Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beginning to close a chapter

I really shouldn't be blogging at the moment as I have so much stuff to do (I have friends coming over for dinner tonight, for as mum likes to put it my first ever dinner party), but my sister is blasting Jonas Brothers (its the soundtrack from the 3D movie so lots of screaming girls!) so I like to think that this is to save my sanity. Anyway life is finally turning around for me, I have been alot happier lately and its all because I got some answers, ye the answers did hurt but I can finally move on which means no dwelling on the past! I feel so free, its strange but letting go of the past helped free me.
Anyway the week is almost over and it feels like a blur I want it to slow down but I don't, I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. Because in a few months one chapter closes, my school chapter, and another chapter will open. I know it will be hard closing this chapter but I am so ready for it, really ready for it. But I am sad too because apart of me doesn't want to let go. But only time will tell, what the future holds.

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