Monday, July 25, 2016

6 months and 1 week of unemployment round 2

Today was a rough day, not only was I in pain from my 5km walk yesterday (only ReachOut would be worth walking that much for!) but it hit me that I have been unemployed for 6 months and 1 week. I honestly thought that I would be employed by now but there is no end in sight and its super discouraging! My phone rang twice today and both times I hoped that it would be regarding a job interview and both times it wasn't one was about a 5 day gym trial (I'm in pain from walking so going to the gym isn't on my mind right now!) and the other was my employment agency wanting to move my appointment back tomorrow (which is fine). It seems that no matter how much I willed the phone to ring regarding a job interview it didn't (praying that it will tomorrow)!
It got me thinking if I knew what the future held would I have accepted the job over a year ago knowing that a year later I wouldn't be signing another contract for a year and celebrating surviving a year, instead I would at home wanting to hit my head against the wall? I don't know, a part of me thinks I wouldn't have and another part of me feels like I still would've given it a shot because at the end of the day I survived 6 months in a high stress job that many people who don't battle anxiety have told me they wouldn't have been able to survive.
I ended up heading to my favourite café (despite having been there on Friday) along the river and just sitting, praying and reading my bible because sometimes you just need to stop and pray. I ended up reading some Psalms starting with the one Psalm that I keep going back to, Psalm 27 and then just flicking through them and reading what caught my eye. I read how God answers prayers and even when we feel discouraged he is there and he listens to our prayers and answers them in his own time. I just feel like its really hard to stay positive when so many people are getting their dream jobs and having their prayers answered. I just want to be able write that I have a interview then a week later I have a job then a week later I am feeling super overwhelmed and have no idea what the hell I am doing in this job but God is with me post and finally in a month or so later I am no longer drowning in this job post but I can't see that happening anytime soon and it sucks.
Everyday when I get in the car I pray that God will show me what my next step should be and guide me through this tough time and show me light at the end of this tunnel because I can't see it and I have no idea what I should be doing.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

This week has been crazy but good, I have applied for 3 jobs this week and I am praying that one of them comes through, I am waiting to hear back about a job (I have until Monday week to hear from them and if I don't then I have not been shortlisted). If you guys could please pray that I get an interview soon (the one that has until Monday week to contact me is one that I feel like I could handle) that would be amazing!
Moving on to five friday favourites in no particular order:

Good Witch on Netflix - I am always after a new show to watch and when I stumbled across this one I was plesantly surprised with how much I enjoy it. It's a great escape and I find myself feeling really calm after watching it. It's about relationships and the little things in life that you may miss when you're in a hurry.

Initial beads from Pandora - I received a Pandora bangle for my 21st last year and I love looking at all the beads that you can get, so when I saw the new initial beads I knew that I needed to buy one. I ended up buying one on Wednesday and it looks even better in person.

All 85 Degrassi Characters ranked - its no secret that I love Degrassi Next Gen and someone has taken the time to rank all 85 (past and present) characters. This list is super well done and on point plus by reading it you get to see just how many big issues they have covered over the years!

Snickers Pods - a friend recently told me about these - I mean I knew they existed but I didn't realise how addictable these were! They are the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter with crunch. I managed to eat a whole bag over the course of an afternoon! If you love peanut M&Ms you will LOVE these, maybe just space yourself over the course of a few days rather than do what I did.

FlowerNBird etsy shop - when I get bored I do online shopping (also when I'm tired I buy random stuff off ebay but thats a story for another day), so last rainy Saturday afternoon I decided to browse on Etsy to try and find a travel makeup bag. Long story short I stumbled upon FlowerNBird and when I saw this bag on sale I couldn't resist purchasing it (I also have my eye on this, this and this) . I am always after a new handbag (I try to limit myself to 1 a year) and this one looks like a good size (if a bag can fit a laptop in it I am happy as it allows me to feel like I can say its for study purposes) plus polka dots are such a classic print. I also love knowing that by buying it I am supporting a small business.

So they're my Five Friday Favourites for this week, hope everyone has a good weekend and I am praying that my next blog post will be full of some good job hunting news (God willing!).

Monday, July 18, 2016

More job applications

It's Monday which means a new week and a fresh new start! I should be doing an assignment but I got sidetracked by job applications which I guess is a good thing?
The job market is slowly starting to pick up which is good and I am praying that I will get a job soon. The job I applied for a couple of weeks ago has closed which means I have 2 weeks to find out if I have advanced to the next round, I never actually got an email after I submitted the application so I am praying that they actually processed the application, but I will just wait and see.
This morning I applied for 2 jobs both in similar areas that my last job was in but shorter hours and in different locations so I am hoping as I have relevant experience that one of my applications will be successful there.
Being unemployed does wear you down and its tough to stay positive when in reality you often just want to hit your head against the wall.
In this society so many people believe that if you can't get a job then you are not trying hard enough or you don't really want to work when its the opposite for the bulk of us. I left my last job due to my anxiety, I did not choose to have anxiety and it's not my fault that I can only work part time or have to be super selective with the jobs I apply for. So for me trying to find any jobs to apply for is like looking for a needle in a haystack which is super hard to find. 
I know God has mapped out my future, its just super hard to stay positive and focused on the bigger picture when I can see only what's in front of me which is very little.
I saw the picture below a while ago and it made me laugh.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back from a break and 10 things that have been happening in my life

I somehow managed to take a 10 day break from blogging which was not intentional its just when you get involved with a school holiday program that leaves you with a killer cold and feeling exhausted blogging takes a back seat!
Here are 10 things that have been happening with me:
  1. I have just finished watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and it was a great rollercoaster of emotions and everyone needs to watch it. The ending could've been better but all in all it was a solid series and the characters were amazing.
  2. I have applied for one job which is better than nothing, it took me two hours and 1 block of chocolate to do the job application, so I am praying that it will work out.
  3. I finished the sequel to Me Before You, After You and I felt underwhelmed and found it was too predictable for my tastes. Read it if you've read the first book but don't go out of your way to read it and keep your expectations low.
  4. The Olympics are due to start soon and a great movie to get you in the mood is Full Out which is about competitive gymnastics. I loved the look into the world and it was a great film to watch. It has some Degrassi alums in it as well so you know it will be good.
  5. I've been thinking about what TV show I would watch if I could only watch one for the rest of my life and its come down to a draw between Degrassi or Greek both are shows that have a good balance between drama, comedy and everything else. I find to escape I need a show that will make me laugh but I also love drama.
  6. We celebrated a friend from America's birthday on Saturday night and I was in charge of making the cake. I kept it simple with a zebra cake on the inside (chocolate and vanilla) and vanilla buttercream I wasn't given a design brief but couldn't resist topping it with Starburst Aussie Animals. It turned out cuter than expected and tasted just as good as it looked. It was a fun cake to make and a huge hit. (*You also know its a good cake when you get told to send a pic of it to a friend who pulled out last minute due to illness to show them what they're missing out on!)
  7. I just lodged my tax return and I am expecting a decent amount back which is an answer to prayer. It will be enough to top up my savings and cover a few things that I have coming up. It was more than first thought and the team at Etax were great and it was really easy to do.
  8. It has been feeling like Winter (which is expected as we are in the middle of Winter!) over here and I swear its been the coldest winter I've ever experienced we normally might have 1 or 2 days where the max is 15 degrees but it seems like we are getting at least 1-2 days where its 15 degrees or less per week. I pretty much live in jeans and jackets at the moment and its not uncommon for me to have a scarf and the heating on in my car most days.
  9. I will admit that I find it hard to do regular bible reading and devotions. I just can't commit to it and find it challenge to sit down on a daily basis and read my bible. I've tried many things but when I came across One Minute Devotions For Young Women I figured it was worth a try and its really helped me. Every day there is a short bible verse and a devotion, it doesn't take me more than a minute and its relevant to me. I keep it next to my bed and do it before I go to sleep, its also a decent size and I love the cover.
  10. On Tuesday I am going to visit a Cat Café which I am super excited about! You pay $12 and get to spend an hour playing with some cute cats all who were adopted from the local cat shelter (where I got Rikki from!) it should be a fun day out and who doesn't like enjoying some sweet treats while also seeing some cute cats.
The above it just a snippet of how my life has been going, I am looking forward to getting back into regular blogging soon :)