Friday, August 26, 2011

I Blog

I don't hide the fact that I blog, I love it when people hear of me having a blog and tell me that they must check it out. But here's the thing, sometimes when I tell people I blog they give me a look, a look that says 'why on earth do you blog your just teenage girl and who reads your blog'. Ok for starters its a free world and secondly I blog more for my sake than anyone elses and there are people who read it, I have a number of friends who enjoy reading and often tell me I love reading it my down time. I mean I don't care what people think, but please don't judge me or ask questions like: Who reads your blog? Why do you have a blog? etc. I mean everyone is opened to opinions in this world right? And this is just my way of sharing mine, also its great to blow of steam when I feel mad and fraustrated. Also its the other side of me the side I don't show to the world.

Ok changing subjects what TAFE course should I do or apply too, I think business administration, mum says childcare, dad says hospitallity (cooking etc) or to take a year off. Heres the thing I have decided to apply to 3 courses to do with business and 2 do to do with childcare but none to do with hospitallity! I am really confused so what should I do? Leave your answer in the comments (or facebook me it if your my friend on facebook) :)

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