Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just a post

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately, life has been hectic to say the least I have an english exam next wednesday (which I am not looking forward to!) so I have started to revise for that (you know read up on all the texts and films you study in the class and what not) so instead of boring you with how hectic my life is at the moment here are few things I am loving at the moment:
  • Glee Season 3, loved the first episode last night. I am so glad Blaine moved to McKinley high, he and Kurt make a cute couple! As for what this season I'm not to sure but I am hoping Quinn comes back to New Directions she is my favourite charcter and has a great voice.
  • Waffles, I got a waffle maker for my birthday and loving how easy they are to make. I love them simple just Cream and Maple syrup for me, but tonight I am making savoury cheese waffles with mexican mince and sour cream cheese sauce, so I am hoping they go well.
  • The film Its Kind Of A Funny Story its not what you expect from a film aimed at teenagers and I love it! If more people made films like this then I would be happy!
  • Eric by Shaun Tan I studied Shaun Tan in art and loved his work. I recently bought his book, Eric and love the drawings, I could stare at them for ages plus its small size means that its extra cute!
These are a few of the things that I am loving at the moment, I am hoping to post more often in the coming weeks depending on the speed of my life :)

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