Friday, August 26, 2011

I Blog

I don't hide the fact that I blog, I love it when people hear of me having a blog and tell me that they must check it out. But here's the thing, sometimes when I tell people I blog they give me a look, a look that says 'why on earth do you blog your just teenage girl and who reads your blog'. Ok for starters its a free world and secondly I blog more for my sake than anyone elses and there are people who read it, I have a number of friends who enjoy reading and often tell me I love reading it my down time. I mean I don't care what people think, but please don't judge me or ask questions like: Who reads your blog? Why do you have a blog? etc. I mean everyone is opened to opinions in this world right? And this is just my way of sharing mine, also its great to blow of steam when I feel mad and fraustrated. Also its the other side of me the side I don't show to the world.

Ok changing subjects what TAFE course should I do or apply too, I think business administration, mum says childcare, dad says hospitallity (cooking etc) or to take a year off. Heres the thing I have decided to apply to 3 courses to do with business and 2 do to do with childcare but none to do with hospitallity! I am really confused so what should I do? Leave your answer in the comments (or facebook me it if your my friend on facebook) :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

8 funny things you should never ever do!

8 funny things you should never ever do! (cause 10 is a over rated number)
  1. Zone off while driving, yes today I drove into a curb cause I forgot to put the car out of reverse, but hey the rest of the time went fine.
  2. Skip on slate floors while wearing stockings, I did this today and stacked it in front of my Mum (I litterally flew 2 meters), landed on my knees and got a grazed knee and stocking burn, I have learnt my lesson.
  3. Walk through the school right next door to your schools quadrangle (court yard) when their eating lunch alone without a teacher (don't ask, a teacher told me to help so I did without thinking of what it would do to my ego).
  4. Decide Trig is hard without having a good teacher teach it to you first.
  5. Dance around when an add for the Glee Project comes on.
  6. Pat your sister on the head this makes her inform you that she isn't a cat.
  7. Teach a bird how to wolf whisle, it may be fun for a while but it will drive you mad after a few weeks of it.
  8. Put toliet paper within a kittens reach this equals big mess.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I wrote down all my factions year 12 results down at my sports carnival.
Yesterday was my last ever sports carnival.
Yesterday I had 2 red fanta slushees within 4 hours of each other, and it was only this morning I realised I had 2 of them.
Yesterday I saw Glee The 3D Movie
Yesterday my friend fell asleep in Glee The 3D Movie
Yesterday my whole 'eat healthy say no to most foods containing sugar or fat' diet plan went out the window.

Today I am feeling the effects of having 2 slushies
Today I want to slap someone, because he told me there is no God only science, when he was raised a Christian.
Today I am glad I will never have to go to another sports carnival.
Today I feel glad that I can finally move on.
Today I am feeling like myself for the first time in ages.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beginning to close a chapter

I really shouldn't be blogging at the moment as I have so much stuff to do (I have friends coming over for dinner tonight, for as mum likes to put it my first ever dinner party), but my sister is blasting Jonas Brothers (its the soundtrack from the 3D movie so lots of screaming girls!) so I like to think that this is to save my sanity. Anyway life is finally turning around for me, I have been alot happier lately and its all because I got some answers, ye the answers did hurt but I can finally move on which means no dwelling on the past! I feel so free, its strange but letting go of the past helped free me.
Anyway the week is almost over and it feels like a blur I want it to slow down but I don't, I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. Because in a few months one chapter closes, my school chapter, and another chapter will open. I know it will be hard closing this chapter but I am so ready for it, really ready for it. But I am sad too because apart of me doesn't want to let go. But only time will tell, what the future holds.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I thought

I thought I knew you
I guess I don't
I thought we were good friends
But now I can't even call us friends
I thought things were fine between us
But I know there not
I thought I could move on and forget about all this
But I can't
I thought this was just a bump in the road
But its a mountain
I thought lots of things, but it seems none of them were true