their albums on repeat in my playlist that I listen to in the car. I just find their music so inspiring and Godly, I just know when I am having a rough day their music can help me through it. This song is a different style compared to their others but the lyrics are amazing and I highly recommend you download it.

Black glitter metal drink bottle - I have so many drink bottles (one with a filter, one with my name on it, one with Little Miss Chatterbox on it … and they are just the ones I use regularly!) and I have been resisting buying one of the metal insulated ones for a while. But I love cold water and I hate condensation so I gave in because it was going to happen eventually. I was unsure if it would do as it claimed but I kid you not that this bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours (I even tested it - I left it out on the bench for 27 hours and the water was still cool) and there is no condensation. This water bottle will be my friend during Summer a bonus is that it's sparkly.

Books You Should Read - I actually posted this last month but then I realised that I had more books to add to the list so I took it down before anyone could see it :) if you are after a new book to read then this post will have a book for you. I love being able to discover some new authors and read some new books from some of my favourite authors.

Leather Pouch Large: Wonderful Kikki K - I have been eyeing off this pouch for quite a while now and it finally came in stock in my local store! I just loved the print, metallic touches and blush pink colour. Its a great multi purpose pouch too and as its easy to wipe down, you can use it to store toiletries, make up, stationery … pretty much anything :) I have a few similar pouches that I find really handy to store my phone and stuff in when I'm at the beach so it won't get sandy and wet, which is really helpful.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Treats for R U OK Day

Thursday the 13th is R U OK Day a day to ask your friends how they are doing and strike up a conversation. Of course you shouldn't just ask people how they are on R U OK Day but it's a good reminder that a conversation could save someone's life.
As someone who deals with a mental illness, I am aware of how mental health can affect everyone differently and just how important it is to check up on those around you.
As R U OK Day falls on a day when I am at TAFE I thought it would be fun to give my classmates a treat. These are super easy to make and even though I hand wrote the labels (if I had made anymore than 12 I would've typed them up).
To make these I just bought a pack of fun size chocolate bars - in my case it was M&Ms as they are one of my favourite snacks (and they were on special), I then grabbed some postcard sized ReachOut exam stress resource cards which I had on hand (as they are for my classmates) but you could easily just print out a list of mental health resources or printout one of the many infographics ReachOut has online like this one. I grabbed some cute post it notes and hand wrote R U OK? With the phrase: A conversation could save a life and then stuck it on the pack and stapled both to the card. These took no time at all to make and I have no doubt these will be well appreciated by my classmates.

You could also do one of the following:
  • Include 2 chocolates along with a note asking them to strike up a conversation with a friend over a sweet treat asking how they are - I actually did this when I was working in an office and left a pile of them in the break room, so many people thought they were a good idea and it was great to hear people talking mental health in the office. 
  • Write R U OK on packs of gum and give them out to friends - alternatively you could write them on the wrapper of individual sticks of gum and offer them out to people (because I swear with people once they know you have gum they flock to you like seagulls!).
  • If cups of tea or coffee are more your style you could attach R U OK labels to individually wrapped tea bags and coffee sachets - this encourages people to sit down and think about how they are over a hot drink.
  • Write R U OK on cupcakes with icing - a local bakery is actually doing this and it would be a great idea to bring cupcakes for your workmates for a special morning tea on Thursday.
  • Or simply ask a friend if they ok and mean it :) 
Remember that asking if someone is ok shouldn't just be done on R U OK Day but every day of the year and sometimes you may need to ask someone multiple times to get an honest answer. For those who answer that they are not ok, it's ok to be not ok and telling someone who cares about how you are feeling will help you through these not ok times.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Thought's on turning 24

I turn 24 next Saturday and I'm in that weird stage in my life where half my friends around my age
are getting married and having kids and the other half aren't. If you had asked me a few years ago I would've said I would be in the former group but I'm not and I am totally ok with it :)

My life has never been easy and it's only been the past year or so that my life has been settling down and I am feeling on top of things. I was unemployed for 2 years prior to studying and they were a really dark time for me, I faced a lot of battles but I came out stronger and here I am. I look back and go there was no way I could even think about throwing a guy into the mix as I didn't love myself at times so why should I expect a guy to

love me? I also had it into my mind that there was no way anyone would love me if I didn't have a job and it took a lot of people and time to convince me that for the right guy it wouldn't be an issue.

When I was younger I thought that by 24 I would have a great job, married and with either a kid on the way or seriously thinking about kids. Instead I'm studying, single and I have a cat (who's the cutest ginger cat ever) and that is totally fine with me. My anxiety levels for the first time in forever are stable and while I do have bad days they aren't nearly as bad as what they were. I am more aware of my self-care needs and anxiety management, I know when to say no to things and when to push myself. I have proven so many people wrong with what I have achieved, it's hard to believe that I was ever that girl whose doctor thought that she would never graduate high school. Yet here I am with a cert. 3 in Business, a cert. 4 in Community Services and studying to get my Diploma in Community Services.

I have no doubt that past me would be amazed with what I have achieved, yes 24 isn't how I thought it would look in the past but it's so much better. I know I will achieve all those things I thought I would achieve by 24 in my own time (or really God's time).