Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back from a break and 10 things that have been happening in my life

I somehow managed to take a 10 day break from blogging which was not intentional its just when you get involved with a school holiday program that leaves you with a killer cold and feeling exhausted blogging takes a back seat!
Here are 10 things that have been happening with me:
  1. I have just finished watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and it was a great rollercoaster of emotions and everyone needs to watch it. The ending could've been better but all in all it was a solid series and the characters were amazing.
  2. I have applied for one job which is better than nothing, it took me two hours and 1 block of chocolate to do the job application, so I am praying that it will work out.
  3. I finished the sequel to Me Before You, After You and I felt underwhelmed and found it was too predictable for my tastes. Read it if you've read the first book but don't go out of your way to read it and keep your expectations low.
  4. The Olympics are due to start soon and a great movie to get you in the mood is Full Out which is about competitive gymnastics. I loved the look into the world and it was a great film to watch. It has some Degrassi alums in it as well so you know it will be good.
  5. I've been thinking about what TV show I would watch if I could only watch one for the rest of my life and its come down to a draw between Degrassi or Greek both are shows that have a good balance between drama, comedy and everything else. I find to escape I need a show that will make me laugh but I also love drama.
  6. We celebrated a friend from America's birthday on Saturday night and I was in charge of making the cake. I kept it simple with a zebra cake on the inside (chocolate and vanilla) and vanilla buttercream I wasn't given a design brief but couldn't resist topping it with Starburst Aussie Animals. It turned out cuter than expected and tasted just as good as it looked. It was a fun cake to make and a huge hit. (*You also know its a good cake when you get told to send a pic of it to a friend who pulled out last minute due to illness to show them what they're missing out on!)
  7. I just lodged my tax return and I am expecting a decent amount back which is an answer to prayer. It will be enough to top up my savings and cover a few things that I have coming up. It was more than first thought and the team at Etax were great and it was really easy to do.
  8. It has been feeling like Winter (which is expected as we are in the middle of Winter!) over here and I swear its been the coldest winter I've ever experienced we normally might have 1 or 2 days where the max is 15 degrees but it seems like we are getting at least 1-2 days where its 15 degrees or less per week. I pretty much live in jeans and jackets at the moment and its not uncommon for me to have a scarf and the heating on in my car most days.
  9. I will admit that I find it hard to do regular bible reading and devotions. I just can't commit to it and find it challenge to sit down on a daily basis and read my bible. I've tried many things but when I came across One Minute Devotions For Young Women I figured it was worth a try and its really helped me. Every day there is a short bible verse and a devotion, it doesn't take me more than a minute and its relevant to me. I keep it next to my bed and do it before I go to sleep, its also a decent size and I love the cover.
  10. On Tuesday I am going to visit a Cat CafĂ© which I am super excited about! You pay $12 and get to spend an hour playing with some cute cats all who were adopted from the local cat shelter (where I got Rikki from!) it should be a fun day out and who doesn't like enjoying some sweet treats while also seeing some cute cats.
The above it just a snippet of how my life has been going, I am looking forward to getting back into regular blogging soon :)

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