Friday, December 31, 2010

10 things I have enjoyed in 2010!

The year is coming to an end! And though I am sad that it is, here are 10 things that I have enjoyed in 2010!
  1. My year 11 camp! As much as I was dreading it, it was alot of fun and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
  2. I turned 16! My party was success and I have enjoyed every minute of being 16!
  3. My parents returning from Peru, though I hated them going away (me and the baby sitters didn't always see eye to eye), I loved them returing it also made me appriciate how much they do for me!
  4. My school river cruise this was the perfect end to the school year and every one who went on it enjoyed it!
  5. A certain ping pong ball fight at a friends 19th, I really enjoyed it and will always treasure the memory. But I do have one question who won?
  6. Watching the final episode of Glee for season 1, I loved how everything tied in at the end of the season and it was well the worth the wait to watch it (channel ten did this thing when they only showed one episode of glee every 2 weeks instead of 1 a week.)
  7. Having our friends C and D stay with us for a month, it was a great time and we enjoyed every moment with them! We miss them heaps though we have spoken to them on skype its not the same!
  8. Passing all my subjects and getting either A's or B's!
  9. Camping at the begining of the year down south, I had loads of fun and made some awesome friends, who I can't wait to see in just under a week! I also loved climbing over rocks and learning how to find small crabs it was loads of fun!
  10. Everything I haven't mentioned this year though it had some hard spots in it was a great year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love mexican food! I don't know what it is about it maybe the freshness or that you don't need any utensils? So I have decided to share a recipe for burritos which I am making tonight, its not a 100% authentic but still taste great and are really easy to make :)

You will need (serves 5)
800 grms chicken thigh or breast fillets (I always use thigh as it is more tender and easier to use!)
1 onion sliced (not diced you will see why later)
1 packet burrito seasoning mix ( I used old el paso brand as it was all I could find)
1 packet of burrito wraps (I got 12 in a pack)
Salsa (buy it or make your own)
Salad vegetables chopped finely: I always use cucumber (cut into cubes), carrot (grated), lettuce (shredded), avacado (sliced) but use what ever you feel like!
cheese grated.
Sour cream
1. chop chicken into strips (or to save time you could buy it sliced into strips look for the stir fry chicken)
2. place in container and sprinkle seasoning on and give it good mix. Place lid on container and place in fridge till ready to use.
3. Fry chicken and onion in a pan with a little oil until cooked through (you could do it in 2 batches if you want).
4. Heat burritos acording to packet instructions.
5. Lay one burrito on every ones plate and place a few strips of chicken on, top with salad, salsa and sour cream!
6. enjoy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Size 8 doesn't fit every one!

Did you know Marilyn Monroe one of the most beautiful people in the world was a size 14? I know I didn't!
I hate it how people think they have to be a size 8 to look good! I mean hello? Not only is that unrealistic for alot of girls it is also stupid! I know many girls who are beautiful who aren't size 8! I am one of them!
I mean what is it with the extra small- extra large size index? I mean the extra smalls won't fit an 8 year old so why do they stock them in the teenage section! Where as the large will fit a size 12 girl perfectly! There is no logic to this! Why do girls purposely buy a size smaller than they know will fit them right! I mean please don't buy a small if you can't breathe in it, if you know you are a medium, it will only embarrass you in the long run! Why can't there be an international size index instead of various sizing methods it would be alot easier for girls and women an example of this is that a size 12 in Australia is a size 8 in America no logic!
I don't care what people think about what I wear as long as I am comfortable in it and it suits me, I am happy! My Mum has always taught me to dress modestly as that way I will always be comfortable and confident with what I wear. Thanks to her all my clothes fit perfectly and I always feel confident in what I wear!
So next time you think about starving your self remember size 8 doesn't fit everyone!

a recap of christmas!

I had a great christmas! I ate ALOT of food, caught up with family and I might've gotten a teensy tiny bit spoilt! I mean sure I didn't get any massive presents such as ipods and laptop etc but the gifts I got I loved ( I actually LOVE the fact that my parents never spend alot of money on me and my sisters as we learn to be thankful for what we got and learn how to save up for things! And I don't care if my best friend got the latest ipod touch as the camera uses up a lot of space and I saved up for mine so it means alot more to me!)! I always get spoilt by my cousins and this year was no exception, I got a lovely handheld mirror, a really nice hair clip, chocolate, money, cake decorating book and french perfume! From my parents I got a new suit case ( I asked for a new one as my old one is rather small and I always end up taking 3 extra bags along with my suit case which is a pain!), a beach towel and a few other things. I also got a gift voucher for my local christian book store which I can't wait to spend!

But the one thing that drives me mad is that christmas is so comercialised! I mean honestly my parents don't go over the top with presents and that is a good thing as the real meaning of christmas isn't left behind that way!
So I hope every one had a good christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

10 things that have made me smile!

Christmas is literally around the corner! Every christmas I always get exited, Christmas day can't come sooner! I decorate the tree, wrap gifts and presents to give to people (and always get carried away!), play christmas music (Glee being the popular choice this year) and spend almost every living moment thinking about christmas! I love christmas and I have to admit I love the days building up to the main day waking up and seeing all the christmas decorations each day just make me soooo happy! So here are Ten things that have made me smile this week!
  2. I got to see a close friend who I hadn't seen in a while.
  3. I bought a nice top.
  4. I made a yummy oreo cheesecake.
  5. My cats have been a lot more friendlier than normal.
  6. I went to my local theme park twice this week ( I have a season pass which allows me to go when ever I want, for the season!)
  7. I have a nice tan.
  8. I have started re reading Harry Potter (which btw is waaaaaaay better than twilight!)
  9. There is just over 2 weeks till I go camping :)
  10. I picked up a few last minute extra gifts for my sisters.

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads my blog, I hope you have a fun filled day tomorrow :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Op shopping

Today I went op (thrift or second hand) shopping with one of my close friends. We went into a few op shops and came out with some nice purchases! I picked up a nice top ( I will need to wear a camisole under it but it looks nice!) for $2.50 (was originally $5 but all orange tags were 50% off!), a book, a dvd brand new still package not opened for $4 which I will give to my sister as an extra christmas present (its Hannah Montanna so god save me! But she will love it!), and a tin filled with a wooden farm set (it was only missing one animal) for $2, for my Mum's 3 year old kindy. My friend picked up a box of nice rocks and 2 english lit books to help her next year. Overall we both got a good lot and weren't complaining :)
We also wandered around and looked in a few shops, so I was able to pick up a pack of 3 flower shaped lip glosses for $8 which I put in mine and my sisters stockings they look really pretty and are of good quality too, I also got a canvas bag which has a picture of an emu on it I use canvas bags ALOT when we go camping - with going to the showerblocks, beach and small shop its always handy to have a bag which I can easily wash and wear, I finally got a small heart shaped cookie cutter. So though I may have spent $6 over what I planned to do ( I am trying to save it for when we go camping but I never seem to spend that much any way!) I had a good time and it was great catching up with my friend who I never seem to catch up with!
I greatly recomend going op shoping as you never know what you find!
Here are my tips for going op shopping if you ever want too:
  1. Go to a place where there is at least 2 op shops that way you have a variety of shops to browse.
  2. DON'T BUY ELECTRONICS! Some electronics can be faulty and its better not to take the risk.
  3. Browse all the racks of clothing, the chances are you will find something if you go through all the racks.
  4. Keep an eye out for decent brands, I have picked up alot of things that are by good brands and are of good quality, I have picked up a pair of shoes by a top surf brand that were practically brand new!
  5. Don't get discouraged if you don't find something as stock is always coming in!

Enjoy op shopping!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm a procastinator, I mean sure I get things done, but sometimes I cannot be bothered to do things! I mean right now, I should be reading a book on getting my learners permit but seriously I read one chapter and it was so boring! But I need to get my L's and I realise that I won't wake up one day and I will magically have the permit but honestly whats the hurry? I mean sure I know people who have gone for their L's on their birthday, but me? Forget that I have all the time in the world! One of my closed friends, still hasn't got theirs and its been 6 months since she can!
Then there's homework, I am one of the people whom if they can do the assignment in class they will. I mean seriously school work should stay at school, I mean Hello? I have a life and homework is the last thing on my mind! Sure I don't leave my homework to the last minute, cause thats just stupid! But I still put it off for days!
I mean before facebook you have to admit procrastinating was hard but now with facebook its easy peasy!
So I better go and read chapter 2 of this extremly boring book . . .

Thursday, December 16, 2010

School report

As of now my 2 dear sisters are on holidays which equals happy Mum (knowing dad he won't realise till christmas time!).
Also today I got my school report and I am very pleased about my grades ( I did a happy dance when I read the results!) 3 A's (top grade) and the rest B's ( 2nd highest grade) so as you tell I am VERY HAPPY! But with the report came my booklist sure no big deal, but it said Year 12 booklist, which was then hit me, I will be a year 12 next year, next year is my last ever year of high school! And I have to admit I am kinda scared about it but in a good way :)
It also came with details about the ball which I am soooooo exited about! I have my dress and jewlery and yesterday I bought my shoes (Which I love! they are the perfect height for my dress! They had to be kitten heels, otherwise my dress would have had to have been taken up.).
But heres the thing, I don't have a date not that it bothers me as such, more along the lines that it bothers my father (not sure how? He has already suddgested a guy which I told him flat out no) and a few other people. But I'm not sure, I mean ye there is a guy who I would like to take, but for starters what he says no? I mean we are friends, so what do I have to loose? I'm just not sure I want to take that risk ( a little help here?). Plus he is a few years older than me!
I guess I will just have to wait and see, I mean I have 2 months to ask him so maybe it will happen?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a suprise :)

I love suprises, maybe thats why I love giving people presents, but today I got a suprise actually so did my mum and sisters!
It all started out when last night, I was feeling kinda depressed as my best friend, Gem was in town, and due to me forgetting to charge my phone and keeping it on vibrate I had somehow managed to miss all her calls and resulting in us not being able to catch to do our present exchange. She told me she was going home this morning and it would be too hard to catch up (she had her step brothers graduation to go to).
So life went on, I helped at a luncheon with a friend being a waitress (sort of) and helping dry dishes. But towards the end of the luncheon, I got a text from her saying she had missed her bus and that she had a whole afternoon to kill and could she come over. So of course I said yes, she then asked me if my mum could pick her up from the train station, but there was a problem mum was having lunch with a friend so I told her I would get a lift to the train station and catch the bus home with her (she couldn't really figure it out, not that I blame her busses can be confusing!). This was no problem as the person who I was getting a lift was driving by the train station any way.
So we caught the bus and were walking back to my place and we here a car come up behind us and toot, it was of course my mum and younger sister, who were very suprised, as I had forgotten to tell my mum I mean I knew she would be more than happy about it so why bother ruin the suprise?
I mean this made my day and I am sure it made my mum and sisters day's too!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a quick post!

Ok, I have been waaay too busy to even think about 10 things that have made me smile this week, so I will only list one!
I mean sure on friday we ( as in mum and I) have finished all the christmas shopping for the rest of the family which is nice. But I mean seriously I am just soooo busy and tired! But I will make more of an effort to blog this next week!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I don't care

I don't care if people think I am strange.
I don't care if I get scared for watching programmes and movies that most people could watch.
I don't care if I love my cats too much.
I don't care if the guy I like doesn't notice me.
I don't care if I'm not up to date on the latest fashion trends.
I don't care if I spend waaay to much money on things.
I don't care if I am over obessed with Glee.
I don't care if I cry and people see me.
I don't care if I paint waaay too many frogs.
I don't care if my hair is a mess and you see me.
I don't care if I laugh at random things.
I don't care that I buy things that are over priced.
I don't care if I act childish at times.
I don't care if you think I am over protective of my sisters.
I don't care if my room is mess.
I don't care if people judge me on looks alone.
I don't care . . .

Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 things that put me in a christmassy mood!

Christmas is coming! Everyone has their own traditions that put them in a christmassy mood! So here are 10 things that put me in a christmassy mood!
  1. putting up the tree, ours is up, we put up on the 1st of december (mainly because mum wouldn't let us put it up any earlier!)
  2. Listening to christmassy music, I don't normally do it, but seeing as Glee (my favourite tv show!) has released a christmas album, I have been enjoying playing the album when ever I can, actually it's what I'm listening to right now!
  3. walking through the shops and seeing all the decorations up. I am a shopaholic and this year I have to admit the decorations are beautiful! All silver and white with snowflakes so elegent not the traditional (and over done) red and greens!
  4. wrapping up christmas presents, I do it normally as soon as I buy the presents!
  5. going christmas light spotting, we normally do this on a hot night, and drive around its so much fun!
  6. watching christmas special's on tv, ok this year I am very happy as Glee are doing a christmas special thus the christmas album.
  7. singing christmas carols at church, it puts me in a christmassy mood imeadiatly!
  8. giving out christmas cards, I love seeing peoples faces when I hand them a card.
  9. getting christmas cards, the mail isn't just about bills now!
  10. reading christmassy books, even though I am a teenager I love reading stories based at christmas time!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

10 moments that have made me smile this week!

Ok I'm switching it up today, instead of 10 things that I have made me smile this week, this week it will be 10 moments that have made me smile this week. Ok, I'm not sure what the difference between the 2 is but there is maybe moments include physical? I'm not sure! But I felt like a change!
  1. Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing my cat, Tom, curled up beside me!
  2. Watching grandparents, parents and other relatives seeing their children perform in the christmas play, which my mum puts on each year for her 3 year old kindy.
  3. Getting complimented on my cooking skills (yet again! and for the final time I do not want to be a chef!)
  4. realising I survived delivering the biggest paper round this year!
  5. Getting paid :)
  6. reading so many amazing blogs this week! There are too many to mention but they are all great!
  7. setting up the christmas tree.
  8. seeing my friend's face at her suprise birthday party she had no idea what was going on!
  9. Laughing alot!
  10. writing a letter to my cousin :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is coming . . .

Christmas is approaching quickly (well in 26 says not that I'm counting or anything!) and believe me my family is already a riot! Lets see at a glance: Mum is already panicking about christmas day (we're having her youngest brother and his family over for dinner and possibly her 2nd youngest brother too her older brother isn't coming up this year which is kinda sad) and getting presents for all my cousins (she only has 4 left to go now so she can't really stress now). Dad is stressing about the christmas day service and the christmas carol service (as he puts so much to do so little time!). My sisters are just looking forward to christmas day, and me well I am the one in charge of getting the tree assembled and digging out the decorations (they live in the shed and are kinda hard to get to as you have to dodge a bale of hay and a whole lot of other stuff) I am also helping mum with all the other stuff!

The fact is Christmas can be a stressful time of year and for my family very stressful and we often loose sight of the real meaning, the birth of Jesus!
But here are some tips to stay sane and not loose sight of the real meaning!
  • Write a list of what you need to do, presents to buy, people to call. Hey Santa does it so what do you have to loose?
  • If your hosting a lunch or dinner ask your guests to bring something it may feel rude at the time but the chances are they will be more than willing to help out.
  • Get a good night's rest aim for 9 hours this will help you get more done in the long run.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help! If your stuck on a christmas gift ask someone close to the person you are buying for, take advantage of the gift wrapping services that stores provide and at time you will most likely be supporting a charity.
  • Order your food online! This saves time and you won't have to brave the shops to do it! Many stores such as coles or woolworths/safeway do it for little or no charge.
  • Give your self a day off at least once or twice this makes for a more sane and relaxed you!

So please give these tips a try and remember Jesus is the reason for the season!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

10 things I can smile about this week :)

As always, I find it really hard to post 10 things as my mind switches off but here it goes!
  1. My grandparents are over from Melbourne
  2. I bought all 3 cd's I wanted!
  3. I vacuumed my dads car today for $5 (I needed the money I don't get paid till next friday!)
  4. I got a tan today.
  5. Christmas is less than a month away!
  6. Tomorrow night is song share night and I am sharing a song.
  7. I got 2 nice pairs of shorts and a denimin skirt this week.
  8. I have managed to get in some decent reading and by decent I mean I have read 3 books this week!
  9. I haven't seen santa once this week!
  10. I have been doing alot more exercise this week!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To send or not too send that is the question!

I know if anyone is like me they hate sending christmas cards. I mean isn't it quicker to send a christmas email? And then once if you have decided to send christmas cards its all about what about the design! Do you go for traditional or religeous? Do you send a newsletter in the card? What about photos, I mean do you include just one or many or none at all? I mean seriously its looking very tempting to just fire off an email instead of taking time and effort which you can't really afford too at the moment.
Of course don't get me started on christmas presents! I mean if you come from a family like mine you have a few dozen relatives to buy for and that doesn't include family friends and various other people who you need to buy for on top of that!
But thankfully there is a solution! And its only a click away Shutterfly has made sending christmas cards and finding the perfect gifts alot easier! With a few clicks you can create great photo cards and photo calenders that your family and friends will love! Plus they are all priced well so everyone is able to afford them!
I cannot wait to be able get a closer look at the amazing designs and pick some to send to family and friends (it doesn't hurt that we got new family photos a few weeks ago)
So please head on over and check the cards and calenders! I can promise you won't be disapointed!
* Bloggers can sign up to get 50 free cards from shutterfly by clicking on this link!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No pastry Quiche recipe

I cooked this recipe in year one around 10 years ago and recently I have been making it. It tastes great hot or cold. Its great for lunch (travels really well!) and for a light dinner. It is really quick to prepare (though it takes 40 minutes to cook)
Here is the recipe:
No Pastry Quiche (or impossible pie) Recipe
You will need:
4 eggs (or 6 small eggs)
1/2 cup of milk
1 cup grated cheese
1 chopped onion
2 rashes of bacon (or 3 slices of ham)
1/2 cup self raising flour (gluten free works fine)
what to do
  1. mix eggs and milk
  2. add cheese,onion,bacon and flour
  3. place in dish.
  4. cook in mod over for 45 minutes
  5. enjoy

Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Things I can smile about this week

Ok I know I have been slack in blogging but please forgive me I will try and blog more often! But for now here are 10 things I can smile about this week :)
  1. School is over!
  2. My grandparents whom I haven't seen for 6 years ( They live over east and they have been building a house) are coming over on thursday.
  3. I got paid yesterday!
  4. we got a new vacuum cleaner one that actually works!
  5. I have clean sheets ( I know I'm werid get over it)
  6. My nail polish (on my toes I bite my finger nails) hasn't chipped.
  7. Its alot cooler today than yesterday.
  8. Christmas is around the corner.
  9. I have discovered 2 new awesome time waster sites (links will come in another post)
  10. My sisters are watching Glee by choice (they tell me they hate it)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happiness is . . .:)

Happiness is baking cookies on a rainy day.
Happiness is eating a bit too much of the cooke dough just because you can.
Happiness is laughing when you accidently use the hand wash instead of the dishwashing liquid.
Happiness is when you can smile for no apparent reason.
Happiness is watching the rain fall and being happy because it is actually raining instead of just looking like its going to rain!
Happiness is knowing you can be your self and no one will care.
Happiness is feeling beautiful.
Happiness is being told you are the best for no reason.
Happiness is not feeling guilty about your life.
Happiness is knowing that tomorrow is another day and another day always means a new start.
Happiness is listening to your bird talking happily and not being told to shut up.
Happiness is knowing you can ramble on, on your blog because you can.
Happiness is realising that your favourite tv show is on tonight
Happiness is . . . :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is in the air how do I know? Well lets see here are 10 reasons I know christmas is coming:
  1. I got an email from my area co-ordinator the thursday saying that the paper rounds well get bigger and on friday we got a $36 round which is our biggest this year and our biggest ever on a weekend.
  2. the shops have christmas decorations up.
  3. the credit cards are already getting a good work out.
  4. many stores are getting out their christmas catalogs ( I should know I deliver them!).
  5. you can buy christmas badges at coles.
  6. I have spent the last 2 hours making ginger bread to give to my teachers at school which will go in christmas tins.
  7. the christian bookstore has christmas cards out (how do I know? Mum bought some).
  8. my Mum is already talking about the ladys christmas night at church.
  9. Its november which means there is just over a month till christmas.
  10. I am being asked what I want for christmas!

Yep I am pretty sure christmas is coming!

Friday, November 5, 2010

10 things that have made me smile this week:)

10 things that have made me smile this week:)
this week has been pretty good on my standdards! So here are my 10 things:
  1. I had an epiclly awesome ping pong ball fight at a friends party :) it was dark and I might've had too much fizzy drink . . .
  2. I have paid off my debts to my dear mother! (well not yet as she isn't home but I have the money).
  3. Dad bought me a book I wanted (its about cats don't ask!)
  4. I made cookies today in childcare :)
  5. I now have 2 plants (succulents) which are called Oswald and Winston (once again don't ask . . .)
  6. I have ordered the first stage of mum's christmas present!
  7. I found Maddy (she can't hide forever besides she loves me as I give her bikkies!)
  8. I got complimented on dinner last night (which I cooked!)
  9. My nice area co-ordinater warned me about the big rounds (as in lots of papers) which we will have to deliver this weekend.
  10. The chickens have not escaped so far! The moment I find a chicken in my bed I will SCREAM!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

10 things I can smile about this week :)

My internet has been playing up alot lately plus I have been super busy! So its been kinda hard to get a spare moment to sit down and blog when the internet is working! But here are a few things I can smile about!
  1. School is nearly over for the year!
  2. I got the latest Glee album (the rocky horror show one!).
  3. I am ok at dancing well we have to do in PE and thought I would totally fail at it but I am actually having fun doing it.
  4. I got 2 books I wanted (Enna buring and River secrets both by Shannon Hale really good books!).
  5. I have no more assessments in english (well apart from the exam).
  6. I have a river cruise coming up in 2 weeks.
  7. I have a friends birthday party tomorrow night (but its not a halloween one!)
  8. I bought a lego board game.
  9. The chickens are all laying eggs now!
  10. The cats are not annoying me ( I couldn't think of a better one!).

Have a good weekend! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The future . . .

Last week the year 12s graduated so that means instead of being the 2nd oldest we are the oldest! This is a scary thought, it now means we are the big ones of the school the year every one looks up to, the year that has waaaaaay more responsibilitys, the list goes on. Its strange from the moment you enter high school you dream of being the 'big kids' but when your time comes you get cold feet. I know we should be exited and we are but we are also scared of what the future will hold. Next year we graduate we leave school, we leave what has become such a big part of our lives for the past 12 years, its when we enter the big world and make our own decisions. I admit I haven't thought much of the future I mean I have ideas of what I want to do in the future (who doesn't?) but I haven't mapped it out (yet . . .). To me I am still the girl who loves Glee, used to play Barbie dolls, has a display of littlest pet shop in her room (they are cute!), aces computing class, reads waaaaaaay to many books, loves pink and green and annoys her sisters. My identity has been largely based on the school I go to and who I hang out with at school. But what happens when I don't go to school? I'm not sure and too be honest I don't think I want to know!

Friday, October 22, 2010

10 things that have made me smile this week :)

10 things that have made me smile this week:)
well for starters this week has been average nothing interesting has happened but I will try my best to list 10 things:)
  1. we have chickens.
  2. I have had a few decent nights sleep.
  3. I will graduate high school in a year!
  4. Dad bought me an itunes card ( I was going to pay for it then he insisted!)
  5. I missed out on school today because I had an excursion.
  6. I have supported 2 charities today (breast cancer foundation and RSPCA)
  7. I got paid today.
  8. I managed to catch up on the Glee episode I missed as I was out.
  9. Tom has been an awesome cat (so has Maddy ninjah cat!)
  10. Mum let me borrow some money to buy phone credit ( I was out!).

ok this week has been good :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


For the next month we will have some wonderful people staying with us ok, more like on our front lawn in their motor home but you get the idea. Their names are D and C (first intials) though my dad has known D most of his childhood and has been keeping in touch with him, no one else has met him till march this year. Well I had, he came to my school to speak to my indonesian class (ok it so my class was my friend and I) but I didn't really know him or the fact that he knew my father so well! When we met him in march he mentioned that (apart from the fact he was getting married in may) that he and his wife C would be traveling around australia and speaking at a variety of schools so of course dad mentioned if they needed a place to stay we would be more than happy to put up with them. So that is why they are camping out the front of our house!

They arrived late saturday afternoon and hit it off with them immeadiatly. So we ended up chatting to them till late that night and finding out about all their adventures. C has a younger brother who has Downs Syndrome so Megan and her get along very well which is good considering how Megan can be :). So what will the coming month bring? I don't know but I do know it will be fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 things that I have done today!

I beginning to like lists and like the fact they are such a easy blog post! So here are 10 things that I have done today!

  1. helped out at my schools open day!
  2. ran out of phone credit.
  3. got 3 chooks.
  4. downloaded an awesome (free!) app for my ipod touch that lets me use it as a remote for itunes can't wait to be able to use it at parties!
  5. laughed.
  6. drank diet coke.
  7. named my (toy) orangutan from malaysis Pongo! He is awesome :)
  8. watched Glee :)
  9. gone on facebook!
  10. Started reading a book about a mistreated horse (it's a biography so far so good!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

10 things I can smile about! :)

Every Friday I will 10 reasons I have smiled :) about that have happened during the week!
  1. Tomorrow we are getting Chooks (chickens!) for the past 2 weekends dad has been working on building a chook house and he completed it last weekend which means this weekend we can get chooks! We have decided on their (we will be getting 3) names which will be: Queenie, Princess and Dutchess ( who is mine the other 2 are my sisters). We decided on their names, as this morining dad told us we each got to name one. My little sister Megan chose to name her chook princess and we wanted them all to match so I came up with Queenie and Dutchess. So as you see we have a regal theme going on!
  2. I passed two assignments with flying colours in computing (one was worth 50% of my overall grade!)!
  3. 2 of my blog posts: 'Ugly Days' and 'Ugly Talk' have been tweated by operation beautiful as they loved them!
  4. There are only 4 more weeks left of school for me! Well then I have one exam :)
  5. I have laughed sooo many times this week!
  6. I got compliments on my hair, when I did nothing different to it which was a nice suprise!
  7. Next month my grandparents (dad's dad and stepmum) are coming over to vist us, which will be nice as we haven't seen them since I was 10.
  8. I got my sisters their christmas presents, so now I just have to get mum and dad theirs.
  9. We finally had some rain! Breaking our 30 or 40 something day dry spell!
  10. This is my 60th blog post! :)

Have u smiled this week?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ugly Talk

A while ago I wrote a post called 'Ugly Days' writing about days when you just feel 'ugly'. But sometimes we just don't have 'ugly days' we have 'ugly talk' which is when you look in the mirror and say or think to your self ' I am fat', 'I am too tall', 'I am too short' or some times even 'I am ugly' and what ever else you can think of to insult yourself.
But here's a reality check; you would feel affended if someone told you these things so why is it right for you to call YOURSELF these things?! Sure we can think and say these things to ourselves but it doesn't mean its true!
I know many girls who wear make up on a daily basis all because its 'cool' but the truth is it's to cover up their 'faults' I know for a fact many boys find too much make up horrible sure a little lip gloss and eye shadow is fine but a thick layer of foundation? Thats over kill!
A while ago I was on facebook chat talking to one of my guy friends and he asked what I had been up too, so I told him I had bought a new make up kit, his response " why did you buy it? Girls look pretty without make up" this shocked me! But in a good way! Since that conversation I have only worn make up if I am going somewhere nice like a restaurant or a party even then its only enough enhance my features! I mean I always wear lipgloss as it makes me feel confident! The fact is one day you will feel beautiful with out make up and till then just wear enough to make you feel beautiful without covering up the real you!
So next time you give yourself a 'ugly talk' just remeber you are beautiful in and out! I enjoy listening to music when I write my blogs and recently I have been listening to What's Beautiful by Everlife its a great track and it says everything and more I have been trying to get across in this post :) Operation Beautiful

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is my baby sisters, JC's 12th birthday. I can not belive how fast she has grown it seems like only yesterday she was brought home from hospital and I was so exited to see her when I came home from kindy (yep and now I only have one year till I graduate high school!). She has grown up to be the complete opposite of me in more ways than one: Her room is always clean- mine is manageble most of the time, she listens to Hannah Montanna and Miley Cyrus- where as I can't stand them! I listen to Glee- she can't stand them! she likes lollies I like chocolate, she loves her nintendo ds I love my ipod touch (though she did get a nano today so thats something!), You get the picture?! Complete opposites.

But I still love her!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ugly Days

Every Teen girl has days when they feel ugly, days when they wish their body was completly different, days when long to live like *insert name of celebrity* and days when they think nothing looks good on them.
As a teen girl my self I know what it feels like, there have been days when I have wanted to lock myself up as I have felt so ugly. But then I have good days when I feel confident myself and even *gasp* beautiful! Its strange how compliments can affect you when I was 12 someone told me I looked 16 (!) and how grown up I looked this made my day! It also makes my day when people my own age tell me how pretty I look as I consider the way I dress different to kids my own age- but then I don't follow trends. But saying that I have also been called names such a 'grandma' because of the clothes I have been wearing (but I have been complimented on the exact same outfit!). I have many clothes in my wardrobe and sure I wear them all but there are a few things I wear when I feel 'ugly' that let me see myself beautiful! These include:
. My demin shirt dress- I LOVE it suits me perfectly and whenever I wear it people compliment me on it. This alone makes me feel beautiful.
.My year 10 formal dress- Maybe the fact that I tried on many dresses before I found it ads to the reasons why I like it so much but it suits me in more ways than one and the style means that it will always be in style ( and I will make sure I WILL beable to fit in it!).
.My ball gown- I love every thing about this dress also the fact that it makes me feel like a princess. I can't wait to wear it to my ball and the fact that me and Mum agreed on it and she loves it too makes me love it even more!
. I also have a variety of tops I love to wear and they suit me perfectly too!
But often when we have those 'ugly days' its hard to get out of them! But here are my tips (tried and tested!);
. Put on one of your favourite outfits and go out with friends even if its just to the movies!
. Paint your nails in a bright shade.
. Bake a cake and decorate it then share it with your family and friends.
. Go for a walk as well as getting your self out the house you get fit too.
. Listen to music listen to anything just makes sure its happy (feel free to dance and sing along too!).
. Eat chocolate.
. Call up one of your friends and have chat about anything, the weather, boys, your siblings anything just talk!!!
. Watch a funny movie or tv show (Glee is a good tv show as you can laugh AND sing AND dance along! (Try the lady gaga episode it is hilarious!))
. Write a letter too: your grandma, cousin, sister (it they live in the same house post it! They are guarnteed to love getting male from you!), best friend! It doesn't matter if they live 10 minutes or 10 hours away everyone loves getting mail!
Finally IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! If anyone else thinks otherwise they are stupid :)
Operation Beautiful

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The PERFECT ball gown!

Last post I spoke about how I was looking for the 'perfect' ball gown, well today I found one! It was the right price, colour and style. Ok so it wasn't the colour I had imagined (royal blue) but it suited me!
The lady was very helpful and was able to give us advice and also tell us what styles were 'in' (yes I know my ball is next year but she was able to tell us ball gown styles only slightly change from year to year) and also how to wear my hair and what jewelery to wear (she had a daughter who had her ball recently so she knew about all the expenses).
I would love to show you what my gown looks like but I would like it to be a suprise. But I can tell you it is dark purple (it actually suits me!) and is strapless the rest will have to be up to your imagination!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ball Gowns

Its hard to belive that next year I will be in my final year of high school! Next year will be filled with memories,responsibilty,friendships,making choices about my future oh and my year 12 ball! The Ball for every girl is the social event for their high school years I mean THE SOCIAL EVENT! Sure it may be next year but the fact is every girl (including me) in my year is thinking about it and people are already trying to organise limos (who cares?) ,dates (I'm undecided about THAT aspect!) and dresses. Which leads me to major problem at the moment most girls (ok quite a few) have already bought or ordered their dresses and well I am stuck I mean I have looked but I have had no luck with finding the 'perfect' gown.
I sometimes wish I was like cinderella and with a wave of my fairy godmother's wand would I would have the perfect gown , shoes, bag , jewlery, and while we're at it prince charming would be nice too!
I mean I have tried on a few gowns but the only thing that had suited me has been the colour (royal blue, my skin tones werid! I look good in orange ( I can actually pull it off!) and fantastic in blue!). The rest of the dress has been either too tight,too loose or just looks bad on my body shape! So tomorrow I am off to do a morning of dress shopping fingers crossed I find that I like and is the right price!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Perth Royal Show

I love the show don't ask me why but I love it! There are many things that somehow attract me to keep going back to show year after year and one of them is the atmosphere I love walking around and seeing people having fun, the smells- farm animals, food and lollies and the experience! This year will be my 4th time going to it (3rd in a row) so here are my must sees and dos:
. The yellow brick road- this is great value! You pay $9 and you walk around the show grounds and pick up a variety of goodies this is sooo much fun you get to see the grounds and get goodies!
. The shopping and lifestyle pavillon- I love the bargains you can pick here!
. the cats- as many of you know I am a cat lover and seeing the variety of cats around is really fun.
But there are many more things you can do at the show all regarding your personalities.
So if you can get to it, it is well worth it!
Money saver tip: take your own lunch and buy your tickets from IGA it will save you heaps!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things to do when your parents are in Peru!

Well in 2 days my parents will arrive back home! It has seemed long in parts (the weekend they left was the worst!) but overall it has been ok though I won't be telling them to jet set off again anytime soon! So here is a list of things to do when your parents have gone to Peru (and no I did not intend that to ryme!)
  • sleep
  • get sick whatch glee in bed on your ipod when you are sick.
  • abandon your blog.
  • start an another blog.
  • redecorate your blog.
  • read
  • write reviews on the books you have read on your new blog.
  • organise things for your birthday party.
  • get in trouble.
  • avoid getting in trouble.
  • cook.
  • make a mess in the kitchen when you cook.
  • get in trouble for making that mess in the kitchen when you were cooking.
  • cry
  • slam doors and scream I hate you a few times.
  • read a book for english.
  • write an essay on the book you read for english.
  • start reading the new hunger games book.
  • bite all your finger nails off.
  • get mad at your self for biting all your finger nails off.
  • catch a cold.
  • blast music while cooking.
  • read a few blogs.
  • email your parents a few hundred times telling them how much you want them to come back.
  • go on facebook.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parents to Peru!

There is just over 24 hours before I say my goodbyes to my parents before they leave to Peru. For a while I have had mixed emotions about it and I still do, its weird as I don't have the axiety I would have imagined I would have. I know I will miss them heaps but apart from that I am feeling fine (well maybe a little nervous as I have lost most of my appetite but thats it). To help me get through the time when they are away I have set my self tasks to do these include:
. Preparing for my sweet 16th birthday though I have done alot of the details ( like invites) I still need to do things like table settings, center pieces (if anyone has any ideas please let me know!) and what games we will do ( I don't dance!).
. Reading yes I have a stack of books to read through!
. painting I have a few canvases that are begging to be used up!
I will blog about my experiences here so check back often!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saving (part two)

A few posts ago, I mentioned saving and how I manged to save for an ipod touch (which I LOVE) well today let me tell about a few things that can side track your saving and solutions on how you can avoid these things!
Mobile phone credit- this is one thing that I always seem to need! The good thing about the phone company I am on is that $15 credit doesn't expire for 6 months instead of the normal 1 month. I have taught myself to beable to live on around 40 cents for weeks on end if I have too, this is quite easy I only text my friends who are on the same phone company as me (virgin) as the texts are free and keep reminding my parents that I can only text back in emergencies, this works out well until I can afford credit.
Books- I LOVE books and I often find myself wanting to buy them, of course books are expensive but here is tip: wait around 6 months after the book has come out the book will have dropped in price from $5-$10 also wait around until after christmas when they have the 20% book sales. Also try and get books from websites such as the book depository this is a site that gives free shipping to anywhere in the world and the books are often waaaay cheaper than they are in the stores example; the new hunger games book that comes out in a month pre order from your book shop around $25 from the book depository $10! That is a massive saving of $15!
Clothing- most teens love clothes shopping, and it can cost a bomb! But here is a tip look in second hand stores you can easily find brand new items for a fraction of the cost.
Entertainment- Movies, CDs, video games this all falls down under entertainment. At most cineamas you can get discount cards though they cost money they save you heaps in the long run, also hire out movies and have your own movie night, as with CDs and video games borrow off friends and family members.

So what am I saving up for now? The Perth Royal Show!

Good luck with your saving!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

:) and :(

It seems to me that I can be a bit 'slack' when blogging like I will go through a time when I blog heaps then I kinda stop for awhile -.- so today I have decided to write a list of good and bad things that have been happening! Here goes:
I won an award for computing, I aced this past semester (all b's and a's), I bought the ipod touch that I have been saving for :), I finally finished the display shelf for all my littlest pet shop, the season finale of Glee rocked!, I finally downloaded all the music I have been wanting onto my ipod, I can get my L's (first stage of getting my licence) soon!
Bad: there is one month till my parents go to peru for 3 weeks, because of the fact that my parents are going to peru I have sorta relapsed into my nail biting habit (its getting better) :(, I now wake up to one of my cats looking at me (glaring), all my favourites from Masterchef are eliminated, Glee is over and won't be back on until spring (september is when the dvd comes out!), and to top it all off THERE IS LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL MY PARENTS GO TO PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what I am going to do to make myself survive the fact that my parents are going to peru? Four things: MLIA, Mini M&Ms, Bubblewrap, and Glee!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am a teenage Dyspraxic

For many people they have not had to experience what I have, sure I may look the same and even act the same but I'm not the same oh no I have Dyspraxia which means that I have difficulty with co ordination and various other problems. Sure looking at me I may seem like an average teenage girl but I'm not I have trouble adjusting to things out of routine (like swimming carnivals ect) I also have difficulty catching a ball and doing various other things. I have had to have 2 operations to help me speak properly. From the time I was 2 I went to speech therapy and I only stopped going when I was 13. It first was weekly then fortnightly and so on, my speech therapist became a close friend to me and my mum she helped me alot and looking back at it I realise that for me that was the normal, sure no one else I knew went to one, but it was still normal. My mum thinks that because of me needing to have 2 operations (and doing speech thererapy for so long) I am quite severe and I have to agree with her!
I had to put up with bullying from kids because I couldn't catch a ball and I still put up with bullying. There have been times when I haven't been that aware to me having dyspraxia but it has been there. I hate it when kids bully me.I have recently been bullied because of the way my voice sounds not many kids pick up on it but when they do they make a BIG SHOW OF IT! A person told a teacher that my voice gave her headache when asked to stop bullying me and she said it very LOUDLY it hurt me alot and I felt like crying. I know I will proboly always get bullied but every time its the same, it hurts me.
I have started going on a forum which is for teenage dyspraxics (like me) and I really enjoy it, I have made a few friends on there whom I love to chat too. We disscuss general things but also whats it like to been a teenage dyspraxic and how it affects us without that I know it would be harder than ever to cope!
I would like to one day write a book on what its like being a person with dyspraxia so I can help other dyspraxics just like me!
*this post is dedicated to my 2 friends on the teenage dyspraxics forum Laura19 and Piers1 you guys rock!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How to save

Now those who know me know that I am a bit of shopaholic but recently I have been making an affort to save for an ipod touch. Now in the past I have made alot of attemps to save and belive me none of them have worked! But I think I have finally figured how to save successfully here are my tips:
1. save for something, don't just save for the sake of it sure you can put money aside but take it out of your purse or bank account or where ever it is stored and put it in an envelope. But have a target mine is an ipod touch and so far that has helped me alot.

2. If you are finding it to hard to just save put money aside for your target in a safe place (give it to your mum to put it away in a safe place just don't spend it!) or somewhere where you know you are most likely not to go (make sure to remember where you put it though!)

3. cut back on the iteams you don't need. This one is often hard so think about the stuff that you can go without for a few weeks - like phone credit many companies (like virgin or 3) are willing to let you get say $50 that will last for year, or chocolate and put the money you would normally spend on these iteams aside.

4. buy a money box that you can't open unless u get a can opener. I wouldn't personly recomend this but it might just work for you!

So here are my tips I hope these help!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I love the internet! I mean seriously who doesn't?! So Today I am going to show you some of my favourite websites of all time! Please check them out! think addictible like popping bubble wrap or mini m&ms! it is seriously an awesome site ever one should vist this at least once a day! this is a site dedicated to cats! very cute cats with hilarious captions! this is a site all about cute cupcakes and baking the posts are wonderful! A must read for any one who loves baking! like cakespy but more cuter! Honestly this website will make your mouth water! a great site dedicated for cute food need I say more?!
so please give them a go!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cinnamon Scrolls!

I love cooking (as you can probably tell from my previous post for cookies)! So Today I am going to share with you guys one of my favourite recipes for cinnamon buns/scrolls these are so good and are great warm and with ice cream believe me once you start eating these you can not stop! Unlike other recipes the dough is a scone dough rather than a bread dough so you really get the cinnamon flavour infusing the dough.

you will need:
For the dough:
2 cups self raising flour(plus extra for flouring the surface!)
pinch salt
90grm butter chopped
2/3 cup milk

For the filling
120grams butter softened (I use margarine as you can't tell and you don't need to leave it out to soften)
4 tablespoons soft brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon (3 if you like cinnamon)

For the icing
1 cup icing sugar
1 tablespoon hot water
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (optional)
Dash of maple syrup (this really makes it!)

What to do:
preheat over to 210 degrees celsius
sift flour and salt in a bowl and rub the chopped the butter into the flour with you finger tips (till about the consistency of wet sand)
make a well in the center and add most of the milk, mix lightly with a flat bladed knife to a soft. Add all the milk if needed until it forms a soft ball of dough.
knead dough on a lightly (generous) floured surface
Roll out dough to a 25 x 40cm rectangle of 5mm thickness

To Make Filling:
cream butter (or margarine), brown sugar and the cinnamon with electric beaters (or a wooden spoon) until light and fluffy
spread on the dough evenly
roll up dough on the long side and cut into 3cm pieces.
place scroll on to a greased tray cut side up. cook for 15 minutes or until golden.

mix the icing ingredients and drizzle over the scrolls (while still in the pan).
Serve immediately while still warm.

These are best eaten on the day you make them but they can keep for a few days in an air tight container.
You can also refrigerate the scrolls uncooked until you need them cover in plastic wrap.
These are amazing warm for dessert on a winters night served with ice cream (and warm caramel sauce if you're feeling really crazy!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A confession :)

Now I have a confession to make! Now I really really like choc chip cookies ok screw that, I really really really really LOVE choc chip cookies which is why on this post I will share with you my most awsomest choc chip cookie recipe with an opional twist!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies!
You will need:
125 grms butter or magarine
1 cup brown sugar
3/4cup white sugar
1 teaspoon ( I use 2 because I LOVE it!) vanilla essence
1 egg
1 1/2 cups self raising flour
3/4 cup choc chips (or extra, I normally just pour in any amount until it looks yummy!)

What to do:
preheat over to 180 degrees
cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy (use electric beaters of a wooden spoon)add in vanilla and egg and beat till combined
stir in flour till combined.
mix in choc chips!
place teaspoons of mixture on greased baking tray and bake in oven for 10-15 or until lighty brown.
leave to cool for a few minutes and eat!
these can be stored in an air tight container for up to a week or frozen for about a month.
Optional: in a seperate bowl mix half a cup of peanut butter (crunchy is fine) with half a cup of white sugar and 1 egg. Then in step 5 place half a teaspoon full on the choc chip cookie dough and bake according to instructions! These are extra yummy and must to be eaten asap!

Ok so now you know my addiction (and weakness) so please enjoy these cookies (with friends or alone!)!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Living with a sister with Down Syndrome

Don't you wish Megan didn't have Down Syndrome? How do you put up with Megan? These are just 2 of the questions I have to ask alot when meeting new people for the first time and they realise I have a sister with Down Syndrome.

To me having a sister with Down Syndrome is just normal to me and I love her to bits she can be a joy (her middle name is joy) at times, a terror at times and a challenge all the time! When I was little we didn't do alot of the things and average family would do. We couldn't go to the zoo when she was little as she would take off, we always had to think twice before we went any where to make sure it was 'Megan proof' for years just doing simple things such as grocery shopping was hard but we coped. When we moved up to perth it was 4 years be for we even considered going to adventure world and another year before we went. To me and my other sister, Jocelyn this was the normal and sure we felt like we were getting the raw end of the deal alot of the time but we still did it. It was and still is hard on our parents as they have to often re think things before they do them when dad first got offered the job in perth we went u for day looking at schools not for me and Jocelyn but for Megan.

Jocelyn and I realise how tough it is on our parents so more times than not if we 'loose' her aka she runs off and we can't find her we have to look for her on numerouse occansions we have lost for a period of time and we watch Mum stress and panic until she finds her we do it too. Though there have only be a few times when we really got worried such as in myer,garden city and at Heath Coat (aka the pirate ship park) it still is hard. Megan has gotten better at not getting lost in these past years which is a relief.

Megan has affected my life dramaticly but would I have any other way? No way! Megan is a very special part of my life and because of her I one day hope to work with children with disabilities just like Megan.

Friday, April 9, 2010

6 year olds acting as teenagers

The other day I was at my friends and we were watching music videos on foxtel and we began discussing how girls as young as 6 were dressing like teenagers and acting like them ( I have heard of alot of 8 year old girls who have mobile phones as well!). The conversation then turned toward the music video we were watching which was 'Rude Boy' by Rhianna and how it was such a catchy song but how the lyrics were bad ie 'Tonight I'm goanna let you be the rider' seriously I'll give u one guess as to what that meant SEX!!!!! Seriously though people blame the stores and the parents for supplying the clothes and allowing girls to dress like that but they are only doing it because of the demand for the clothes if any one should be to blame it should be the music and movie industry.

The amount of music that features sex as the topic is huge! The lyrics are crap but the actual music is catchy which equals as top music hit which is really crap most people just listen to music with out listening to the lyrics. Movies are the exact same in the fact they make hidden references to sex in general which very few people pick up. Take the hit movie 'Avartar' for example its a great movie but there is still refernce to sex to become partners they must sleep before Eywa the forest's god though they don't show much of the actual scene you can still tell it happens. This for many wrecks the story line and for others makes it.

Parents are not as aware of all the 'sex refernces' in the media and have become immune to it alot. Parents aren't fussed with what their children read or watch and many young girls have read the 'twilight' books and seen the movies. The books (and movies) have many sexual references in the last book bella gets pregant (what I want to know is how seeing as edward has no flowing blood I don't see how he can get an erection). Seriously though the twilight books are aimed at teenagers and girls as young as 8 have read them! The whole reason why the twilight books are popular is because they have hot vampire and a hunk a spunk werewolf and invole alot of romance I know many girls who belive Edward Cullen is a real person and so is Jacob (which is seriously pathetic!).

Many people have proven that to be successful you do not need any sex refernces and only a bit of romance here and there. Take Taylor Swift for example yes there is alot of romance in her songs but no sex refernces, same with the Jonas Bros these are artists that have their limits and are really sucessful. Their music videos are good too as there is no revealing clothing but still good. What about Miley Cyrus you may ask? Well after seeing her video clip for the 'party in the USA' which can only be defined as pathetic and she dresses like a stripper in the clip. Miley has also done various photo shoots in one she only wore a sheet!

If people were more aware of what is happening we wouldn't have this '6 year olds looking (and acting) as teenagers'. I have made my point!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Anger Management!

I can get angery over lots of things some little and some not! But when I do I have 2 types of anger the 'not so bad' anger aka being in a grumpy mood and can/will snap out of in about 10 minutes-1 hour and the bad anger aka slaming doors and getting yelled at by parents. The latter is one I really hate! Because of this anger I have broken many things, almost had by door taken off the hinges and screamed into my pillow! I have tried many ways of stopping this anger these include:

  • screaming into my pillow it sort of worked but I found my voice hoarse at the end of each 'session'
  • slamming doors this annoyed my parents alot to point that my dad was threatening to take the door off the hinges.
  • chucking things this is what I am currently useing and after getting yelled at by my dad and breaking: pens, lipbalm lids ect I am figuiring that I need to move onto to more suitible method.

So here are my aims for controlling my anger:

  • Listening to music on my ipod.
  • reading MLIA ( aka ).
  • taking time out aka read a book.
  • taking deep breathes or going for a walk around the block.
  • and praying to go to help me calm down.

I can only hope these new methods will help me cope with my anger I will update this blog post after I tryed these methods!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I just thought I would show you some of my artwork which I did on the programme paint. I am still getting used to it as it is a new version! so here they are!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love music

I love music! I love how it can change your mood and brighten up your day! I love how you can now take it anywhere with ipods and mp3 players! I love how there is something for every one out there you just have to listen! I love how god can create music, it can be as simple as waves crashing apon the shore at the beach or the wind blowing through trees or as complicated as birds singing to each other! I love how it is apart of every day whether we realise it or not!

As you can tell from above that I love music though I am not very talented with playing music I love listening to it. Now if you were to look (or more like listen as its a shuffle really cute, but still awesome!) through my ipod you would find that there is a variety of music! Of course you have the usual teenage stuff like Taylor Swift and the Jonas brothers but then you have the christian stuff like Britt Nicole, Rebecca St James and Zoe girl. Now I am fully aware that many people have not heard of the latter artists but to me they are an inspriation well more their music but them too they are who I listen to when I can't get to sleep at night or when I am feeling down, the music is just so up lifting! Now though I am teenager you can see that I am different and many people look at me odly when I tell them what I am listening to but who cares!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I blog

Recently I was asked by someone why I blog so I decieded to answer it on my blog. Now I LOVE writing and would love to be an author some day I mean I guess this is my 'practice' as such. I mean if you want to be a dancer you go to classes and practice heaps same with artists, singers and actors ( I mean let me tell you I doubt that Taylor Swift was a singer over night). I have read somewhere (by an author) that if you want to become an author start blogging and writing small stories which is what I am doing I mean wheather I become an author or not I am enjoying doing it (blogging). I also find blogging relaxes me and when I blog about various things it puts them in perspective. I mean I don't know how many people read my blog nor do I care though I do publish alot of posts on facebook. I know many people who blog and to me blogs are very interesting to read and can be very useful at times. Though I do not blog daily when I do I enjoy it and find it relaxes me alot.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emotions and me!

They say being nervous about something is a good thing but what if it contolled your life and stopped you from doing things? Well in that case it is called anxitity well welcome to my life. I am very nervouse all the time and break down in tears alot about things that are out of my routine ie year 11 camp! The thing is that I can not conroll it many people ask me why can't I contoll my self and the answer is I can't! I just don't know why either! belive me I've tried and so have my parents in yr 7 they took me to phycologist and belive me it didn't help. So I went downward from there it got so bad that I only stayed 1 night at my year 7 camp (yes I was that bad!) and that was just the beginning . . .
Now back to now that was where my problems really began but thankfully I am alot better now but I still have anxitity issues and I hate it! I mean this camp is in what 2 sleeps?? and I am panicking I have lost my appitite and I haven't even started packing yet! I mean it is only 3 nights and last year I stayed with a friend for 4! So what is it about it with camps and me? well I don't know maybe its because it is a completey new situation or I'm not really sure but I can never really pin point it! I mean maybe its because I have Dyspraxia (google it) and because of this I get anxitity and this is because of previous experiances. I hate my emotions its strange but I do I mean who wouldn't if they were like me?! Whoes emotions ruled their life!
Well Please pray for me with this camp please do!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

yr 11 camp!

I hate school camps, and to tell you the truth I don't know why! Maybe its because that I hate being away from my parents or that I hate being out of my comfort zone I just don't know why! so right now I am freaking out over a year 11 camp which is next tuesday(till next friday) I mean seriously what could go wrong? I have a great activity group (Mr Black who is the school chaplain is my group leader) and a great dorm! Seriously though what is it? I mean I hate heights and I have already told Mr Black so he knows but apart from that I don't know what else it could be! So I am going to compile a list of bible verses and verses from songs about trusting god and place them in a note book and memorise them! But please please pray for me! I will be putting up the verses here when ever I come across them! But please pray for me!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Glee is a tv show that has taken the world (ok well America, Canada and Australia) and is watched by millions!
I LOVE Glee but what is it about ?
Glee is about when a spanish teacher decides to take over the glee club (think choir but different) thus resulting in massive changes and a complete makeover of the club. It starts out with just 6 students but then slowly it gets bigger. Chuck in a competive cheerleading coach, romance and whole lot more you get Glee! The music is great not to mention the acting and the scrip it is over all a great show!
Who should watch glee? well I'm really not sure, I got dragged in to glee as one of my friends (amazingly who is a guy) Andrew got me to watch an episode and I got hooked. But if you love High School Muscial you would like this! before I go here are few songs that they have remixed and are well worth listening to! Volume 1:

  • Don't stop beliving.

  • No air.

  • Keep holding on.

  • Dancing with myself.

  • Somebody to love.

Volume 2:

  • My life would suck with out you.

  • Don't rain on my parade.

  • True Colors

  • Smile (charlie chaplan)

  • you can't always get what you want.

So check these out on itunes if you want!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harry Potter VS Twilight

Many books get published each year but none has made quite a stir since Harry Potter and more recently Twilight. So what happens when I Erin Maree book reader extrordinare put both books against each other? Well lets find out!

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone by J K Rowling (bloomsbury publishing)

OverView: It is a story about an orphened boy who finds out he is a wizard (much to his aunt and uncle's disgust) and tells of his first year at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry.It is the first book in the Harry Potter Series (I won't tell you any more as I will spoil the book!)

Genre: Fantasy but you could easily say adventure.

Who should read it: Though Rowling wrote it in mind for 11 year olds, any one should read it! I am personly not a big fantasy or adventure fan but I LOVE this!

Other comments: This is written beautifully and is impossible to put down and once you read the first one you have to read the whole series!

Rating: 5 stars ***** out of 5 *****

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (little publishing).

OverView: It is a modern day Romeo and Juliet. When Bella falls in love with mysterous Edward Cullen ( this is the part when girls scream) she suddenly finds out he is a vampire and can easily kill her. Will she go with her heart or instinct (well we all know what happens next!). This is the first book in the Twilight Series.

Genre: Fantasy romance ( Basicly Chic lit).

Who should read it: Any one who likes a twisted love story and is a teenage girl need I say more?!

Other Comments: This is one of my least favourite books (the reason behind the poor rating) as it is written poorly and it is very predictible.

Rating: 2 stars ***** out of 5 *****

Note: These are my personly views on both books and I am and only voicing my opinion!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lamington slice

Lamingtons are great aussie treat which you can buy anytime of year though they are most popular around Australia day (which was yesterday). The one time I attemped to make Lamingtons they turned out a disaster (I didn't use an electric mixer) but since then I have found a recipe for lamington slice (it was in sunday times a few years ago by Donna Hay) and I tried and it was a sucess! The only difference between lamington slice and plain lamingtons is that the slice isn't coated in icing in fact u pour on the icing once you have cut the sponge so around each slice it is almost fudge like. Each year I make this (its a tradition for me) and it freezes really well perfect to put in lunchboxes (if theres any left). I submitted this recipe to an American blog website called cake spy and it got published! So here is the recipe: so give it go!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddy and Tom

Tomorrow is my 2 cats b'days - well its been a year since we got them the only reason I am writing this today is because I will proboly forget tomorrow!

Maddy and Tom are 2 (out of 3) of my familys cats whom we love too bits. We don't know much about their backgrounds as we got them from the cat haven (in shenton park) all we know is Maddy was found wondering around with her collar under her left armpit and had a massive wound (it is still healing but it hopefully will be fully healed soon) and the person who found her works at the cat haven and brought her straight in the local paper ran a report on her too. She is a small mischeif maker and loves her bikkies! Tom was found wondering around and a lady brought him in from the looks of him he was once very fat (he has a huge flap of skin under his tummy) and was obviously brought up on a gourmet diet (he has been known to turn his nose up at alot of food) he loves playing around and he has a few favourite toy mice.

Maddy and Tom get along ok but they still have fights but overall they get along well. Though they each have their favourite people Tom loves anyone but he's a sook for Dad and he loves to sleep on my bed on cold nights. Maddy loves Mum and longs for attention she hates being kissed but tolerates hugs!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yesterday was one of oldest friends birthday! HAPPY SWEET 16TH GEMMA! So this meant finding a dress to wear to her birthday party (which is on the 30th) now for an average girl this would be easy but I am not an average girl! The theme was bright colours so that meant no blacks or whites so off to target I went!
I tried on 3 dresses there that I liked first one was a maxi type dress but it didn't suit me, 2nd one was a multi coloured dress and I couldn't work out the straps at all! and the 3rd dress was one that I kinda liked only it was a bit to reavealing so off to garden city!

We decieded to avoid k mart and wander down the 'up market strip' where they have kookai, petter alexander and all the up market posh shops! we went into a shop (I have forgotten the name) and we looked at the sale rack (every thing else was about $300!) so I tried on one that made me look like waaaaaay older than I wanted to be! The next dress was one where I couldn't work out the straps this was really complicated as it was a halter neck but we couldn't work out how the 'halter part' worked! So we headed to sports girl and espirit and we couldn't find a thing we eventuly went into a new store called forever new which I found the perfect dress its black at the top but the bottom is fluro pink and purple! Its really nice and just right (it cost $80)!

I think life is like dress shopping u try on many different types (and styles) in different colours and when you find the one you like it feels just right! We shouldn't stress about the small thing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

werid sandwich fillings!

Today My parents were both out which left me and my sister jocelyn (my other sister megan was out!) to make our selves lunch and we both decieded to try some werid sandwich fillings these were:
  • sugar - we had no sprinkles and jocie thought this was the next best thing!
  • mini m&ms grilled tasted like nutella only yummyier.
  • cambert (it had garlic infused in it) with french onion dip really nice *note this was grilled!

these are some that I came across on the internet but haven't yet tried!

  • vegemite with lettice.
  • vegemite with salad.
  • snickers and mars bar grilled on bread.
  • avacado on peanut butter toast.
  • bananna and peanut butter.
  • bananna and honey.
  • sardines and cream chesse toasted.
  • cheese and apple.
  • cheese and strawberry jam.
  • peanut butter and tabasco.
  • mayo and bananna.

have fun trying all these!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Camping (why I love but hate it!)

Each year me and family go camping sometimes with another family (i'll get to that later). For me its always really hard I mean I love going away and stuff but I always get lonely now matter how hard I try to make friends most people just ignore me!

Last year we (the other family couldn't come) went to cheynes beach(pronouced chains beach) and they had a beach mission so I though yay finally I will have some friends to do stuff with! Well it didn't turn out the first day went ok but the 2nd day turned out horribly, the other kids were ignoring me! So I somehow managed to convince my self to go on the wednesday which was the worst day they just all ignored me and by the end of it I just went to the camp site and cried. The thing which was the worst was on that tuesday night I was hanging around with them and you could tell that they were trying to be nice to me and wanting me to go away! On the thursday I refused to go and stayed back up at the campsite by then I had told my parents and they were disapointed in the other kids so they didn't force me to go on the day trip which the leaders of the group had planned. I read 2 books that day and just did quiet relaxing things like go down to the shop ect. That night while I was brushing my teeth a girl in the group came up and asked why I hadn't been there so I lied saying that I had stuff to do. I proboly should've told her the truth then and things could've worked out but I didn't. On the friday I packed up my tent seeing as on saturday we would be in rush - we had to leave the campsite by 10.00am and read the final book I had.

My parents told me that I could bring a friend to this camping trip so I would have some one to hang and I wouldn't be so lonely I agreed and tried to think of who I could bring my first thought was my friend Meg so I called her and her response was basicly ' I don't want to be away from parents for that long and we might be going to bali' so I said ok I will ask her later to see if she is going to bali when I did she gave me a straight no ( I have forgotten the reasons now) this hurt alot but I continued to try and find someone. All my friends were either not allowed to go or were away then. I may have only asked 4 people but I had (have) considered a heap more!
Thiswasn't the end though when I had asked she said that in term 1 holidays she might be going to india for 2 weeks (so much for her 'excuses') alone with a friend whose family lived there. Yesterday I found out that she is going in a few days (I think) for 2 or more weeks alone! This hurt alot seeing as she made up excuses about not being able to go when in reality she could!
Now to our family friends they try to controll me like they are my parents! They also won't take no for an answer it doesn't care what you are doing! They ask me to help my mum (which I do) when Kylie (the mm/wife) doesn't do anything she sits around and reads or listens to music my mum is forced to do all the work! It drives her crazy this just doesn't happen when we go camping when they come over to our house (the tend to pop up at meal times!) we have to feed them and set up their beds if they choose to stay over! When we came down during the year (this was a planned vist!) we were told to sleep out their pop up caravan and provide our own linen (sleeping bags in our case!). Kylie also did not have dinner ready which ment we had to go and buy our own food while she just sat round and did nothing! we also had to buy us and them lunch the next day! we were their guests! This doesn't make sense!

I feel like our family is just being used we have to provide most of the food and more than not have to take care of their own children! Alister (husband/dad) also does nothing and agrees with what ever kylie says! They also do not approve of reading harry potter ect they have said this on a number of times. and It just so happens that these are mostly the books I will be taking (apart form 2-4 other books plus I get another when I am down there long story . . .)

Because of all the above reasons I do not want to go camping! Thanks for reading this I needed to vent out everything!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The sugar doll award 10 things about me!

Amanda from Amanda Musings ( has given me the sugar doll award! So I have to tell you guys 10 things about me ok here it goes:

  1. I have always had cats since I was little, the cat (floyd) who I have grown up with got put down almost a year ago then we got 2 other cats (from the cat haven) to replace him Maddy is a small calico who always gets into mischeif! Tom is tabby/ginger who is a sook and is very verbal. Then one night Peebo a stray came to us he is a russien blue and likes to slink around at night.

  2. I enjoy listening to music at night before I go to bed when I'm stressed or can't sleep. Lately I have been listening to Brit Nicole's the lost get found and the Jonas Brothers lines,vines and trying times.

  3. I read books this is proboly why most people think I am a geek as I read heaps! I have enjoyed reading Dewey (who I lent out to a friend at church) which is about a cat and library, Cleo- a cat who helps heal a family, Erynn mangums books are really good, so are alyssa brugmans! I have just started reading harry potter and have just finished reading twilight (which I didn't really enjoy!). I also read the bible.

  4. I am a christian I have been raised in a christian home my dad is from a non christian background where as my mum is from a strict christian home. I am currently reading ephesians when I have time.

  5. I daydream heaps! I day dream when I am bored or when I go to sleep, it can be about anything from me dating (and sometimes being engaged or even married!) Nick (the youngest Jonas brother) to me being on the tv show GLEE, it all depends on my moods. I also make up opening chapters of stories that I may write one day!

  6. I would LOVE to be an author one day! I currently have 2 ideas in the works -which I won't tell you about as they may come to nothing! I have to feel a story before I write it, it may seem werid but it's true! If I can't feel it, it won't work out. In english I have been caught tearing pages from my english book during assignments all beacause I couldn't feel the story!

  7. I want to get married young! It may seem strange but I really do! I see people in their early twenties happily married and I want that to be me one day.

  8. I want to work with kids with disabilities one day! It is my dream to be a child care worker or helping out kids who are disabled. My sister has down syndrome so to me that is what I want to do!

  9. I collect charms. I got a bracelet for my 14th birthday and I get charms for birthdays and christmas ect! I have heaps My favourite ones are a snowflake which I got for christmas from my child hood friend Gemma and a small thong (flip flop) charm from my mum went she went a way for a couple of nights with a friend.

  10. I have got 2 childhood friends who I call my sisters! Gemma is a friend who I met when I was 1 when we moved to australind and we have stayed friends even though I have moved back up to perth! Rebekah is a friend who I have know forever but have only recently became really close since she began coming to our church, we have everything in common and can tell each other about everything and anything! I have rang Beck in tears when my cat Floyd died last year and we just sat there and talked for ages!

  11. (just a quick one promise!) I LOVE to cook I cook heaps and according to Beck and her mum (auntie Lea) I will be the next doanna hay! I love cooking cupcakes,cookies and I can cook really good chicken pie and potatos:)

Ok I am not really sure who I will give the sugar doll award to next, but when I do I will post it here!