Thursday, September 29, 2011

To many choices

Since I started cooking (I think I was 9 or 10) everyone has been telling me that I should become a chef or work in a cafe, but heres the thing I have never wanted to. I have always wanted to be a florist (my hayfever would make working with flowers impossible), or vet nurse (that idea cleared out of my head when I was 13 don't ask why) or childcare worker (I have since decided I don't have the pateince to be one and kids tire me out quickly). But now when I had to make my big decision on what to apply to a tafe I went the complete opposite of what I had always wanted to be or what alot of people were telling me to be I applied to buisness administration (and got accepted in! Sorry it still doesn't seem real to me!) and have decided to become a receptionist or work in customer service.

The fact was none of the above things were 'me' and cooking has always been my hobby and I have never wanted it to become a chef because cooking has been one of the many forms of relaxion for me (writing, reading books, listening to music and sometimes watching TV are my other ways of relaxion) so to me I didn't seem the point of making something that has been about relaxion into my career. I mean yes one day I may work in cafe or be a chef but for now I am more than happy about my decision to become a reception and work in customer service. I chose what was right for me now and what I knew I could do, I was confident in my decision and there wasn't any 'What ifs' floating in my mind, I applied to a course which I WANTED TO DO no one else and knew I could handle. My mum did back me up on this (as did my dad and younger sisters, one of them told me that she could see me being a receptionist) but in the end I wasn't pressured into applying to anything that I didn't want to do or couldn't see myself doing in the future.

The thing is whether your applying to university or tafe its your choice no one elses and that means you have a right to tell people to back down and say this is what I want to do its my life and my future. No one else will be living your future only you so make it count to yourself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a post

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately, life has been hectic to say the least I have an english exam next wednesday (which I am not looking forward to!) so I have started to revise for that (you know read up on all the texts and films you study in the class and what not) so instead of boring you with how hectic my life is at the moment here are few things I am loving at the moment:
  • Glee Season 3, loved the first episode last night. I am so glad Blaine moved to McKinley high, he and Kurt make a cute couple! As for what this season I'm not to sure but I am hoping Quinn comes back to New Directions she is my favourite charcter and has a great voice.
  • Waffles, I got a waffle maker for my birthday and loving how easy they are to make. I love them simple just Cream and Maple syrup for me, but tonight I am making savoury cheese waffles with mexican mince and sour cream cheese sauce, so I am hoping they go well.
  • The film Its Kind Of A Funny Story its not what you expect from a film aimed at teenagers and I love it! If more people made films like this then I would be happy!
  • Eric by Shaun Tan I studied Shaun Tan in art and loved his work. I recently bought his book, Eric and love the drawings, I could stare at them for ages plus its small size means that its extra cute!
These are a few of the things that I am loving at the moment, I am hoping to post more often in the coming weeks depending on the speed of my life :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A lesson from the Glee Project

I have become hooked on the Glee Project! I mean yes I am a Gleek (guilty as charged) and love Glee ok I am OBESESSED with Glee (helloooo? I have all the DVD's went to see the movie the 2nd night it came out and have all the CD's and listen to them frequently, oh and did I mention? I have (my parents are annoyed about this) managed to turn my sister Megan into a Gleek!) and as it is currently not on, the Glee Project is the next best thing.
I love watching it, I mean these are everyday kids with real talent. Since Cameron left, I have been going for Samuel and as much as I hate/loath dredlocks he can pull them off and makes him look awesome (I would say cute, but he doesn't really suit the word!). So last nights episode each of the final four had to perform to Ryan Murphy (the brains behind Glee) and the main writer (I think he also co produces and directs Glee aswell) and Ryan asked Samuel how he hadn't broke (down) yet or had a hard time on the show. Know I knew Samuel was a Christian (he told the judges last week that he had Jesus tattooed on the back of his neck and a few bible verses also tatooed on him) and this just confirmed it, he confidently told the judges 'Just because I want to be here, doesn't mean that God wants me to be here' I was amazed. I mean I think this rings true to everyone out there that just because we want doesn't mean God wants it for us and he knows best!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have decided that because I am nice, I will finally post a few photos of Miss Chickpea also known as Chickers, Chickapea, Little One and CHICKPEA!!!!! Though we only use the last one when we are mad at her for looking at the birds or fish or getting on the birdcage. The top one was a photo taken today and the bottom one was taken a week after we got her, both were taken on my sisters ipod touch, so I am sorry for the bad quality of the photos. My mum has better photos but they are still on her camera so I may post them later.If I get around to asking for her camera.
Though Chickpea is a little rascal at times but we still love her, she makes our lives very entertaining and we couldn't imagine not having her around.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Families and a post for Maddy

I have 4 families, you see sure I'm not biologically related to every single person in each of the families, but still I have 4 families. I have my immeadiate family which includes my mum, dad and two sisters. Then I have my extended family which includes, my aunties, uncles, grandparents and cousins. Then I have my friend family, which is the family I have 'made', it has all my friends in it and its the family I have chosen to be apart of. Finally I have my christian family, I only know a small amount of the people in this family, as it is made up of all the people who are christians on this earth. Each of these families are combined in areas and sure in the last family I may not have met every single person in it, but I know that they will help in times of need.

Today is someone in my christian family's birthday, her name is Kelly, and though I have never met her, I read her blog and feel like I know her in person. For her birthday Kelly requested that everyone blog about her daughter Maddy whom she lost to SIDS at the beginning of the year, to get the message out about SIDS. Maddy was (and still is) a beautiful girl and I know she is missed on earth, Kelly is one of the strongest people I have ever known, each morning she gets up and continues with her life even when, a huge part of it is missing. I just know Maddy is very proud of her mum and dad for spreading the word about sids and continuing their lives. So on that note here is a beautiful picture of Maddy. Please go over to her blog and say hi, her blog is one of the best outthere!