Monday, July 18, 2016

More job applications

It's Monday which means a new week and a fresh new start! I should be doing an assignment but I got sidetracked by job applications which I guess is a good thing?
The job market is slowly starting to pick up which is good and I am praying that I will get a job soon. The job I applied for a couple of weeks ago has closed which means I have 2 weeks to find out if I have advanced to the next round, I never actually got an email after I submitted the application so I am praying that they actually processed the application, but I will just wait and see.
This morning I applied for 2 jobs both in similar areas that my last job was in but shorter hours and in different locations so I am hoping as I have relevant experience that one of my applications will be successful there.
Being unemployed does wear you down and its tough to stay positive when in reality you often just want to hit your head against the wall.
In this society so many people believe that if you can't get a job then you are not trying hard enough or you don't really want to work when its the opposite for the bulk of us. I left my last job due to my anxiety, I did not choose to have anxiety and it's not my fault that I can only work part time or have to be super selective with the jobs I apply for. So for me trying to find any jobs to apply for is like looking for a needle in a haystack which is super hard to find. 
I know God has mapped out my future, its just super hard to stay positive and focused on the bigger picture when I can see only what's in front of me which is very little.
I saw the picture below a while ago and it made me laugh.

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