Friday, July 22, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

This week has been crazy but good, I have applied for 3 jobs this week and I am praying that one of them comes through, I am waiting to hear back about a job (I have until Monday week to hear from them and if I don't then I have not been shortlisted). If you guys could please pray that I get an interview soon (the one that has until Monday week to contact me is one that I feel like I could handle) that would be amazing!
Moving on to five friday favourites in no particular order:

Good Witch on Netflix - I am always after a new show to watch and when I stumbled across this one I was plesantly surprised with how much I enjoy it. It's a great escape and I find myself feeling really calm after watching it. It's about relationships and the little things in life that you may miss when you're in a hurry.

Initial beads from Pandora - I received a Pandora bangle for my 21st last year and I love looking at all the beads that you can get, so when I saw the new initial beads I knew that I needed to buy one. I ended up buying one on Wednesday and it looks even better in person.

All 85 Degrassi Characters ranked - its no secret that I love Degrassi Next Gen and someone has taken the time to rank all 85 (past and present) characters. This list is super well done and on point plus by reading it you get to see just how many big issues they have covered over the years!

Snickers Pods - a friend recently told me about these - I mean I knew they existed but I didn't realise how addictable these were! They are the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter with crunch. I managed to eat a whole bag over the course of an afternoon! If you love peanut M&Ms you will LOVE these, maybe just space yourself over the course of a few days rather than do what I did.

FlowerNBird etsy shop - when I get bored I do online shopping (also when I'm tired I buy random stuff off ebay but thats a story for another day), so last rainy Saturday afternoon I decided to browse on Etsy to try and find a travel makeup bag. Long story short I stumbled upon FlowerNBird and when I saw this bag on sale I couldn't resist purchasing it (I also have my eye on this, this and this) . I am always after a new handbag (I try to limit myself to 1 a year) and this one looks like a good size (if a bag can fit a laptop in it I am happy as it allows me to feel like I can say its for study purposes) plus polka dots are such a classic print. I also love knowing that by buying it I am supporting a small business.

So they're my Five Friday Favourites for this week, hope everyone has a good weekend and I am praying that my next blog post will be full of some good job hunting news (God willing!).

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