Friday, January 25, 2013

Two cats are better than one

Today my family and I celebrated 4 years of having Maddy and Tom. I find it hard to be believe that its been only 4 years as they managed to find their ways in our hearts. Tom is the last thing I see before I go to sleep and often the first thing I see when I wake up (and sometimes he wakes me up!). Maddy is a mischief maker and likes to sit in high traffic areas in the house (I am suprised I haven't tripped over her more!). But they make me smile and even on the worst of days help me get out of bed. They have helped me get over Chickpea's death and I know without them it would've been much harder. Though I plan on adopting a kitten when I get work they will always be my number one cats. The rings very true with these guys two cats are better one and I doubt I will ever just have one cat it will always be two because of them.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Staying Focused

Its the start of a new year a start of new beginnings yet so far it hasn't been. The year ended on a low when my little cat Chickpea got killed when a car hit her and it hasn't really picked up. I was the person in church (a few Sundays ago) when the person leading the service said I hope you are all having a good year whispered (loudly) so far this year has sucked. Life hasn't improved much and though to be honest I have had highs and lows the highs have been great but the lows have been some of the worst I have experienced. The job search front is non existant and every day I pray that I will get a call offering me an interview, my elderly Grandma has taken to lecturing me on everything job related which isn't helping much either. I long to find an escape and at the moment I have taken to reading like there is no tomorrow (again) on average I finish one book a day (or over 24 hours from when I started it).

I know I will get a job in God's timing but I am finding it hard to stay focused. Sometimes I feel like my life is pixelated and only God is standing far enough away to see the full picture and to me none of the pixels make sense and even though I know there is a bigger picture its hard to make sense that the pixels form the picture from a distance.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spreading the word of God, not shoving it down peoples throats

How do you talk to someone about God who doesn't want to know him? I have asked this question many times and I still don't know the answer.

My Grandparents aren't Christians and I have seen them tense up at even the slight mention of God and its hard as I want so bad for them to be Christian yet they have no desire to listen to how great God is. There gets a time when you can only take so much rejection from people who have no desire to know God. We should tell people about Christ but that doesn't mean we need to focus on just one person, this is hard as sometimes we feel we should, we just have to realise at times that we alone can't change their hearts.

 For many Christians the bulk of their friends are Christians and they only know a few Non Christians. For me this is opposite some of my good friends are Non Christians sure I have close friends who are Christians but its hard when people who are like family to you don't know God. It doesn't matter how many times you try to talk about the Gospel and God with them if they don't want to know him they won't listen, but actions can speak louder than words. God shows people how great he is through us by our actions and personality.

Last year I somehow found myself asking to take my Christian Education class, I say somehow as I hadn't realised I had until the teacher said I could. I managed to teach a group of 25 classmates about God for the full period (45 minutes), my aim was to not make a fool of myself and to try and show people how great God is. I had people coming up to me telling me I did a good job of myself and they enjoyed it (which never happened in a Christian Ed class!), I have no idea whether the message I taught that day stuck but I have a feeling that something did stick.

There are people out there who choose to do things which don't make that much sense to most but to God they do. My high schooling was paid for by a couple we were friends all because they felt it was right thing to do and knew God wanted them to do it. To many this seemed crazy why pay for a friends child to go to a private school when they could be using the money for other things? Yet they did and though I have told them Thankyou many times I don't think they will ever know how thankful I am. I survived high school because of them, I know without them I would've dropped out.

My Dad has taught me alot of things but one of the most important things he has taught me is to not shove Christianity down someones throat. My Dad like me as many Non Christian friends and rather than try to lecture them (he learnt early on that it didn't work) he instead goes away for 'guy weekends' with them and if a topic comes up that can be linked to the work of God he finds a way to work it into the conversation without making it seem like he is shoving it down their throats. He also lets them know they can openly voice their opinions of God as long as they listen to his point of view. A few of my Non Christian friends I don't see often, I talk to on Facebook at times and funnily enough today one of them posted a status which contained the following : You only get the love you think you deserve, to me this made no sense so I commented on it with: Yet with God we get the love and forgivness none of us deserve. I have no idea whether the comment made that big an impact yet I do know I wasn't shoving Christianity down their throat and was just voicing my opinion.

So rather than keep continuing to shove Christianity down peoples throats we should learn to act in ways the glorfy God and carefully link it into conversations if a topic comes up (such as gay marriage, abortion, suffering, someone dying just to name a few examples). As Christians we should spread the word of God yet be careful how to do it and know that only God can change peoples hearts not us.

If you want to see an another view on the topic please read this blog post by my friend Grant as to why we can't as Christians think of people as investments.

The video is a song by one of my favourite Christian singers, Britt Nicole that I found went with this post perfectly.