Friday, August 19, 2011

8 funny things you should never ever do!

8 funny things you should never ever do! (cause 10 is a over rated number)
  1. Zone off while driving, yes today I drove into a curb cause I forgot to put the car out of reverse, but hey the rest of the time went fine.
  2. Skip on slate floors while wearing stockings, I did this today and stacked it in front of my Mum (I litterally flew 2 meters), landed on my knees and got a grazed knee and stocking burn, I have learnt my lesson.
  3. Walk through the school right next door to your schools quadrangle (court yard) when their eating lunch alone without a teacher (don't ask, a teacher told me to help so I did without thinking of what it would do to my ego).
  4. Decide Trig is hard without having a good teacher teach it to you first.
  5. Dance around when an add for the Glee Project comes on.
  6. Pat your sister on the head this makes her inform you that she isn't a cat.
  7. Teach a bird how to wolf whisle, it may be fun for a while but it will drive you mad after a few weeks of it.
  8. Put toliet paper within a kittens reach this equals big mess.

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